Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

Friday, October 29, 2010

 In this outfit: Oxer Jacket ($158) over Piece de Resistance Blouse ($128),
Open Class Vest ($128) and AG Colette Bootcut ($168).

Time for some Friday morning eye candy! Once again our roving eye candy reporter Debbie from Dark Horse has sent along some photos from her latest trip. Also this week thanks to TGA who sent along some photos from the Philadelphia Anthro! If you're looking for reviews of any of the items in this post, try the "Search the Archives" bar in the near sidebar. If you have a picture to include in one of the eye candy posts please email me. I will be adding these to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

In this outfit: Echoing Folds Cowlneck ($48) under Scoreboard Cardigan ($128). 
With AG Everett Corduroys ($168), Bakerloo Belt ($32) 
and Perfect Skippers Necklace ($68). 

In this outfit: D'armee Dress ($138) with Two-Tone Eternity Scarf ($168) 
and ??? belt.

In this outfit: Volante Tee ($58) with Violet Vibrations Skirt ($118) 
and Many Paths Belt ($165).

On the left dress form: Every Saturday Tee ($68) with Spitalfields Skirt ($78), 
Time In, Time Out Belt ($30), Precocious Plaid Scarf ($48) 
and Finely Feathered Cloche ($48).
On the right dress form: Best of the Bunch Cardigan ($228) over 
Every Saturday Tee ($68) and Aylesbury Corduroys ($88).

In this outfit: Look About Blouse ($98) with In The Trees Skirt ($158), 
Ring Around The Ring Belt ($42) and doubled Biloba Necklaces (now $30).

In this outfit: With A Twist Henley (now $30) under Daily Constitutional Coat ($298). 
With Atypical Glint Scarf ($48) and Joe's Cigarette ($165).