Reviews: Autumn Obi Top, Au Fait Sweater, Wily Sweater, Shaded Sunrise Top, Saturday's Favorite Henley

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We already know that I'm quite the Anna Sui devotee. I love how she continues to surprise and delight in her designs. The latest for Anthro is the Autumn Obi Top ($128), a beautiful winged kimono top featuring lots of lovely little details. From the back, there's both a keyhole and four buttons below the waist. From the front, a cinched seam at the waist creates a beautiful shape.

I tried on my usual size 6 which fit perfectly. This top is pretty short so I wouldn't pair it with jeans -- as you can see, that accentuated my hips in all kinds of bad ways. But with a high rise pencil skirt? Or wide leg trousers? Perfect. I love the color of this top most of all. It's either an orange with pink undertones or pink with orange undertones depending on the light. The silk feels luxurious. The only negative for this top? Dry clean only, though that's to be expected given the material. It's a much lower starting price than Anna Sui normally is, and while it's still $$$ I find the price fair. I expect to buy this top this weekend.

Ladies who lunch, meet your tea jacket! Sparrow's Au Fait Sweater ($128) has lines vaguely reminiscent of Chanel but in a decidedly less luxurious material -- boiled wool. I think Anthropologie got a discount on polka dot trim, as it's everywhere on this jacket -- at the neckline, along the bottom hem, across the back. I found the material surprisingly thin. I would not expect this to keep me warm.

I tried on my usual size medium. The pattern of this jacket is right for the style, but unfortunately it's not really right for me. Another inch or two in length (with the pockets moved down accordingly) and we'd be in business. This style is polarizing. You're either young enough to pull it off as a nod to the classic or it makes you feel old. I felt a little like pulling out the big pearls and a jacquard skirt. Very cute, but a pass.

It's a cardigan with a vest on top! And on that vest? Foxes. Moth's Wily Sweater ($98) hits all the right whimsical notes, right down the angled pattern of the foxes. Online I thought this is nuts, who would wear this? In-store I thought ZOMG I need this! You can't really tell online but the cardigan underneath has a chevron pattern on it, which I thought was a nice touch. Those thin stripes continue on the sleeves and across the back. This sweater truly has early 80s written all over it in my opinion.

My usual size medium was bordering on too big for me, but I found the small to be just a bit too small. So it's the medium that wins. The photos are all the medium. I didn't find it to be itchy. With the vest closed I found this sweater to be very slimming. Yeah, it totally won me over. Your opinion of this sweater will really come down to what you think of the pattern. For me? Wishlisted!

In-store the sweater was paired with the Saturday's Favorite Henley ($68) by Velvet. Cute! The henley pulls out the red in the sweater nicely.

It's not too bad by itself either! It's got a wide, easy neckline and cute buttons. The red version said casual lumberjack to me and that is not a bad thing. Though it's all synthetic the top feels soft and airy. My usual size medium was a good fit. I'd love to pick this one up on sale. Wishlisted!

And finally C. Keer offers its own take on horizontal stripes, the Shaded Sunrise Top ($78). I was drawn to this top because of the brassy beads along the neckline, which I thought gave this top a little something extra.

Again I went for my usual size medium, but in this case it was too big. C. Keer's sizing has been all over the map for me lately but this fit the way the line's older tops do. My guess it came from the same factory, while the tops I've been having issues with are sourced somewhere else. The horizontal stripes weren't doing me any favors here and the loose fit only made me feel wider. The main issue is the lighter stripe right across the chest. Do not like. This top is soft and feels nice on, but wasn't especially flattering. Back to the rack.