Reviews: Sweaters and Blue Tops

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winter chic.

The one thing about having so many buttons is that it's easy to misalign them. Such was the case when I tried on the Best Of The Bunch Cardigan ($228). I didn't even bother fidgeting with the buttons in-store; I just pulled it over my head for trying on purposes. I see now that the sweater was off by a button. I'm sure it affected how it looks on me.

I tried a large, unsure of which size would be best. But it was too big everywhere so this sweater is true to size. I went for the open collar styling shown in the third product shot on the website. The rusty red color is fantastic and I love the scarf sewn in at the neckline. I didn't care for the bulky side pockets but I love everything else about this cardigan. Since it's boiled wool it's lighter and thinner than I expected but still quite warm. This item carries a hefty pricetag but is worth it to me. Wishlisted!

I had such good luck with Sparrow's Wild and Wondrous Cardigan ($118, review here) that I wanted to give a few similar cardis a try. First up was the Talavera Cardigan ($118) which is shorter than its predecessor but priced the same. It has the same pleated styling up front with a hook-and-eye closure.

The pattern on this cardi is intense! From the back even more so. The pattern is meant to look like sharded tiles made into a mosaic of sorts. I love all the colors within the cardigan though it's a lot to look at. I tried on a medium and it was big. I would size down to a small to buy this. Materialwise, the viscose is soft and slightly stretchy with a nice breathable quality. Wishlisted, but waiting for sale.

Sparrow's Plum Blossom Cardi ($118) trades in the hook-and-eye for a snap button closure. (I approve.) The sleeves on this cardigan are incredibly long. Note in the far right picture I've got them pulled up quite a bit yet they still bleed over my hands. Personally I adore really long sleeves but not everyone will. The material is the same soft and stretchy viscose as the Talavera Cardigan above.

Again I went with my usual medium and again it was too big. This cardigan has one odd feature -- the hem is skirted in the back but that element is not carried around to the front. On me this resulted in the cardigan pulling away from my body in the front (seen in the middle shot above). It was quite weird. Still, I like the print a lot and the blooms are beautiful. Wishlisted for further consideration at sale time.

I am so excited that green in back for fall/winter 2010! So I could hardly wait to try on the Set The Course Cardi ($88) in the beautiful dark moss color. I saw it at Rockefeller Center and wasted no time in grabbing it. The buttons on this cardigan are really cool. They have sparkle in them!

Once my usual medium was on I was happy but not overjoyed. I like the frilly scarf quite a bit. I feel like I could make my own nesting doll outfit of ruffles starting with the Well-Wisher Jacket ($148) on top, then peel down to this, then peel down to the Trickle Down Top ($68, review here). The one thing I did not like was how the rectangular pattern of the cardigan was stretching over my hips. It wasn't bad but it was distracting. I'd try a large to see if that works any better before buying this cardigan. For now, wishlisted.

Fleur Wood's Surprise Soiree Top ($98) was high on my wishlist. I had a chance to try it on at the Chelsea Market Anthropologie last weekend.

I'm not sure if this top is just not cut for me or if I was wearing it wrong or what. What a mess! I am pretty bummed as I'd already constructed several outfits in my head centered around this top but it really did not look right on me. I tried on the 8 which is my usual size in Lil/Fleur Wood. It was comfortably loose but not at all flattering. There drape over my 34D chest was not good. Not good at all. It made me pouty. Back to the rack.

You can always rely on Odille to churn out some kind of plaid tunic. Their latest variation is the Slanted Plaid Blouse ($88). I think this is one of the best ones they've done. I love the slanted bottom (though I do not like that the top pattern does not match the slant) and I like the tuxedo pleats.

I sized up to an 8 and still found it pretty tight across the chest. I'm tempted to give the 10 a shot though it will be much to loose around the rest of my body. The pulling seemed to originate at the sleeves, which were slightly tight around my arms. I can see using this top as a layering piece come chilly weather. It's light enough to wear over a tank now and versatile enough to wear under a long grandpa sweater later. Wishlisted!

And here is the love of my life. It's Anna Sui's Upon The Shore Blouse ($368). Part bandleader tee, part paisley perfection, part lacy design. Love.

I tried on the medium which was a bit big on me but I fear the small would not fit over my hips. It looks a little poufy and askew above since I tried it over an a-line skirt; you can also see it in this reviews set under the Dwarf Quince Cardigan ($98). I am in love with the beautiful blue color and the slippery silk. I envision this mostly as a layering piece, pulling double-duty under blazers or over long-sleeve tees. It was so tempting to just buy this top but the price is more than I can bring myself to spend on one item right now. So it's wishlisted for the time being.