Reviews: Chaperoned Blazer, Firewing Blouse, Cohort Corduroys, Finessed Turtleneck, Stippled Canvas Top

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not sure which I want more -- the outfit or the dress form!

Oh, Tabitha. Of course you would be the brand to help me come around on blazers! First you tempted me with the Sun Spiral Jacket ($148, review here). Now you've got me again with the Chaperoned Blazer ($128). Textured navy tweed with a subtle sparkle? Call me a fangirl but I am swooning.

I grabbed a 10 and tra-la'ed down to the fitting room. To my surprise, a 10 was actually large on me! Normally I size up (and up and up) in blazers to accommodate my 34D chest. But I would have been just fine in an 8 for once. I'm usually against cropped blazers, and I don't think I'd do this with anything besides a dress, but it works nicely. The reason? The waist is in the right spot. I can't emphasize how important this is to the fit. Additionally, the tuxedo placket is right on-trend. I was very tempted to just buy this at full price, but $128 was high enough to give me pause. Plus, I really want the aforementioned Sun Spiral Jacket too. I'd rather wait for sale so I can get them both. Wishlisted!!

I love Leifsdottir. There, I said it! And I don't feel bad about it either. Every season I love at least four or five pieces. From the latest collection I'm loving the Mansart Blouse ($228) and the blouse on me above -- the Firewing Blouse ($198). I tried my usual size 6 in tops and it fit wonderfully. Close across the hips as Leifsdottir always is but I would not need to size up to an 8. This top is double-layered, which Anthro could learn a thing or two about. The ruffle is large but blends in nicely with the rest of the top. I love the earthy tones and sparkle. I have serious sparkle weakness.

Now here's a weird thing -- this blouse is marked as $198 online but my tag said $228. I was very confused by this...

Price inconsistencies much? much so that I decided to wishlist the top instead of buying it. I know the NYC stores sometimes get items first, but a $30 price discrepancy is nothing to sneeze at. I don't know how the top is ringing up but I'd feel badly if anyone paid more than they should have for the top, pretty though it is.

I tried the top on with Pilcro's Cohort Corduroys ($88) in blue. I mentioned this in the comments of another post last week but I loved these pants. Cord skirts have long been a staple of mine but until now that love had not translated to cord pants. I tried on a size 31, which was loose at the waist but right over my thighs.

These pants get several key elements right. First, they have a mid-rise. DEATH TO LOW-RISE. Secondly, they have a slightly tapered waistband, meaning that when I sit down I'm not automatically flashing any poor soul behind me. Finally they have just a hint of stretch which makes them effortlessly comfortable. They even come in a "long" inseam, though laughably that long is only 34". Which is what Anthro pants normally used to be all the time. I don't particularly care for the distressed color stripe down the middle of each leg -- way to take something work-ready and kill that idea. But it's less noticeable in some colors (the blue and grey). In fact the blue just feels like a thicker pair of jeans.

I tried throwing the Chaperoned Blazer ($128) from the top of this post over the Firewing Blouse ($198) and came up with a pretty good work look. I haven't picked up these pants yet but plan to soon as my size is selling quickly online.

I own last year's Wind-Rippled Tee in cranberry red, but I couldn't resist trying the Finessed Turtleneck ($48) from C. Keer in the same color. Wow this top is form-fitting! My usual size medium was hugging each and every curve.

I laughed while snapping these photos. No-go for me. But I do like several elements. I like the warm color. I love the ruched area by the neckline and that this turtleneck doesn't choke me. (I'm very sensitive to the turtleneck gag-reflex.) I like the bracelet sleeves and the overall length of the top. I would never buy this top though. I'd always have to wear something over it and even then I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable. Pretty but far too close-fitting. Pass.

Moulinette Soeurs is doing tops now, which I suppose means that they can't cut off my hips the way they are with dresses these days. Grumble. This is the Stippled Canvas Top ($98). It's a silk top with a beautiful watercolor print on it.

I tried on my usual size 6 which was flowy and loose. Though the online product shot doesn't show it, this top has a drop waist which tapers in ever so slightly. That caused the bottom of the top to blouse out a bit. I didn't like it. I do, however, quite like both the tri-pleat down the front and the colors in this top. Not happening for me at full price but worth reconsidering at sale time. Wishlisted!