Guest post: Reviews by Kristen

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The reviews continue! Please join me in welcoming back Kristen of One Florida Bride AND her new fashion-focused blog One Florida Nest back to Effortless Anthro's guest post slot. I'm always curious to see how items look on different body types so I was thrilled when Kristen tried on some items I'd also reviewed recently. If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and I just started my new blog, One Florida Nest. Yesterday I was on a day trip to Orlando, FL and happened to stop by Anthropologie while I was there. I live an hour away from any Anthro, and heavily rely on online reviews from Roxy and others, so I thought I would take some pictures while I was in the fitting room so I might share with some of you who do the same. For reference, I am usually a size 4, with a tendency to size up, not down.

First up is the Once & Always Tee ($58). I tried on the purple color in a small and absolutely loved it. Definitely fits true to size. I found that the ruffles made my waist look really small. The length was really perfect too. The only drawback I had about this shirt was that the chiffon was very frayed on the edges. It was sewn up so that this fraying wouldn't affect the integrity of the shirt, but some of the shirts in store looked a little rough.

I tried on the new incarnation of the Tucked Away Blooms Cardigan ($88) in small over the Once & Always Tee. I was a big fan of the previous color combo, but it seems to have made a permanent switch online to this new purple and blue color pattern. The cardigan was very soft, and fit true to size. I liked the fact that the florals were a bit tucked away, even though I agree with Roxy's review that they are blooming into my armpit. I would pick this up on sale--I still like the previous color better.

Next up was the Buoyant Branches Cardi ($78) in the blue motif, size small. I loved this one! It was so soft. I am typically bothered by cardigans that are longer in the front, but this one was so comfy that it didn't matter. Will definitely buy it the moment it goes on sale.

Next I tried on the Insouciant Tank ($58), size small, with the Aniseed Skirt ($128), size 6 (my store didn't have a 4). I am officially obsessed with this skirt. I am desperately hoping it goes on sale and that I will be able to find it once it does (it is sold out online). The 6 was loose in the waist, so I would say this skirt is true to size (I would buy the 4). The Insouciant Tank was a surprise love for me. I was a little skeptical of the alternating silk panels with jersey, but it was understated and pretty in person. The ruffles sat in the perfect place on my shoulders--I loved the drama they gave.

I tried on the Lady-in-Charge Skirt ($78) which has gotten some bad reviews online. Knowing ahead of time I might need to size up, I took a 6 into the dressing room. I very much agreed with the online community. It was a very cute skirt until the last couple inches. And then it was blech. Weirdly tight, and not in a flattering way.

The last two tops I tried were the Refracted Tieback ($58), size 4, and the Folded Wings Tank ($68), size small. I liked the Refracted Tieback a lot. It has a bit of a poof at the bottom, but I think it would look great with skinny jean and flats. Wishlisted for sale. The Folded Wings Tank, on the other hand, was a definite no-go. I tried on the ivory which was completely see-through. Might be less sheer in one of the other colors, though. The fit on this one was ok--I thought it was a little to high to be flattering in the front.

I will leave you with my outfit of the day from yesterday, which included the Sea's Epitome Shirt (now $30), now on sale. I was a little reluctant about this top when it came in the mail, but after wearing it all day I decided I really liked it. I ordered a small, and though it was a little loose, I liked that about it.

Reviews: Traced Twirls Dress (polka dots!), Oratory Dress, Flutter-Flutter Blouse, Alma Shirt, Country Quarters Tank

This is Anthropologie's high time for dresses. Each year between July and September they release at least 500 dresses that I must have, causing my wallet to sweat and creditors to cackle with glee as the interest charges stack up. Can I admit that this year the tops have me much more enthralled? Lots of longer shapes to experiment with. This time around I threw a couple of dresses into the reviews mix.

I don't know if this dress will be called the Traced Twirls Dress ($158, guest review here) like its predecessor, but it's from the same brand (Girls From Savoy) and has the same cut. This dress is style #18652107. It trades in black with white twirls for aqua with tiny polka dots, as seen here. I tried on my usual size 6. It was a good fit everywhere except the bust, which was pulling at the seams a bit. The halter strap was the perfect length for me though I wish it was adjustable. There is a back zip on this dress -- a rarity at Anthro these days.

I liked this dress but I didn't love it. My main quibble is that the waist is too short. The skirt starts about an inch above where I want it to. I think this makes me look wider. I love how tiny my waist looks but I feel it's out of proportion with my chest. It's hard to tailor a dress correctly for curves. It's hard to make the waist the right length for us tall folk. This dress is close but no cigar. The material is lovely and I'd love either a skirt or a top in the same stuff. Wishlisted, but I'll probably pass.

The Oratory Dress ($98) was hiding on a rack at Chelsea Market. I adore the front of this dress; it reminds me of a music staff. Of course I had to try it on!

Maeve has done right by me this year and this dress was no exception. I started with the medium but found the straps were far too big. So down to a small it was and I was much happier for it. I realize the dress looks a little bland in these photos but I was thrilled. I have been looking for a dress to wear with my Elodie Lily Cardigan forever, and this dress totally fits the bill! On that alone it was a win. Factor in the sub-$100 price tag and the multi-season use and this dress was a total winner. It even has pockets! It's found a home in my closet. And if you are looking for a great styling idea for this dress, check out Ashley's fabulous look.

Though technically a top Weston Wear's Country Quarters Tank ($78) is almost long enough to be a dress on its own. This tunic has an interesting hemline but it was the pretty pattern that drew my eye in-store. It's made of rayon which is a minus, but it's made in the USA and that's a BIG plus.

This top was flowy enough that a small worked fine for me -- I'm normally a medium in Weston Wear. I like the 3-tier looped neckline. It's not quite a squareneck which would be bad on my shoulders. It's more of a lazy scoopneck that flattered. I would wear this top over jeans for a more streamlined effect than my skirt was providing in the fitting room. I just love this top! I almost brought it home with me but managed to resist. Wishlisted!

I was expecting to love the Flutter-Flutter Blouse ($88). It has elements that are right up my alley, like the asymmetric hem and cool green hue.

Unfortunately this top was more of a mess than mesmerizing. First of all it was wrinkled to all heck. If Anthropologie can't be bothered to steam this top then why should I? Secondly the triangle panel at the bottom was present in both the front and the back. I found this bothersome. One side would have been fine but both was overkill. Third, though the shirt is listed to be a cotton/silk mix it felt more like light linen (and wrinkled like it too). It feels a little too short, it looks a little weird and I was left sad. Regrettably, back to the rack.

It must be mentioned up front: the Alma Shirt ($98) by Dolan runs hugemongous. I was swimming in the xs. I realize it's supposed to be a bit oversized but this is maybe a bit over the top? Still I loved it.

The panels of georgette are elegant. The sleeves are comfy jersey that I could almost see sleeping in. This top has modern office written all over it to me. The trim is slightly frayed and I found this endearing. It will need to be sprayed with fabric protector to prevent any further frays. The look is great though. I was in love with this top but not so much with the price. Wishlisted! Hoping the poor reviews drive this one to sale soon so I can snap it up.

Guest post: Leifsdottir reviews by Ivoire

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am very excited to welcome Ivoire, who has reviewed a few Leifsdottir items! Have I mentioned how much I love Anthropologie's intricate sister? True the price points are higher but I love every single item I own from this line and the designs always thrill. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this post as much as I did! If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Hey Anthroheads! I'm Ivoire, and because I live in Vancouver, Canada (i.e. no Anthro except if you go down to Seattle). I'm basically cruelly deprived of Anthro goodiness. However, I did pop down the Holt Renfrew today, and lo and behold, Leifsdottir! What a sight for sore eyes (eh?)! Thus, all the reviews here are for Leifsdottir items. Enjoy! =)

Note: I usually wear a 4/6 in all Anthro stuff, Leifsdottir sometimes fits a little bigger. Tops are usually S/M for me depending on label. I'm 5'6" and around 125 lbs.

The Summer Twilight Dress ($298) is a superbly lovely work of art. Indeed, the SA walked in on me while I was examining the dress in front of the mirror, and she immediately blurted out, "You look like a painting!" The quality is absolutely amazing: it's fine, delicate silk that made me want to stroke it and swish around in it all the time. I'm 5'6", and the length hit me just right for my taste: about 3 inches above the knees or so. Any shorter, and I think it'll be a tad risqué for me. Because I'm quite small-chested, the self-tying straps were a godsend -- they allow you to not only adjust the length, but also adjust according to various busts. Therefore, no fear, more-generously-endowed ladies! ;)

I could definitely see this at a garden party or even a cocktail party with solid colour heels and sparkly jewelry, although of course with a dress like this the real attention grabber is itself :D I really don't have much to say about this dress in terms of negatives... save for its redonkulous price. $298 USD is bad enough, but try $325 CAD... ouch. Maybe as a graduation present? Hm. Can't think of any excuses to get this when I'm lusting over another Leifsdottir dress... For reference, I took a 6 in this because the online reviews said it ran small. However, I think it actually ran a little large! Or that may be because of the way I tied the straps, I don't know. But I could have sized down to a 4, so if you're thinking of trying this on, know that it's alll about the straaaaps. Yeahyeah. By the way, check out Cat's (of Anthrosdottir fame!) review
here. I swear she looks smashing in everything.

Next, the Majestic Cypress Toile Dress ($278): I tried this on just to test the poofiness of it -- my friend had bought it earlier and looked so puffalicious with it. But okay Cat, I actually sorta can stand this dress! Don't kill me! *runs for cover* This is a lovely dress by mostly all accounts: the print is absolutely striking in person, the corset straps are quite innovative and add a Victorian aura to the dress, plus the quality is outstanding. However, I took issue with two major points of contention: firstly, I'm admittedly small-busted, and while the back of the dress was amazing with the corset laces and criss-crossing and all, the straps were simply too loose. The back was rather gaping on me, and it had nothing to do with the dress size. Secondly, I liked the shortness of it (also hit 3 inches above knee), the poofiness of it really isn't cool. It may add a whimsical touch for the right person and look smashing, but to me it looked slightly silly.

I can't imagine wearing any sort of long cardi or coat over this: the poofiness will make me look like a walking talking snowball. A très expensive snowball, but a snowball nonetheless. Ah well. I took a 4 in this because there weren't any 6s left, and it actually fit quite perfectly... except for the straps. (I found it funny how the SA first told me while browsing to "Try this Hawaiian one on! It's been selling like hotcakes!" I laughed to myself at this, (a) because it's obviously NOT Hawaiian and (b) I can't believe I am so Anthro-obsessed that I immediately feel indignant at people calling clothing by their wrong names. Sinners!)

(Wow I am such an unimaginative poser... Yeah, uh, actually the person in the yellow below is my twin sister, who just happened to copy my pose. Jeez sis! Stop making me look boring! ;)) I tried on the Lafayette Strapless Dress ($278) in both Purple and Yellow, although only the Purple is available online (both colours are on the Leifsdottir website, FYI). I have to say, when I first saw this on the hanger I was like O_O .... it's soooo short. And I was right...sorta.

Well, okay, not really. I guess I'm bad at judging. I'm 5'6", so it definitely works for petite girls, but for some reason, even though technically it hits just like all the above dresses at 3 inches above knee, the style just made it look so much shorter! I think it's because it's relatively more monochromatic, in addition to its streamlined cut. The quality disappointed me.. usually Leifsdottir is excellent in this department, but the fabric is not all that comfortable. If there was a silk lining under it, doubtless it'll be much more tolerable, but as it were, it's ever-so-slightly scratchy. Plus, it dirties easily -- In store (Holt Renfrew not Anthro), the yellow version was quite soiled indeed, and had faint brown marks all over it. Pass!

I'm small-chested and so strapless dresses are sometimes an issue for me -- this one is no exception. I just didn't have the goods to hold this up, haha ;) I felt like it was going to slip off if I walk for bit. Also, the cut around the midsection is not flattering at all: it doesn't fit to the contours of the body, giving a rather boxy and unfeminine shape. And it even puffs out in the tummy area, giving a suggestive bump there even there's not any. Fits TTS/slightly big for me. I took a 4 in this and it was a bit too big in all the wrong areas (see: pregnant midsection). In summary: meh.

Ooh I just realized that my ring matches the yellow dress... It's the Gilded Posy Ring by Kenneth Lane -- bought it at the Rockefeller Anthro while visiting -- fav ring of all time. Added a picture because it's my baby. =)

The Esplanade Halter Top ($118) used to be on Anthro's site, but apparently it sold out (whaaaat...? Seriously?) so now it's only on Leifdottir's site. I tried this out mainly because I'm a huge sucker for bows and halter tops, so this one was screaming my name on the rack. However, when I did find it, it was in a bit of a sorry shape... the ties were all messed up so I spent like 5 minutes tying and retying the bow to make it look passably like it does online. Yeah... don't try that. It doesn't work.

Anyway, I took a medium in this, mostly because I thought from online + on rack it would run small and hug the body.... Strike two! The ruching is lovely and all but it's not as formfitting as I had previously thought. Also, it dips rather low in front, and obviously you have to wear strapless undergarments with this or it'll show. The famed Leifsdottir gold buttons also aren't as good quality as I thought... more plastic-y than metal-y (er... plastic and metallic?) The fabric itself is not that nice either... not bad, just very ordinary and un-Leifsdottir-like. Bordering on thin, although the ribbon was nice and hefty, if a pain in the rear to tie properly I snatched a random pair of shorts to pair (since I was wearing the Traversing Dress that day with my Breezy Ride Cardigan), and the two of them together sort of reminded me of a safari... kinda unsure why. Fits TTS/little larger (than expected anyway).

That's all for the Leifsdottir stuff! I also tried on the Waistcoat Cardigan but deemed it of little merit to post... one word: HUMMMONGOUSSS. That's all. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Roxy for letting me do this. ;)

email: anthro in our own words

July's anthro: in our own words newsletter is already here!! This month it's devoted to the return of "Man Shops Globe," the Sundance Channel show that follows Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson to far-flung destinations without ever revealing how much he pays for anything. I enjoyed Season 1 and am looking forward to Season 2. It's cool to see where Anthropologie is pulling their home ideas from.

The newsletter is comprised of an interview with Mr. Johnson. It spans topics ranging from travel to dogs to buyer's remorse. You can read the full interview here. Here's a brief excerpt:

Any places you're longing to explore?
There are so many -- right now, maybe Kenya or Middle East, particularly Beirut.

What's your favorite place to do absolutely nothing?
My all-time favorite vacation is renting a farmhouse in Tuscany. It's the confluence of amazing food, amazing weather, amazing architecture, amazing geography and amazing people. Everything there just compels you to relax.

It's a great interview with some answers that made me smile. (Especially the parts about Mr. Johnson's dogs and how in love he sounds! I can only hope for the same 35 years in.)

Sadly Anthropologie never took me up on my offer to be an intern and join any of these fabulous trips. Maybe next year? "Man Shops Globe" premieres tomorrow night at 10 PM EST. Below is a preview clip from the Season 2 premiere.

Previously: "Man Shops Globe" Season 1 coverage

Mama told me there'd be Sales like this

Ah, sale! It never gets old. I keep wondering why so many items from my wishlist go on sale each week...then I realize it's because I have over 400 items wishlisted. So um, the likelihood is pretty good. This week's small batch of cuts is below. I already helped myself to a Field Game Cardigan (now $60, review here with a second consideration review coming later this week). Did you end up with anything? If anything from your wishlist went on sale or got a 2nd cut I'd love to know in the comments! As always, happy hunting!

Tiny Windows Dress (now $60)

Balcony Tee (now $40, review here)
Lissome Ruffles Tunic (now $30)
Nexus Top (now $30)
Recherche Tank (now $30, review here)
Tiny Tucks Tunic (now $40)

Field Game Cardigan (now $60, review here)

Pants & Shorts:
Joe's Raw Hem Kicker (now $100)
Straight Semblant Shorts (now $50)

Playing the Sale guessing game

Monday, June 28, 2010

What oh what will this week hold? There were a considerable amount of markdowns last week but I am hoping for more this week. I've had my eye on a few items for months! In particular I'm dying to see the Field Game Cardigan ($118) and the Percussive Cardigan ($78) just get marked down already. Both items came out in early January. Will Anthropologie feel generous with the holiday weekend almost here? We shall see. Kim from Anthroholic has the preliminary list up here.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale?

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Blushing Bouquet Cardigan ($88)
Both Worlds Jumper ($248)
Breeze Along Cami ($78)
Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($88)
Conservatory Blouse ($78)
Creative Outlet Tank ($58)
Drawing Parallels Dress ($178)
Eyeleted Islands Dress ($158)
Flowing Tiers Tank ($68)
Folded Wings Tank ($68)
Four Petal Cardi ($88)
Jasmine Top ($188)
Lacey Lanes Tank ($88)
Minty Tendrils Blouse ($78)
Orange Blossom Dress ($138)
Poured Paint Tank ($68)
Proscenium Cardigan ($68)
Rise & Fall Cardigan ($128)
Roaming Frills Cardigan ($88)
Rushing Ruffles Dress ($188)
Sketched Danios Dress ($158)
Southern Chorus Shirtdress ($278)
Sunrise & Midnight Dress ($188)
Things & Joys Dress ($128)
Undercurrents Dress ($148)
Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88)
Woodblock Print Skirt ($78)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Breezy Ride Cardigan ($98)
Caballo Falls Dress ($168)
Chantico Tank ($88)
Drifting By Dress ($168)
Florid Facade Top ($88)
Speckled Ink Dress ($158)
Traced Twirls Dress ($158) - this just got released in a blue polka version but isn't on the website yet. I'll have a review of this new version this week.
Winding Road Tank ($48)

Anthropologie, are you taunting us?
Aniseed Skirt ($128)
Dwarf Quince Cardigan ($98)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Beda Dress ($118)
Falling Strands Blouse ($228)
Molded & Melded Tee ($48)
Percussive Cardigan ($78)
Two-Wheeler Shirtdress ($128)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Cattelya Cardi ($98)
Curated Tee ($48)
Rift Valley Shorts ($98)
Yardarm Tee ($58)
There-She-Goes Vest ($68)

Best Of Polyvore

Happy Summer ladies!

Now that we have amassed wonderful amounts of clothing, so much in fact our closets beg for reprieve :), styling commences! While this can be a daunting task for some,for others it is innately given. And even for those, sometimes it's nice to receive a little burst of inspiration. I've made even that task easier for you, by rounding out the best Anthro-themed Polyvore sets so you don't have to search through it yourself! Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

Anything with lace makes me swoon on a regular basis, but the quirkiness of this entire outfit makes me go into another dimension! Lace is oft purposed for elegance and refinement, so the pairing with the trendy feathers and the downright British-charmed purse give it a worldly air with clever hints of a Victorian past. (Note: The top and necklace are no longer in stock so I listed some lookalikes!)

ShipwreckFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Using the delicate pieces of a woman's wardrobe this seemingly refined piece has hints of bedroom boudoir written all over it. Don't worry it's our little secret!

Lingering Rays Skirt ($98)

The idea of simply wearing a sweater and nothing else thrills me for some reason. I think it's the idea that I'm stepping out of normal usage that thrills my inner rebel. But in any case, using this idea in the summer, one has no choice BUT to wear the sweater in this "cheeky" way. And don't get me started on how stunning those shoes are!

With the dawn of summer, work must still continue for some. However, there is no need to forgo the splendid freedom that summer brings. Liven up the workspace and your own attitude with cheerful reminders of what lies beyond your nine-to-five. This jacket gives heed to a nautical trend in it's own flashy way with also hints of the zebra print which is especially trendy now. In all practicality as well it serves to brace against the overpumping of AC in most office settings. The top itself while seemingly inconspicuous bears elaborate and intricate detail that develop the outfit into a wonderful masterpiece.

Rome, Rome, all I can think. Imagine strolling the streets in flamboyant red with wind blowing at the nape of your neck. Ahhhhh! The outfit screams a day of happiness and fun. From wading in the water with fashionably swim-wear to dinner al fresco in striking footwear. It's a bright and bold outfit not for the fearful!

Sure Lock Dress (now $60)

Soaking off rays of jungle wonder this outfit makes me leap for my passport yet again. The colors themselves are rich of the fall season but are crafted into summer pieces. The careful finishing touches add to the simple grace it performs. The straw and chunky beading delight the carefree spirits casting a juxtaposition of perfect harmony to the structure of the skirt and top. A magical outfit for the magical days of summer!

Veracruz Flats (now $40)

Please welcome EA's first-ever intern!

I'm delighted to announce that Effortless Anthropologie will have an intern for summer 2010! Please join me in welcoming Rebekah. You'll notice that the "About Me" section has now changed to "Contributors" and will stay that way for the rest of the summer. Beginning later today her posts will be full authorship and will not be in italics like guest posts are. I think you will be able to distinguish our writing voices pretty quickly but if not there's always an author tag at the end of each post.

Rebekah created a Q&A style biography to introduce herself which I've posted below. Her first post will run a little later today -- show her some love in the comments, won't you? She'll be covering Polyvore, as well as Anthro emails and the occasional featurette over the next couple of months. I could not be more delighted!

About EA's intern:
Name: Rebekah.

Why EA?: Anthropologie defines my personal style to the core, a taste of European flair calmed with modern touches. I can think of no better place to learn about fashion and the "ways" of the internet than right here!

Favorite Stores: Anthropologie :), Forever 21, Arden B., Banana Republic, Ann Taylor LOFT, Urban Outfitters, BCBG, Armani Exchange, Vintage Shops.

Favorite Designers: Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera, Yigal Azrouel, Balenciaga.

What Do I Do?: Senior in high school in Columbia, SC.

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo. Period. I can eat mounds and mounds and mounds of it. Proven.

Favorite Thing About SC: The multitude of spots available for studying, reading, and enjoying the sun.

Special Talents: Skilled at remembering previous roles of actors, excellent at roach hunting at 2 AM in kitchens, unstoppable at avoiding massive breakouts during exam season.

How Do I De-stress?: Step 1) Crank up the Josh Groban. Step 2) Light candles. Step 3) Find every single quilt I can in my house and place them on my bed. Step 4) Roll up the piles of Seventeen and Lucky, next to my bed. Step 5) After contented reading, drift away into the land of Nod.

College Plans: Columbia University, University of Chicago, Boston College, Loyola @ Chicago, American University, DePaul University, George Washington University, University of South Carolina @ Columbia...I'll have to pick one eventually.

What Do I Do In My Free Time?: Art Journaling, it's a brand new concept I'm exploring inspired by Teesha Moore. Any DIY project I can use to spice up my room, my goal is to complete transform it into my own personal space by the end of the summer...only to leave it NEXT summer, but oh well! I love love love to read, right now I am paging through Bread Alone by Judith R. Hendricks. Zumba has become my new passion, as well as any other gym class I can find!

Favorite Music: Selena, tobyMac, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift (I just had to!) Jason Mraz (My darling future husband.), James Morrison, Oliver James, Maroon 5, Pantera.

The Trade Market: Looking to Buy

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for buying only -- there is a separate selling/trade post below.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

The Trade Market: Looking to Sell/Trade

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for selling/trading -- there is a separate buying post above.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

Metapost: Administrative notes

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 summer skin for Effortless Anthropologie! It's...brighter. And summer-ready. It's part of a blog overhaul I'm working on with the help of a few friends. Please bear with me for the next few days as we settle everything.

A couple of notes:
1. I lost my blogrolls. It happens every time I update the blog and it's truly annoying. I tried to remember everyone but if you were on the blogroll and now find yourself missing, please email me.

2. A new commenting system is coming! This is huge and I could not be more excited. Among other things the new system will allow anyone to add photos to their comments!! This will be great for the Trade Market. I am currently testing 3 systems and when I settle on one I'll give everyone a heads up before EA flips over.

I have a few more announcements coming this week so make sure you check back to say hello. Feedback on the new look is welcome.

The weekend in-store community post

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Note: Hi ladies!
Apologies for no eye candy post this morning -- my internet has been out in my apartment since late last night. Boo! I will run it tonight if I have connectivity.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?
It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by checking the "send follow-up comments to x email address" box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?
I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap
Ways to find hidden inventory on Anthro's site
How do I find reviews for x item?
Ways to find style numbers on Anthro's site for sold-out items (it's right below the Lilac Ombre Heels photo)

Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

In this outfit: Cobweb Vest ($78) over Treehouse Climber Tank ($28)
Trade Route Skirt ($128). Belted by Beaded Curtain Belt ($58).

Time for some Friday Saturday morning eye candy (boo to you, RCN!). This week's shots mark a transition from the summery looks towards the end to transitional season looks at the top. With just a couple more weeks to buy summer clothing I am still frantically searching for a few things. As always the dress forms at Anthropologie serve as constant inspiration for this season and beyond. This week's shots are from the Soho and Rockefeller Center Anthropologies in NYC. If you have photos you'd like to include in this post please email me. I will be adding these (and a few other shots) to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

In this outfit: Speckled Egg Cardi ($78) over Due East Scoopneck ($78)
with Icemelt Necklace ($42).

On the left dress form: Pizzoccheri Jacket ($88) over Secret Grove Tank ($68)
with Pilcro Button-Pocket Trousers ($98).

On the right dress form: First Flight Tee ($58) with Mossy Atoms Skirt ($148).
Belted by
Beaded Curtain Belt ($58). Adorned with Garden Party Necklace ($38).

In this outfit: Oratory Dress ($98) with Jumbled & Joyful Necklace ($278).

On the left dress form: Vappu Dress ($98) with ??? belt
and Collected Treasures Necklace ($368).
On the right dress form: Plantain Lily Top ($78) over Joe's Raw Hem Kicker ($152).

In this outfit: Proscenium Cardigan ($68) over the Stich, Stone, Stud Tank (now $40)
and J Brand 7/8 Mid-Rise ($158).