Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Monday, October 25, 2010

After a solid round of markdowns last week it's unlikely we'll see clothing markdowns this week. But you never know with Anthropologie so the Guessing Game is on! Perhaps accessories, shoes and such will get their cuts this week? If not maybe home will once again see some markdowns. Kim from Anthroholic will be scoping out the scene and be sure to come back here for the full list once the sale items appear on Anthro's website.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? If you see an item on sale today please let us know so I can update the list.

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Acting Out Skirt ($88)
Blacklight Blouse ($78)
Higgledy-Piggledy Pencil Skirt ($148)
In the Lines Cardigan ($128)
In The Trees Skirt ($158)
Insouciant Tank ($58)
Kinship Blouse ($68)
Luminous Graphite Skirt ($128)
Made to Measure Skirt ($138)
Mottisfont Top ($98)
Mullany Dress ($258)
Paisley Paths Skirt ($98)
Seamed & Slouched Crops ($118)
Seaside Fields Dress ($138)
Trickle Down Top ($68)
Whipped Woolens Cardigan ($78)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Bretonnes Blouse ($68)
Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($78)
In the City Dress ($128)

Anthropologie, are you taunting us?
Dwarf Quince Cardigan ($98)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Chilled Ripples Shell ($118)
Slow and Steady Cardigan ($128)
Twinkle Twinkle Dress ($168)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Stucco Sequin Tank ($128)
Fukuoka Folds Dress ($138)
Lustrous Lavaliere Top ($88)
Tweedy Leaves Dress ($158)

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