Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest post: Leifsdottir reviews by Ivoire

I am very excited to welcome Ivoire, who has reviewed a few Leifsdottir items! Have I mentioned how much I love Anthropologie's intricate sister? True the price points are higher but I love every single item I own from this line and the designs always thrill. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this post as much as I did! If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Hey Anthroheads! I'm Ivoire, and because I live in Vancouver, Canada (i.e. no Anthro except if you go down to Seattle). I'm basically cruelly deprived of Anthro goodiness. However, I did pop down the Holt Renfrew today, and lo and behold, Leifsdottir! What a sight for sore eyes (eh?)! Thus, all the reviews here are for Leifsdottir items. Enjoy! =)

Note: I usually wear a 4/6 in all Anthro stuff, Leifsdottir sometimes fits a little bigger. Tops are usually S/M for me depending on label. I'm 5'6" and around 125 lbs.

The Summer Twilight Dress ($298) is a superbly lovely work of art. Indeed, the SA walked in on me while I was examining the dress in front of the mirror, and she immediately blurted out, "You look like a painting!" The quality is absolutely amazing: it's fine, delicate silk that made me want to stroke it and swish around in it all the time. I'm 5'6", and the length hit me just right for my taste: about 3 inches above the knees or so. Any shorter, and I think it'll be a tad risqué for me. Because I'm quite small-chested, the self-tying straps were a godsend -- they allow you to not only adjust the length, but also adjust according to various busts. Therefore, no fear, more-generously-endowed ladies! ;)

I could definitely see this at a garden party or even a cocktail party with solid colour heels and sparkly jewelry, although of course with a dress like this the real attention grabber is itself :D I really don't have much to say about this dress in terms of negatives... save for its redonkulous price. $298 USD is bad enough, but try $325 CAD... ouch. Maybe as a graduation present? Hm. Can't think of any excuses to get this when I'm lusting over another Leifsdottir dress... For reference, I took a 6 in this because the online reviews said it ran small. However, I think it actually ran a little large! Or that may be because of the way I tied the straps, I don't know. But I could have sized down to a 4, so if you're thinking of trying this on, know that it's alll about the straaaaps. Yeahyeah. By the way, check out Cat's (of Anthrosdottir fame!) review
here. I swear she looks smashing in everything.

Next, the Majestic Cypress Toile Dress ($278): I tried this on just to test the poofiness of it -- my friend had bought it earlier and looked so puffalicious with it. But okay Cat, I actually sorta can stand this dress! Don't kill me! *runs for cover* This is a lovely dress by mostly all accounts: the print is absolutely striking in person, the corset straps are quite innovative and add a Victorian aura to the dress, plus the quality is outstanding. However, I took issue with two major points of contention: firstly, I'm admittedly small-busted, and while the back of the dress was amazing with the corset laces and criss-crossing and all, the straps were simply too loose. The back was rather gaping on me, and it had nothing to do with the dress size. Secondly, I liked the shortness of it (also hit 3 inches above knee), the poofiness of it really isn't cool. It may add a whimsical touch for the right person and look smashing, but to me it looked slightly silly.

I can't imagine wearing any sort of long cardi or coat over this: the poofiness will make me look like a walking talking snowball. A très expensive snowball, but a snowball nonetheless. Ah well. I took a 4 in this because there weren't any 6s left, and it actually fit quite perfectly... except for the straps. (I found it funny how the SA first told me while browsing to "Try this Hawaiian one on! It's been selling like hotcakes!" I laughed to myself at this, (a) because it's obviously NOT Hawaiian and (b) I can't believe I am so Anthro-obsessed that I immediately feel indignant at people calling clothing by their wrong names. Sinners!)

(Wow I am such an unimaginative poser... Yeah, uh, actually the person in the yellow below is my twin sister, who just happened to copy my pose. Jeez sis! Stop making me look boring! ;)) I tried on the Lafayette Strapless Dress ($278) in both Purple and Yellow, although only the Purple is available online (both colours are on the Leifsdottir website, FYI). I have to say, when I first saw this on the hanger I was like O_O .... it's soooo short. And I was right...sorta.

Well, okay, not really. I guess I'm bad at judging. I'm 5'6", so it definitely works for petite girls, but for some reason, even though technically it hits just like all the above dresses at 3 inches above knee, the style just made it look so much shorter! I think it's because it's relatively more monochromatic, in addition to its streamlined cut. The quality disappointed me.. usually Leifsdottir is excellent in this department, but the fabric is not all that comfortable. If there was a silk lining under it, doubtless it'll be much more tolerable, but as it were, it's ever-so-slightly scratchy. Plus, it dirties easily -- In store (Holt Renfrew not Anthro), the yellow version was quite soiled indeed, and had faint brown marks all over it. Pass!

I'm small-chested and so strapless dresses are sometimes an issue for me -- this one is no exception. I just didn't have the goods to hold this up, haha ;) I felt like it was going to slip off if I walk for bit. Also, the cut around the midsection is not flattering at all: it doesn't fit to the contours of the body, giving a rather boxy and unfeminine shape. And it even puffs out in the tummy area, giving a suggestive bump there even there's not any. Fits TTS/slightly big for me. I took a 4 in this and it was a bit too big in all the wrong areas (see: pregnant midsection). In summary: meh.

Ooh I just realized that my ring matches the yellow dress... It's the Gilded Posy Ring by Kenneth Lane -- bought it at the Rockefeller Anthro while visiting -- fav ring of all time. Added a picture because it's my baby. =)

The Esplanade Halter Top ($118) used to be on Anthro's site, but apparently it sold out (whaaaat...? Seriously?) so now it's only on Leifdottir's site. I tried this out mainly because I'm a huge sucker for bows and halter tops, so this one was screaming my name on the rack. However, when I did find it, it was in a bit of a sorry shape... the ties were all messed up so I spent like 5 minutes tying and retying the bow to make it look passably like it does online. Yeah... don't try that. It doesn't work.

Anyway, I took a medium in this, mostly because I thought from online + on rack it would run small and hug the body.... Strike two! The ruching is lovely and all but it's not as formfitting as I had previously thought. Also, it dips rather low in front, and obviously you have to wear strapless undergarments with this or it'll show. The famed Leifsdottir gold buttons also aren't as good quality as I thought... more plastic-y than metal-y (er... plastic and metallic?) The fabric itself is not that nice either... not bad, just very ordinary and un-Leifsdottir-like. Bordering on thin, although the ribbon was nice and hefty, if a pain in the rear to tie properly I snatched a random pair of shorts to pair (since I was wearing the Traversing Dress that day with my Breezy Ride Cardigan), and the two of them together sort of reminded me of a safari... kinda unsure why. Fits TTS/little larger (than expected anyway).

That's all for the Leifsdottir stuff! I also tried on the Waistcoat Cardigan but deemed it of little merit to post... one word: HUMMMONGOUSSS. That's all. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Roxy for letting me do this. ;)


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

What beautiful pieces! I love Leifsdottir so much but I wish the price point was a little lower so I could add more to my closet.

aimee said...

great reviews! you look simply stunning in everything - even if you might not think so :) i have slowly developed a love for Leifsdottir and some of the pieces they've been pumping out lately have actually made it to my wishlist. however, i'm pretty positive i won't be adding anything to my closet as my wallet just isn't large enough. it's still wonderful to see them on real people though - especially the Summer Twilight Dress. both you and Cat have made it look 100% more lovely in my eyes.

Mal said...

I am so jealous, I love all of the items you tried on. Unfortunately, I can feel your pain living almost 2 hours away from the nearest Antrho store. I am dying to get the Leifsdottir dresses. I never really thought about the Lafayette Strapless Dress, but I think both look amazing on you and really compliment your figure. Nice reviews.

HeatherWanders said...

Leifsdottir consistently offers some of the most beautiful and unique garments, and you become them magnificently. The Lafayette has flown under my radar thus far, but will get a second glance thanks to you. It is stunning on you.

Thanks for a wonderful post!

Cat said...

Ivoire, wow what a fabulous post! You look stunning in everything. This might surprise you, but I adore the lafayette strapless on you in yellow. It's so figure flattering. Ha ha re Majestic Cypress dress. I may re-evaluate our initial assessment too and try this one out ;) Thanks for the link love lady!

Roxy, thanks for having Ivoire as a guest blogger. She's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great reviews. I also live in Vancouver. I love Leifsdottir but despise shopping at Holts. Instead, I order online and have the items shipped to a freight forwarder in Blaine as this saves me a considerable amount of money. Hopefully you do also.

Ivoire said...

Wow, thank you everyone for your kind comments! =)

Jesspgh: Haha, doesn't everyone? I suppose if its more valuable, it'll be all the more precious if you actually buy a piece.

Aimee: I agree -- I used to shy away from Leifsdottir, not just because of its sky-high prices but also because I found most of the pieces to be a little "out there" and too avant-garde for my tastes, but in recent reasons the styles have been softened a bit. Thanks for the compliment! I'm actually thinking about getting the Summer Twilight Dress; it's been on my mind quite a bit =D Oh Leifsdottir...

Mal:Thank you! Yeah, I never really noticed it all, and the only thing that caught my eye on the rack was its ridiculous shortness :P

HeatherWanders: Aw, thanks! =) You're very welcome -- looks like I'm being quite an enabler haha (apologies to wallets in advance)

Cat: That's quite a compliment coming from the bombshell that you are! Believe it or not, I originally took one look at myself in the yellow Lafayette and thought, "CREAMISICLE!" (or maybe because it was sweltering in the fitting room lol). But it seems like people really like that one, so looks like I'll be taking a second look at this ;)

Anon: I'm curious: why do you despise shopping at Holts? They have their summer sale now so it's like the circus in there right now, but generally it's okay and the SAs leave you in relative peace (very, very important for me). Your work-around sounds interesting... which service do you use? I've heard of many but few seem trustworthy :S

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the Esplanade halter top looks fantastic on you -- it's my favorite of the pieces you tried on. Super flattering. And I think it looks really cute with the shorts, not "safari" at all. More nautical, and that's very in this season anyway :).

ellenphant said...

Thank you SO much for reviewing all these leifsdottir things! my store doesn't get very much of it (smaller city store) so I depend on these reviews and it seems like they're not very often reviewed online either so even though there's free ship right now, there won't always be and i don't always want to take chances. i feel like the sizing is a little wonky with that brand (not consistent) either.

so... i THANK you, and please continue to keep reviewing them!

i have been eying the summer twighlight dress for awhile now, but you're right - the price tag won't work, so I must wait for a sale. I have it on my wishlist though! You look darling in it!

And, i do really like the later on you. I think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans, or something! :-)

thanks again!

jcrewphd said...

Though these are all out of my price range I enjoyed them. You look really great in all of them.

camera obscura said...

this is the one of the best guest reviews ever, thanks so much Ivoire and Roxy for posting!! I LUST over all of leifsdottir's pieces but rarely see them in stores, in my size, if at all. please do continue to review pieces by them, it's so helpful.

next, you really look smashing in everything but especially the golden lafayette dress (which is a total lust for me) and the blue halter. it looks like it would be a versatile top but very unique and it actually looks super cute with the shorts.

Ivoire said...

Thanks for all your comments! =)
You're very welcome -- I will be happy to review more Leifsdottir once their new collection hits Holts =)