Guest post: Reviews by Kristen

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The reviews continue! Please join me in welcoming back Kristen of One Florida Bride AND her new fashion-focused blog One Florida Nest back to Effortless Anthro's guest post slot. I'm always curious to see how items look on different body types so I was thrilled when Kristen tried on some items I'd also reviewed recently. If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and I just started my new blog, One Florida Nest. Yesterday I was on a day trip to Orlando, FL and happened to stop by Anthropologie while I was there. I live an hour away from any Anthro, and heavily rely on online reviews from Roxy and others, so I thought I would take some pictures while I was in the fitting room so I might share with some of you who do the same. For reference, I am usually a size 4, with a tendency to size up, not down.

First up is the Once & Always Tee ($58). I tried on the purple color in a small and absolutely loved it. Definitely fits true to size. I found that the ruffles made my waist look really small. The length was really perfect too. The only drawback I had about this shirt was that the chiffon was very frayed on the edges. It was sewn up so that this fraying wouldn't affect the integrity of the shirt, but some of the shirts in store looked a little rough.

I tried on the new incarnation of the Tucked Away Blooms Cardigan ($88) in small over the Once & Always Tee. I was a big fan of the previous color combo, but it seems to have made a permanent switch online to this new purple and blue color pattern. The cardigan was very soft, and fit true to size. I liked the fact that the florals were a bit tucked away, even though I agree with Roxy's review that they are blooming into my armpit. I would pick this up on sale--I still like the previous color better.

Next up was the Buoyant Branches Cardi ($78) in the blue motif, size small. I loved this one! It was so soft. I am typically bothered by cardigans that are longer in the front, but this one was so comfy that it didn't matter. Will definitely buy it the moment it goes on sale.

Next I tried on the Insouciant Tank ($58), size small, with the Aniseed Skirt ($128), size 6 (my store didn't have a 4). I am officially obsessed with this skirt. I am desperately hoping it goes on sale and that I will be able to find it once it does (it is sold out online). The 6 was loose in the waist, so I would say this skirt is true to size (I would buy the 4). The Insouciant Tank was a surprise love for me. I was a little skeptical of the alternating silk panels with jersey, but it was understated and pretty in person. The ruffles sat in the perfect place on my shoulders--I loved the drama they gave.

I tried on the Lady-in-Charge Skirt ($78) which has gotten some bad reviews online. Knowing ahead of time I might need to size up, I took a 6 into the dressing room. I very much agreed with the online community. It was a very cute skirt until the last couple inches. And then it was blech. Weirdly tight, and not in a flattering way.

The last two tops I tried were the Refracted Tieback ($58), size 4, and the Folded Wings Tank ($68), size small. I liked the Refracted Tieback a lot. It has a bit of a poof at the bottom, but I think it would look great with skinny jean and flats. Wishlisted for sale. The Folded Wings Tank, on the other hand, was a definite no-go. I tried on the ivory which was completely see-through. Might be less sheer in one of the other colors, though. The fit on this one was ok--I thought it was a little to high to be flattering in the front.

I will leave you with my outfit of the day from yesterday, which included the Sea's Epitome Shirt (now $30), now on sale. I was a little reluctant about this top when it came in the mail, but after wearing it all day I decided I really liked it. I ordered a small, and though it was a little loose, I liked that about it.