Monday, May 31, 2010

The Trade Market: Looking to Buy

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for buying only -- there is a separate selling/trade post below.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!


Desert Flower said...

I'm dying to find the Subway Stairs skirt in size 2, 4 or 6 in yellow. I'd also consider the black version. If yours is no longer getting the love, let me know!

dyo said...

Looking for the two paths trench in size 0

dimples (at) gmail (dot) com

t. said...


Alexandra said...


lindsey..elizabeth said...


myrlegacy said...

Hi! I'm looking for the State Faire Dress by Maeve in a 12. Please let me know if you see it. I saw one in the SF store today in a size 4.

There's also a dress for 9.95 there -- XS green with a black crochet overlay. Not sure what it's called.

Thanks much!

poppy said...


Grace said...

I'm looking for the Blooming Lattice Cardigan, size XS/S in both color and candasay dress in both colors.

I have a few anthro items for trade with you, or sell now.
If you like any of them, pls contact me at

anthropologie puckered and pleated cardigan, black, size XS
Enveloped Petals Cardigan size S
windowpane dress, size 8
Cold climate garden dress, size 0
longing for dress, size 0
eventide dress, size 2/4
Dinner-For-Two Dress, size 0/2/4
Summer Tanager Dress, size 2/4/6
seasonless skirt by yoana baraschi size 2/4
illustrated pathway skirt size 0/2
Whorl and torl skirt size 0/2
Dawn’s Frost Dress, size 4
leifsdottir honey peplum skirt, size 0
Leifsdottir Riata skirt, size 0
Leifsdottir florene blouse, size 0 white/8 blue
Yoana Baraschi sleeping hollow belle dress in black/milk or red/milk

You can find the photos in my gallery. thanks.

Megan said...

Long shots, but though I would post anyway...I am looking for:

Thousand Days Skirt Orange in a 4
Both Sides Blouse in a Small


KB said...

Hello all,

I'm looking for two long-shot items:

1) Lift-off Jacket in Moss, size 8 (though 6 or 10 might work)

2) Thousand Days Skirt in either color, size 4 (preferred) or 6

krisbry at gmail dot com

Lauren said...

Sub :)

Donna said...

Would love love love to find:

Caden Blouse, Size L

Transluscent initial necklace in "D"

Walkaways dress in Green or orange size L or XL

Email me at dthoffman27 at gmail dot com

RetailTherapist said...

Hi ladies,

Major longshot, but (as always), I would love to acquire a size 0 Great Escape skirt (golden sister to the thousand days skirt). If you have one to part with, i'd be so appreciative if you'd let me know!

Happy shopping :)

purpleandorange said...

Looking for:

Reed shirtdress, size 2, orange or navy

Mid-century modern skirt by Barila in XS, but I'd take any size and alter it.

Tea rose belt, coral, either size

Please let me know if you have any of these (any condition!) that you'd be willing to part with.


purpleandorange0117 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Looking for Budding T-straps, any size 7.5 to 9.5. Used/normal wear OK. Please email lola_44 at hotmail dot com. Much obliged!

Tissa said...

I'm looking for:
1. Thousand Days Skirt in dark orange: 0, 2, 0p or 2p
2. Air Garden Chemise, XS
3. Sprightly Skirt, 0
4. Felted Lei Cardigan, XS
5. Striped Pursuit Top, 0
6. Quotidian dress, 0

I also have a size 2 navy Jacqueline dress that I'm looking to trade for a size 0. (Only looking to trade right now, not sell!)

Interested in any condition! Please e-mail me at tchaven [at] ucsd [dot] edu if you are willing to part with any of these. :)

skyfire said...

Looking for a wavelet blouse in a size 2 or 4, and scarf tied oxfords and budding t-straps in 8.5 or 9.


mierin1982 (at) yahoo

elise said...

Looking for a Sidewise Denim Skirt in a size 6. Thanks!

elise said...

Also, @Grace: The Blooming Lattice Cardi is showing available in an S in Green on my wishlist. You can call CS and place an order for it.

Ivoire said...

Name your price! (erm, at least at or below retail price :P)

Desperately seeking:

• Gumshoe Sweatercoat
Charlie & Robin - Ivory - S
• In-A-Moment Dress
Maeve - Yellow - 6
• Starflower Cardigan
Field Flower - S
• Waiting-For-Poems Sheath
Yoana Baraschi - 6
• Plaza Cardigan
Moth - Teal/Raspberry - S

C-Dub said...

Looking for:

- Blooming Lattice Cardigan by Field Flower Size M or L
- AG Stevie Skinny Jeans in "Kat" Size 28 or 29
- From-The-Sky Skirt by Leifsdottir Size 4, 6 or 8.

Please email me at
(don't send me message thru blog cuz I may not be able to follow all the replies/tips etc)

Thank you!!!

Lucy said...

I would love, love, love the pessinus garden necklace (prefer gold but either color would be lovely. I'm also interested in the state fair dress in a 4 and the reed dress in navy, also 4.

llabella at gmail dot com

erinaomi said...


Kristen E. said...

I'd love a Horizon Line dress in shell, size 2 or 4.


Carrie said...

Hi! I'm looking for an open vines skirt in a 6. Please let me know if you have one for sale or you see one in the stores. If you could hold it for Carrie I would be so ecstatic!

Thank you! :)

JenLynn said...

Anyone looking for the blooming lattice cardigan. The Tyson's Galleria store in Virginia had 2 Navys in S and XS small and at least 6-7 in Green as of close Saturday night.

Tysons: (703) 288-4387

cdavis1116 said...

Looking for G1 Paperboy trousers (the ones with stretch from last season)...came in grey, purple, and tobacco, size 4. Don't mind some wear, although I've washed and washed mine (tobacco colored) and they just get softer.

jcrewphd said...

I'm in search of:
- Skystone necklace (red beads)

- Cinched Medallion blouse by Floreat sz 2 or 4

- Partly Cloudy top sz 4 or 6

- Wavelet blouse 2, 4 or 6

- Tick Tock cardigan, Small or Medium

- Night Blooming Dress sz 4 or 6

- Tesserae Dress, sz 4, 6 or 8

- Snow-covered fields Dress, 4 or 6

natasha said...


stef said...


Anna said...

Monochromatic Dress- Size 4
Claudine Tee & Wind Rippled Tee- Size XS
Climbing Cowlneck Purple- Size XS
Molded & Melded (Red or Oatmeal)- Size XS

Gemma said...

Hi!! I would love to find:

-Travessia Dress in a 0p
-Calm Seas Skirt in a 0
-Winston Skirt in a 0

Thanks a lot!
gem1.mommy at gmail dot com

Anna said...

Ivoire at 1:42am

I have the gumshoe sweatercoat in ivory in a size Small in EUC that I may be interested in selling - email me at

Megan said...


Debbie said...


British Anthropologiest said...

Long, ambitious list this time, I'm afraid:

- Great Escape Skirt, in a 6 or 8
- Reed Shirtdress in an 8 in either plaid colour or the green - preferably at sale price! (Hey, a girl can dream!)
- Openwork Vines Skirt in a 6 (anyone looking for a 10: there's one at the South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC).

britishanthropologiest at

British Anthropologiest said...

Whoops: forgot the Tick Tock Cardigan in small, medium or large! (the one with clocks on)

Mal said...

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Anyway, I was looking to buy the Twinkle by Wenlan Flight of Swans dress in either a 6, 8, or 10. Thanks.

Sonjana said...
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Sonjana said...
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Sonjana said...

I'm looking for the following:
Declarative Skirt (xs) by Knitted & Knotted
Flight of Swans Dress (0 or 2)
My gmail email is sonjanakhurana.
Thank you! :)

Bronzi said...

All: Mentioned on the other thread, but the No. Brunswick, NJ had several Navy and Green Blooming Lattice. Didn't notice the sizes.

Marietta said...

Hi! I'm looking for:

Tabitha From The Green Cardigan, XS
Drenched Helenium Tee, XS

New or EUC


kater said...

I would love to find the Reed shirtdress in either of the plaid colorways, size 14.

Please contact me if you have one you would like to sell - am interested in any condition!

Claire said...

I'm looking for the 2008 Love of the Crowd dress by Fish Fry for Manish a size XS or S.
cluchette @ gmail . com

Tiny Cricket said...

would love to find the lemongrass tote! thanks!

Tiny Cricket said...


Naomi said...

sub :-)

Winona said...


looking for reed shirt dress in solid green color, size 0!

fingers crossed!

Corie said...

Hi y'all,
Lookin for the Castle Lake Dress in xs. Thanks!

jadan said...


Kristen said...

Looking for a Slate Stripes Shift, size 4!! Please email me

KimSiomkos said...

Happy Memorial Day ladies! I am looking for some oldies but goodies :)

Water and Roses Dress XS or Sm- pg 9 Aug09 Catalog
Anna Sui Tesserae Dress 0 or 2

Nikki said...


soma said...

I'm specifically looking for the detachable straps that came with the Finely Furrowed dress.

So if no one's putting them to any exceptional use, please let me now!

eatyoursoma (at) gmail (dot) com

Mandy said...

Hi everyone -

I'm looking for:

- Hushed & Lush Top in Neutral Motif in XS/S
- Fulmar Sweater Skirt in XS

please email me if you're looking to sell or trade any of those or if you spot them in stores or on ebay. thanks :)

I have for sale/trade (including shipping):

- NWOT Floreat Betine Dress in Plum Size 4 | $84 OBO
- Cormorant Button-Up (excellent condition) in size 4 | $48 OBO
- Rare Bloom Tea in Pink in XS (worn 1x, excellent condition) | $65 OBO

I can provide pictures/answer questions. :)

ting said...

long shot....

slice of summer skirt (watermelon skirt) 0 or xs/s

two wheeler cardigan 0 or xs/s

lindsey..elizabeth said...

Hi Ladies!

I'm still searching for the following:

Madchen's Scarlet Blaze Shirtdress : size 10,12, or 14 (It's the red silk with snaps up the front)
Honeyed Peplum Skirt : size 12
Lil's Button Duo Dress : size 10, 12 or 14
Caden Blouse : size M, L, or XL
Wendice Coat : size 10, 12, or 14

Thank you!!!!
Lindseyewells {at} gmail

Marcela said...

I am looking for the Crinkled boots by Schuler and Sons, sz 7 or 6.5

My email is marcelaosuarez at hotmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Dying for the Forever 21 lace top as seen on Anthroholic and Adiaphane in either the short or longer tunic version. As well as the Forever 21 lace skirt seen on InfiniteWhimsy and The Chloe Conspiracy. If anyone would be willing to part with theirs or sees one at their local store, I would really appreciate it. I would take a size small or medium.


Mollie said...

Looking for the Maeve In-A-Moment dress in the red colorway, size 12. I had one, loved it, and managed to leave it in my hotel room in Rome last week.

anecdata at gmail dot com

Ath said...

anybody seen the curated tee in the neutral motif color? It is a pale tan color and not the brown color that is shown online. It was the first color it came out in. I've been calling everywhere and no one seems to have it. I need it in an XS. TIA!

Fiona said...

I NEEDNEEDNEED the Wavelet Blouse or the Ice Capped Blouse by Floreat in a 0/2.

Also looking for:
- Wight's Sago Dress in 0/2
- Cascading Foliage Dress in 0
- Pleated and Puckered Cardigan in Grey, size XS
- Lilac Ombre Heels in size 8

Email: fiona17w(at)hotmail

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for some old items:

Slice of Summer Skirt in 0/2
Cormorant Blouse in 0/2
Trampoline Skirt in 0/2
Hyacinth Trail Dress in xs/s
Golden Plum Cardi in xs/s
Pigment Graph Skirt in 0/2
Unexpected Treasures Cardi in 0/2
First Frost Coat in coral in 2
Iskaldur Dress (blue) in 0/2
Double Keyhole Dress in xs
Vermillion Flurry Blouse in 0/2
Decorating Committee Cardigan in xs/s
From the Green Cardi in xs/s
Synapse Belt in tan in xs
Swag Skirt in xs
For Flora Skirt in xs/s

If anyone has these, please contact me please at!! Thank you so much!!

Jinii said...


Em said...

I'm looking for:

*Openwork Vines Skirt, size 2
*Circled Adornment Top, size XS

If anyone has either and is willing to sell, pretty PLEASE message me! :)


Em said...

Oops, forgot to sub!

C-Dub said...

Rain Pools Cardigan by Sparrow (Black or Grey) in Medium. I desperately want this sweater!!!!! Thank you.
Please email at

Adriana said...

Architecture sandal in size 7

I have the size 8, but they are a bit big. If anyone wants to trade I would be happy to! Mine are brand new and unworn.

Lyndsay4753 said...

Ladies, thank you so much for all your help in finding many items. You are the best!!!
I am looking for:

Star sprinkled Cardigan-any size but L

Synapse belt in xs or s

Crisp Indigo Blouse in 0

Declarative skirt in xs

and I think they are called centuary club earring-they recently went on sale and came in yellow and turquoise.

Does anyone remember this top?

It was from Forever 21 awhile back-I have searched and searched ebay for it and have never seen one. If anyone has one they are ready to part with or knows where I could find one, I would appreciate it.

Thanks ladies!!!!


erinaomi said...

Still would like to find an Into the Night Blouse by Girls from Savoy, size 10 or 12. New or EUC.

Thank you!
erinxtofu [at] gmail [dot] com

Jessica said...

Looking to see if anyone has the Sandhill Halter dress in a size 0 they would like to part with. Also I am still looking for a size 0 or a 2 in the Around the World dress. It would be awesome if someone had a petite size! Thanks! :)

Miriah said...

So, I need sandals for the summer and regretted not purchasing the Sequined Mosaic Sandals as seen in the May 2009 catalog. I'm guessing I would need a size 9 - 9.5. And if anyone could tell me the maker/designer for these sandals, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!

Kate said...

Looking for the Porridge Two-Wheeler Shirtdress in a size 0.

Brittany B said...

Still searching for:
Tesserae Dress in a 6, 8 or 10.
Slice of Summer Skirt in a 6 or 8
Monochromatic Corset Dress in 6,8
Fifth Form Shift in a 6 or 8
Slate Stripes Shift in an 8

Brittany B said...

Sorry, e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Returned to Fashion Valley, San Diego, CA store this afternoon...

size M navy rare bloom tee
size 6.5 ringsend heels in peach
size 7 ringsend heels in peach

Hope this helps someone!

gigiofca said...

Looking for rippling pond jacket, size 6

gigiofca at gmail

karalynn said...

I'm looking for the penciled ambronia skirt in a 6 or 8.



Sara said...

I'm hoping to find a pair of the Gardentop Sandals in red from June '09 catalog. Would need a size 7.5, could possibly do an 8 (not sure if these ran in whole or half sizes). Original style number is 940052. Thanks so much! saraefarr(at)gmail(dot)com.

Anonymous said...

Selling an anthropologie first frost coat in Coral, Size 0. I have altered the sleeves a little shorter, I can provide measurements if you are interested. Make me an offer via

Anonymous said...

oops just realised is posted on "looking to buy" board instead of "looking to sell". apologies :)

tres tippy said...

Anyone willing to part with their Composition Book dress (size 0 or 2) and/or the Slice of Lime Dress (black on top, green sash, b/w polka dots on the bottom) size 2?

Also searching for the towel rack robe in a size S


trestippy at gmail dot com

muse said...

So I realized that I actually want to try the Seabound Skirt. Of course I am late to the game! If anyone sees this skirt in a 12 or 14 can you put on hold for Amber or email me?

Allie S. said...

Hello, all!

I am still on a mad and relentless quest for these lovelies, so if you want to sell them, or you see them somewhere, please let me know!!

-FEI Lost Locale Blouse in Aqua (Green), XS. (I am hopelessly in love with this top, but I haven't seen an XS anywhere.)

-FLOREAT Cold Climate Garden Dress, 2/4. (I've been pining after this one foreeever. One must exist somewhere!)

-LITHE Peter Rabbit Blouse, 0/2. (So adorable, and so reminiscent for me. Have been looking for this one for a long time.)

-GUINEVERE Sight Reading Cardigan, S. (It's a white cardigan with broken musical staffs all over it. In other words: love. I didn't even know it existed until too late.)

Also, if you see an XS Granada Tank in your store, please contact me? I haven't been able to find one near me.

Thanks for any help! :)


Oh, one more: if you have an XS/S Hushed and Lush Top by C. KEER, and you'd like to trade for a M, I'm your girl!

Thanks again!!

Bronzi said...

Karalynn: I saw several penciled ambrosia skirts at the north brunswick, nj store. Not sure what size. 732-565-9870

Steph said...


Adriana said...

I desperately need the Saturated Petal shoes in a 7, 7.5, or 8

Stephanie R said...

I am looking for the Floreat Partly Cloudy top in a zero or two (0 or 2), the Floreat Betine Dress in a zero or two (0 or 2), and the Maeve Jacqueline dress in a zero or two (0 or 2).

slr_sale (at) yahoo dot com

Brittany B said...

Ok I am going to correct my previous request. I just found out that the dress I am looking for runs 2 sizes too small. So sad... So I am now looking for a:

Monochromatic Corset Dress in a size 10 or 12.

Please let me know if you see one anywhere and if you do, please place on hold for Brittany, or let me know if you have one you want to part with. Thanks!

C-Dub said...

Looking for: Raveneli Blouse in Size 6 or 8. Please EMAIL me at: Thank you!!!

Sarah C said...

There's an Around-the-World Dress in size 12 on the sale page right now--hope someone can grab it!

Mary said...

I am looking for the following:

Wavelet blouse, size 0 or 2

Thousand Days skirt, navy, 0 or 2

Great Escape skirt, yellow, 0 or 2

Email me at

Megan said...

there was a size 6 in that blouse at the Bridgeport, Oregon Anthro store on Saturday when i was there! hopefully its still there for was in the sale room! have a great day :0)

C-Dub said...

Hi **Meg** at 5:37pm. I just called the store and the woman who answered was sooooo not helpful and told me the blouse was gone. She's like "we don't have anything with seashells". Oh well.....I'll try another route. Thanks though. : )

Anonymous said...

The Nashville store had one state fair dress in either a 10 or 12. I can't remember. They also had the Two Paths Trench in an 8, 10 and 12. In addition, they had many of the Granada tanks, but I didn't look at the actual sizes. However, they had about 8 or 10, so, I would bet one was an XS.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nashville also had Blooming Lattice cardigans in both colors in small sizes.

moulin said...


I am looking for the Blazing Rays Dress in size 12.
Please e-mail me:


Megan said...

i'm so sorry that happened to you :( even if it was the last one, they should have tried to help you...*sigh* maybe it sold this weekend. anyways good luck with finding one :0)

on another note does anyone have the SEABOUND SKIRT on their wishlist and would share with me? mine just disappeared off of my wishlist :*( boo hoo...
THANKS, have a great day :0)

Donna said...

Desperately looking for the Slice of Lime dress in a 14!

email me at dthoffman27 at gmail dot com if you have it :) Thanks!


MissAmandaRae said...

Desperately looking for Maevee'ce Collected Calico Dress size 12. Please e-mail me if you can help!

Christine said...

What does "sub" mean?

Mimi's Gamines said...

Hello Ladies,
I spotted this on ebay (not my auction), and I normally wouldn't do this, but it is kind of hidden. There is no 'Anthropologie' in the title, and it is misspelled in the discription:

I already own this lovely "Hyacinth Trail" dress, but one of you out there is sure to be looking for a size Small :)


mimoko said...

Selling a pair of Brand New In Box Ringsend Heels (grey) in size 7.

These shoes are too small for me. I am planning on returning but thought I would email out to the community first, as I see it's out of stock until July.

I bought these in Canada on sale, with duty and shipping. I will sell for $65 + your shipping cost.

Please email me at if interested.

mimoko said...

Also, I will be returning the following if anyone is interested (for price paid + shipping to you):

Globe Raisin Top (size small), similar to Picnic on the Danube Racerback top

Tartan Rose Tie-Back tank (size small)

Tucked Away Cardigan (size small, grey)

Please email me before the end of the week (June 5), if interested at


Adriana said...

Please!!!!! Looking to find the Saturated Petals shoes by Chie Mihara in an 8 or 8.5

Thank you!

furgomagico (at)

Anonymous said...


I'm looking for the Tandem Jump Blouse in 0/2. Please email me at if you see one in the stores or are willing to part with one (at sale price). Thanks!

dfinnie said...

Sweater cuff bootie in size 9 popback - November catalog page 2 or I think they were also in the october catalog. Still $79.95

thehalcyonlife said...

About the sweater cuff bootie - they are amazing. I finally tracked them down in the store. Also, its 39.95 in stores so you might be able to get a PA (depending on your luck which clearly i do not have at all today)!

Sarah C said...

Gorgeous dress from last year--Somewhere, Anywhere Dress--on the sale page right now. Size 10.

Meghan said...

I am looking for the Breadfruit Blouse and the Cocoplum skirt in small sizes, preferably 0/XS. I could trade for a Breadfruit Blouse brand new in a size 4. Also, the Slow Melt tank which was is on sale on the website but in a size 0. Most likely willing to meet your price... and I don't mind if it is worn in good condition! Please email Meghan at

Foxtrot said...

Looking to buy the 'Charm Necklace V-neck' t-shirt! It's from SNL Workshop (single needle tailoring), and was on sale starting sometime April, but is still around in some stores, but I just can't find a small! Email me at if you have a size small.

jigosta said...

Hello I'm trying this again. I'm desperately looking for the Lucky Penny wishbone wedges in a size 38. please email me at jill.g.stewart at g mail dot com. Or if you have seen them anywhere please let me know! thank you !!!

C-Dub said...

Looking for:

- Amarena dress by Sparrow in any color. Size Medium.
-Ice capped blouse by Floreat in size 6 or 8
- Blooming In Burgundy Belt in Medium or Large
- Vanilla Bean Blouse in 6 or 8
- Remarkable Twill Trousers by Cartonnier in Size 6.

**Please EMAIL me at**

Thank you!!!!

Tiny Cricket said...

My jeans order ($19.99) got canceled...=( I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I did end up ordering the Infinity Belt instead. Hopefully that'll work out.

BTW, if anyone sees a Lemongrass Tote (by Orla Kiely), please e-mail me at juree_k (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

Brittany B said...

I am looking for the Marilla Culottes in a size 8 or 10. Thanks!

Brittany B said...

oh sorry, if you find any, please contact me at

dfinnie said...

If anyone snags a Fluttering Pencil Skirt size 4 or 6 for $9.95 or any color of the Amarena dress in size Small for $19.95 - I would LOVE to find them and don't have access to a store. THANKS!

Donna said...

Ok my list of wants is getting bigger :)

Please let me know if you have any of these, or see them in store for the newer items!

1. Caden Blouse Size L
2. Slice of Lime Dress Size 14
3. Blue Book Blouse, Blue size 12 or 14
4. Transluscent initial necklace in "D"
5. Gathered Together Dress any color, Size 12 or 14
6. Walkaways Dress any color, Size L
7. Airmail Skirt Size 12 or 14
8. Jacqueline Dress, any color, Size 12 or 14

Pleeeeease you'll make my day ;)

Email me at dthoffman27 at gmail dot com

Shell said...

I am desparately seeking a pair of the Miss Albright Budding T-Strap shoes in a size 6

lindsey..elizabeth said...

Does anyone know the name of this top?

I'm looking for one in size L/XL/10/12/14 (which ever size form in came in). Please let me know if you have one or see one! THANK YOU!!

lindseyewells {at} gmail

moulin said...

I am looking for a Blazing Rays Dress in size 12. Please e-mail me


Anna said...

For anyone interested: the lovely Around The World Dress in size 10 is showing up in my cart.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for the Flight of Swans dress in either a 0 or 2, the Skyfall dress in a 0 and the Ice Capped blouse in a 0.

C-Dub said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adriana said...

I am looking to buy an Infinite Details Cardigan in a L or XL please!

email me at fuegomagico (at)

Thank you!

mae said...

Hi.. I would love to find the Great & Small coin purse in the navy with the owls since CS shipped mine to someone else and doesn't know where it is! Also looking for:

Solar Star Blouse: 12,14
Great & Small coin purse: navy with owls or yellow with bees.


Jennifer said...

I'm looking for the all-seasons shirtdress in size 0 in navy.

c.m.c said...

Looking for a Cartonnier black blazer in a size Medium. Willing to trade the same jacket in a small!

Ally said...

I'm looking for a blooming brilliance blouse in size 4 and up. Please e-mail me if you have seen it in the store or if you have one and are willing to sell it thanks!

Ally said...

Total longshot but I'm looking for the Waterfall Sleeve Blouse by Let Me Be from 2009. E-mail me at if you have one and are willing to sell it. Thanks!

Lyndsay4753 said...

If anyone has an Airmail skirt that they bought, that didn't work out for them I would love to purchase it from you. Looking for 0 or 2. Thanks so much,


steph830 said...

I'm looking for the Windowpane Dress by Moulinette Soeurs from Fall 2009. I need a size 2 and would pay up to $100.00

Kel said...

New Anthro items added to:

Check it out & have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

C-Dub said...

Looking for: Scalloped Clouds skirt by Floreat Size 4 or 6. Still searching for a Raveneli Blouse as well Size 6 or 8.

Email at

C-Dub said...

I'm looking for:
- Amarena dress in any color size medium.
- Strewn Leaves Blouse in any color size small.
- Skyfall dress by Burlapp in blue size 6 or 8.


Em said...

I'm desperately looking for:

*Openwork Vines Skirt, size 2
*Ice-Capped Blouse, size 0

If anyone happens to be selling theirs or sees one on Ebay, please send me a message! :)


naatie425 said...

Looking to buy:

Bow & Arrow Buttonblossom dress - 0 (anthro fall 2008)
Bow & Arrow Yellow Canary dress - 0 (anthro summer 2008)
Elevenses Plume Ruffled Jacker - 0/2 (anthro fall 2008)

please click below for photos:

Angela said...

Looking to buy the Hinterland Dress in size 4 if anyone has one!

Anonymous said...

Looking to buy the lovely Hinterland dress - size 12. cottageskye (at) gmail (dot) com

m said...

Looking for one Zardozi Aari Bolero size XS/S for my daughter to wear at her wedding.
Photo here

taro said...

Looking for molded&melded tee, size XS. any color.
thank you!