Friday, October 29, 2010

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The weekend in-store community post

Note: I will continue running new posts over the weekend below this one.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?
It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by either clicking the small RSS icon at the top right of the comments section or by selecting either subscribe to "all new comments" or "replies" in the comment box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?
I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

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What's up with the new commenting system?
Guide to commenting with IntenseDebate.
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**IMPORTANT NOTE** At the moment, the 'subscribe' feature is not working consistently in the comments. It's only working for people with IntenseDebate accounts, and only sometimes.

Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

 In this outfit: Oxer Jacket ($158) over Piece de Resistance Blouse ($128),
Open Class Vest ($128) and AG Colette Bootcut ($168).

Time for some Friday morning eye candy! Once again our roving eye candy reporter Debbie from Dark Horse has sent along some photos from her latest trip. Also this week thanks to TGA who sent along some photos from the Philadelphia Anthro! If you're looking for reviews of any of the items in this post, try the "Search the Archives" bar in the near sidebar. If you have a picture to include in one of the eye candy posts please email me. I will be adding these to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

In this outfit: Echoing Folds Cowlneck ($48) under Scoreboard Cardigan ($128). 
With AG Everett Corduroys ($168), Bakerloo Belt ($32) 
and Perfect Skippers Necklace ($68). 

In this outfit: D'armee Dress ($138) with Two-Tone Eternity Scarf ($168) 
and ??? belt.

In this outfit: Volante Tee ($58) with Violet Vibrations Skirt ($118) 
and Many Paths Belt ($165).

On the left dress form: Every Saturday Tee ($68) with Spitalfields Skirt ($78), 
Time In, Time Out Belt ($30), Precocious Plaid Scarf ($48) 
and Finely Feathered Cloche ($48).
On the right dress form: Best of the Bunch Cardigan ($228) over 
Every Saturday Tee ($68) and Aylesbury Corduroys ($88).

In this outfit: Look About Blouse ($98) with In The Trees Skirt ($158), 
Ring Around The Ring Belt ($42) and doubled Biloba Necklaces (now $30).

In this outfit: With A Twist Henley (now $30) under Daily Constitutional Coat ($298). 
With Atypical Glint Scarf ($48) and Joe's Cigarette ($165).

Outfit creating time! Anthro new arrivals

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remember the Mini Editor? I have not forgotten! (Nor have I forgotten the giveaways from the contest -- the first giveaway is coming next week.) I thought it would be fun to let the community play around with some of the new arrivals Anthropologie has unveiled. I'll choose a few to feature in a post tomorrow. So crack those knuckles, shake that mouse and get to creating! I've created a few looks to start things off. Not a member of Polyvore? You can sign up here (it's free).

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Eye Candy: November 2010 Anthropologie Catalogue

Holy cow, it's almost November! Anthropologie snuck more than a few preview images from their upcoming catalogue online. I so look forward to the November catalogue each year. It's double the size of other books; it has cute little kids' clothes; and my bank account becomes suspiciously empty while my wishlist grows exponentially. I'd been holding this post back for a couple of days waiting for kids' photos to arrive...but they're still not up or I'm missing them. A follow-up post is due once they appear.

It was too hard for me to select just a few much pretty! Plenty of eye candy follows below. Try and pick a favorite...I couldn't.

Clockwise from rear left: Siren Flower Clutch ($188),
Ice Wine Clutch ($188) 

On a sidenote: this picture is hilarious!
Well done, Anthro visual team. Well done.

Firewing Blouse ($198, review here),

 Karelia Coat ($248)

Must have this cardigan!!

Lucillae Dress ($188, review here)
I am a little relieved that even the model
seems to be having trouble with this dress. 

 Samhain Dress ($258)
Interesting name choice, Anthropologie!

Anthropologie celebrates Anna Sui's 30 years in fashion

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anna Sui and Keith Johnson
(photo from the Sundance Channel)

I've said it before, but Anna Sui is one of my favorite designers! Her designs consistently capture my imagination (and my cash). I was thrilled when Anthropologie began carrying the Anna Sui line since it made her beautiful pieces more accessible to my price range. I'm not alone in my love either -- Keith Johnson and Anna Sui recalled how they met and their friendship at "An Evening With Anna & Keith" last month.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Anna Sui line. To celebrate, three Anna Sui dresses are being re-released exclusively at Anthropologie (dresses shown below). While the price point is higher than Anthropologie's normal range, it's far below similar designer reissue collections.

As an additional celebration Anthropologie has commissioned a photo retrospective celebrating the designer's illustrious history. The book, titled Simply Anna Sui, is $60 and available now.

I started thinking about my favorite Anna Sui items for Anthropologie. Recently I've loved the Upon The Shore Blouse (now $90, review here) and  Soma Cubes Dress ($288, review here). Going further back, the Corby Shift is my go-to dress for events, Broadway Shows and holiday parties. The Deer Meadow Dress is one of the ones that got away. Do you have any Anna Sui in your closet?

New Anthropologie stores galore: Accessories Boutique, DC, and, uh...the chili capital of America

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Anthropologie is opening an Accessories Boutique this Friday in Chevy Chase, Maryland! If you're going, the community wants to hear from you! If you're attending either the opening party or opening day and would like to contribute photos or a short writeup, please email me. You can also use Friday's open thread to report back!! I am so tempted to just hop a train down there. The anticipation is killing me.

I also noticed some beautiful new rings that debuted in Anthro's jewelry section online earlier this week. I wonder if this is a taste of what's to come at the store? I can't wait to hear how the store is!

In additional exciting news for Washington, D.C.-area Anthro fans, Anthropologie will be opening a new location in Spring 2011 in Penn Quarter. The new location will be at 950 F Street NW. The store will be over 10,500 square feet!! That's about 21 times the size of my apartment -- I am envious! Thanks to everyone who informed me of this new store -- you can read the brief over at DCist.

Finally, the tweet above is from yesterday. Care to take any guesses? Mine is Cincinnati...but I could very well be wrong!

Reviews: Autumn Obi Top, Au Fait Sweater, Wily Sweater, Shaded Sunrise Top, Saturday's Favorite Henley

We already know that I'm quite the Anna Sui devotee. I love how she continues to surprise and delight in her designs. The latest for Anthro is the Autumn Obi Top ($128), a beautiful winged kimono top featuring lots of lovely little details. From the back, there's both a keyhole and four buttons below the waist. From the front, a cinched seam at the waist creates a beautiful shape.

I tried on my usual size 6 which fit perfectly. This top is pretty short so I wouldn't pair it with jeans -- as you can see, that accentuated my hips in all kinds of bad ways. But with a high rise pencil skirt? Or wide leg trousers? Perfect. I love the color of this top most of all. It's either an orange with pink undertones or pink with orange undertones depending on the light. The silk feels luxurious. The only negative for this top? Dry clean only, though that's to be expected given the material. It's a much lower starting price than Anna Sui normally is, and while it's still $$$ I find the price fair. I expect to buy this top this weekend.

Ladies who lunch, meet your tea jacket! Sparrow's Au Fait Sweater ($128) has lines vaguely reminiscent of Chanel but in a decidedly less luxurious material -- boiled wool. I think Anthropologie got a discount on polka dot trim, as it's everywhere on this jacket -- at the neckline, along the bottom hem, across the back. I found the material surprisingly thin. I would not expect this to keep me warm.

I tried on my usual size medium. The pattern of this jacket is right for the style, but unfortunately it's not really right for me. Another inch or two in length (with the pockets moved down accordingly) and we'd be in business. This style is polarizing. You're either young enough to pull it off as a nod to the classic or it makes you feel old. I felt a little like pulling out the big pearls and a jacquard skirt. Very cute, but a pass.

It's a cardigan with a vest on top! And on that vest? Foxes. Moth's Wily Sweater ($98) hits all the right whimsical notes, right down the angled pattern of the foxes. Online I thought this is nuts, who would wear this? In-store I thought ZOMG I need this! You can't really tell online but the cardigan underneath has a chevron pattern on it, which I thought was a nice touch. Those thin stripes continue on the sleeves and across the back. This sweater truly has early 80s written all over it in my opinion.

My usual size medium was bordering on too big for me, but I found the small to be just a bit too small. So it's the medium that wins. The photos are all the medium. I didn't find it to be itchy. With the vest closed I found this sweater to be very slimming. Yeah, it totally won me over. Your opinion of this sweater will really come down to what you think of the pattern. For me? Wishlisted!

In-store the sweater was paired with the Saturday's Favorite Henley ($68) by Velvet. Cute! The henley pulls out the red in the sweater nicely.

It's not too bad by itself either! It's got a wide, easy neckline and cute buttons. The red version said casual lumberjack to me and that is not a bad thing. Though it's all synthetic the top feels soft and airy. My usual size medium was a good fit. I'd love to pick this one up on sale. Wishlisted!

And finally C. Keer offers its own take on horizontal stripes, the Shaded Sunrise Top ($78). I was drawn to this top because of the brassy beads along the neckline, which I thought gave this top a little something extra.

Again I went for my usual size medium, but in this case it was too big. C. Keer's sizing has been all over the map for me lately but this fit the way the line's older tops do. My guess it came from the same factory, while the tops I've been having issues with are sourced somewhere else. The horizontal stripes weren't doing me any favors here and the loose fit only made me feel wider. The main issue is the lighter stripe right across the chest. Do not like. This top is soft and feels nice on, but wasn't especially flattering. Back to the rack.

Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Monday, October 25, 2010

After a solid round of markdowns last week it's unlikely we'll see clothing markdowns this week. But you never know with Anthropologie so the Guessing Game is on! Perhaps accessories, shoes and such will get their cuts this week? If not maybe home will once again see some markdowns. Kim from Anthroholic will be scoping out the scene and be sure to come back here for the full list once the sale items appear on Anthro's website.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? If you see an item on sale today please let us know so I can update the list.

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Acting Out Skirt ($88)
Blacklight Blouse ($78)
Higgledy-Piggledy Pencil Skirt ($148)
In the Lines Cardigan ($128)
In The Trees Skirt ($158)
Insouciant Tank ($58)
Kinship Blouse ($68)
Luminous Graphite Skirt ($128)
Made to Measure Skirt ($138)
Mottisfont Top ($98)
Mullany Dress ($258)
Paisley Paths Skirt ($98)
Seamed & Slouched Crops ($118)
Seaside Fields Dress ($138)
Trickle Down Top ($68)
Whipped Woolens Cardigan ($78)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Bretonnes Blouse ($68)
Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($78)
In the City Dress ($128)

Anthropologie, are you taunting us?
Dwarf Quince Cardigan ($98)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Chilled Ripples Shell ($118)
Slow and Steady Cardigan ($128)
Twinkle Twinkle Dress ($168)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Stucco Sequin Tank ($128)
Fukuoka Folds Dress ($138)
Lustrous Lavaliere Top ($88)
Tweedy Leaves Dress ($158)

**IMPORTANT NOTE** At the moment, the 'subscribe' feature is not working consistently in the comments. It's only working for people with IntenseDebate accounts, and only sometimes. We are working on it!!

Reviews: Chaperoned Blazer, Firewing Blouse, Cohort Corduroys, Finessed Turtleneck, Stippled Canvas Top

Not sure which I want more -- the outfit or the dress form!

Oh, Tabitha. Of course you would be the brand to help me come around on blazers! First you tempted me with the Sun Spiral Jacket ($148, review here). Now you've got me again with the Chaperoned Blazer ($128). Textured navy tweed with a subtle sparkle? Call me a fangirl but I am swooning.

I grabbed a 10 and tra-la'ed down to the fitting room. To my surprise, a 10 was actually large on me! Normally I size up (and up and up) in blazers to accommodate my 34D chest. But I would have been just fine in an 8 for once. I'm usually against cropped blazers, and I don't think I'd do this with anything besides a dress, but it works nicely. The reason? The waist is in the right spot. I can't emphasize how important this is to the fit. Additionally, the tuxedo placket is right on-trend. I was very tempted to just buy this at full price, but $128 was high enough to give me pause. Plus, I really want the aforementioned Sun Spiral Jacket too. I'd rather wait for sale so I can get them both. Wishlisted!!

I love Leifsdottir. There, I said it! And I don't feel bad about it either. Every season I love at least four or five pieces. From the latest collection I'm loving the Mansart Blouse ($228) and the blouse on me above -- the Firewing Blouse ($198). I tried my usual size 6 in tops and it fit wonderfully. Close across the hips as Leifsdottir always is but I would not need to size up to an 8. This top is double-layered, which Anthro could learn a thing or two about. The ruffle is large but blends in nicely with the rest of the top. I love the earthy tones and sparkle. I have serious sparkle weakness.

Now here's a weird thing -- this blouse is marked as $198 online but my tag said $228. I was very confused by this...

Price inconsistencies much? much so that I decided to wishlist the top instead of buying it. I know the NYC stores sometimes get items first, but a $30 price discrepancy is nothing to sneeze at. I don't know how the top is ringing up but I'd feel badly if anyone paid more than they should have for the top, pretty though it is.

I tried the top on with Pilcro's Cohort Corduroys ($88) in blue. I mentioned this in the comments of another post last week but I loved these pants. Cord skirts have long been a staple of mine but until now that love had not translated to cord pants. I tried on a size 31, which was loose at the waist but right over my thighs.

These pants get several key elements right. First, they have a mid-rise. DEATH TO LOW-RISE. Secondly, they have a slightly tapered waistband, meaning that when I sit down I'm not automatically flashing any poor soul behind me. Finally they have just a hint of stretch which makes them effortlessly comfortable. They even come in a "long" inseam, though laughably that long is only 34". Which is what Anthro pants normally used to be all the time. I don't particularly care for the distressed color stripe down the middle of each leg -- way to take something work-ready and kill that idea. But it's less noticeable in some colors (the blue and grey). In fact the blue just feels like a thicker pair of jeans.

I tried throwing the Chaperoned Blazer ($128) from the top of this post over the Firewing Blouse ($198) and came up with a pretty good work look. I haven't picked up these pants yet but plan to soon as my size is selling quickly online.

I own last year's Wind-Rippled Tee in cranberry red, but I couldn't resist trying the Finessed Turtleneck ($48) from C. Keer in the same color. Wow this top is form-fitting! My usual size medium was hugging each and every curve.

I laughed while snapping these photos. No-go for me. But I do like several elements. I like the warm color. I love the ruched area by the neckline and that this turtleneck doesn't choke me. (I'm very sensitive to the turtleneck gag-reflex.) I like the bracelet sleeves and the overall length of the top. I would never buy this top though. I'd always have to wear something over it and even then I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable. Pretty but far too close-fitting. Pass.

Moulinette Soeurs is doing tops now, which I suppose means that they can't cut off my hips the way they are with dresses these days. Grumble. This is the Stippled Canvas Top ($98). It's a silk top with a beautiful watercolor print on it.

I tried on my usual size 6 which was flowy and loose. Though the online product shot doesn't show it, this top has a drop waist which tapers in ever so slightly. That caused the bottom of the top to blouse out a bit. I didn't like it. I do, however, quite like both the tri-pleat down the front and the colors in this top. Not happening for me at full price but worth reconsidering at sale time. Wishlisted!