Eye Candy: November 2010 Anthropologie Catalogue

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy cow, it's almost November! Anthropologie snuck more than a few preview images from their upcoming catalogue online. I so look forward to the November catalogue each year. It's double the size of other books; it has cute little kids' clothes; and my bank account becomes suspiciously empty while my wishlist grows exponentially. I'd been holding this post back for a couple of days waiting for kids' photos to arrive...but they're still not up or I'm missing them. A follow-up post is due once they appear.

It was too hard for me to select just a few shots...so much pretty! Plenty of eye candy follows below. Try and pick a favorite...I couldn't.

Clockwise from rear left: Siren Flower Clutch ($188),
Ice Wine Clutch ($188) 

On a sidenote: this picture is hilarious!
Well done, Anthro visual team. Well done.

Firewing Blouse ($198, review here),

 Karelia Coat ($248)

Must have this cardigan!!

Lucillae Dress ($188, review here)
I am a little relieved that even the model
seems to be having trouble with this dress. 

 Samhain Dress ($258)
Interesting name choice, Anthropologie!