Outfits: Living Color

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have you checked out the latest set of outfits on Anthropologie's website? They sent an email touting them last week and even from the beach I was suddenly in need of some green and blue. It's another fantastic set. Interestingly a few of the looks include pieces that made sale this week. Let's take a gander at several of my favorite looks, shall we?

I have nothing but good things to say about the looks themselves. The poses though...odd. Has she been hypnotized into playing with her hair? Is she telling some far-off beau that she can't hear him while daydreaming about Nathan's or something? (Mmm, Nathan's. Coney Island. Maybe that's just me.)

I'm happy the Marianne Tank (now $40) is so long! For awhile there it seemed like I was destined to have to display my tummy whether I liked it or not. Anthro has balanced out their shorter tops with a nice set of tunics and this top falls somewhere in the middle. The pink is a nice medium saturate too that will play nicely off neutrals. Like the Homestead Denim Skirt ($88) for instance.

Also in this outfit: Brass Clasp Belt ($42), Pup Tent Heels ($95), Suspended Disbelief Earrings ($38).

I think this is my favorite look among my favorites in this set. As soon as purple was broadcast to be a big color for spring I knew it meant teal wasn't far behind for fall and all I can say is welcome back! This is one of the most flattering colors for fair-skinned brunettes like me. Bring on more teal. In this look it's provided via the Abuzz Cardi ($88) which now comes in a floral neckline to complete the previously released yellow version with bees (pic here).

Anthro chose a white underlayer to make the look work in summer. Great decision on their part. The cardi looks fantastic over the Lynx & Leo Dress ($138). I similarly adore the Agnetta Necklace ($48) paired with the look. So pretty.

Also in this outfit: Acquainted Bands Belt ($68), Walking Art Skimmers ($118), Extra Zest Clip ($18).

The model looks a little secret agent-ish with the slicked back hair tailored blazer, no? Just me? OK. Then let's talk instead about the pretty dress in this look. It's Leifsdottir's silk Summer Twilight Dress ($298). This line never ceases to impress me with their frocks. I'm also thrilled to see Hei Hei's Fractional Jacket ($88) utilized. I am enthralled with this jacket. The asymmetric frill does make my eye tic a bit though. My brain demands balance! No wonder she's wearing it open. And oh my the Precious Metal Mini-Wedges ($80) are truly a treasure. Drool.

Also in this outfit: Garden Party Necklace ($38).

I'm not sure why the Weave the Ring Skirt (now $50) came out now when it's clearly begging to be worn in the fall. All the better for me though -- I can grab it on sale to wear when the leaves turn! Anthropologie balanced it nicely with the Split Diamonds Cardigan ($88). I must admit this look is reading very J.Crew 2007 to me. I mean that as a compliment. What's old is new again.

Also in this outfit: Shine-Through Button-Up ($88), Fine Cut Oxfords ($128), Hairpin-Turn Bobbies ($10), Tie-Dyed Bobbies ($10).

Ahh, another knee-length skirt. Such a relief with all the mini-mini's I've seen lately. This is such a classic look. Last decade Anthropologie would have set this look off with some crazy huge hairstyle. I miss those days! This is so clean and while the work-appropriateness of it pleases me I miss the earthy chick inside a bit.

While the look itself is stunning it's the accents that really caught my eye. To borrow Chloe's terminology I'm making grabby hands for both the Cobra Cage Wedges ($198) and the Osetra Cuff ($168). Lovely.

Also in this outfit: Scalinata Top ($78), Green Thumb Skirt ($98), Extra Zest Clip ($18).