Anthropologie celebrates Anna Sui's 30 years in fashion

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anna Sui and Keith Johnson
(photo from the Sundance Channel)

I've said it before, but Anna Sui is one of my favorite designers! Her designs consistently capture my imagination (and my cash). I was thrilled when Anthropologie began carrying the Anna Sui line since it made her beautiful pieces more accessible to my price range. I'm not alone in my love either -- Keith Johnson and Anna Sui recalled how they met and their friendship at "An Evening With Anna & Keith" last month.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Anna Sui line. To celebrate, three Anna Sui dresses are being re-released exclusively at Anthropologie (dresses shown below). While the price point is higher than Anthropologie's normal range, it's far below similar designer reissue collections.

As an additional celebration Anthropologie has commissioned a photo retrospective celebrating the designer's illustrious history. The book, titled Simply Anna Sui, is $60 and available now.

I started thinking about my favorite Anna Sui items for Anthropologie. Recently I've loved the Upon The Shore Blouse (now $90, review here) and  Soma Cubes Dress ($288, review here). Going further back, the Corby Shift is my go-to dress for events, Broadway Shows and holiday parties. The Deer Meadow Dress is one of the ones that got away. Do you have any Anna Sui in your closet?