Mama told me there'd be Sales like this

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ah, sale! It never gets old. I keep wondering why so many items from my wishlist go on sale each week...then I realize it's because I have over 400 items wishlisted. So um, the likelihood is pretty good. This week's small batch of cuts is below. I already helped myself to a Field Game Cardigan (now $60, review here with a second consideration review coming later this week). Did you end up with anything? If anything from your wishlist went on sale or got a 2nd cut I'd love to know in the comments! As always, happy hunting!

Tiny Windows Dress (now $60)

Balcony Tee (now $40, review here)
Lissome Ruffles Tunic (now $30)
Nexus Top (now $30)
Recherche Tank (now $30, review here)
Tiny Tucks Tunic (now $40)

Field Game Cardigan (now $60, review here)

Pants & Shorts:
Joe's Raw Hem Kicker (now $100)
Straight Semblant Shorts (now $50)