Some more Anthropologie survey goodness

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Before we get to the survey goodness I want to mention that the incomparable, fabulous, and all-around awesome Chloe is doing a $100 Shopbop gift card giveaway on See Chloe Shop! Does Chloe styling time come with this prize?? Lovely giveaway.

Thanks to Alexandra, Amber and Samantha who forwarded along the latest round of Anthropologie surveys to share! This time around Anthropologie is focusing on cardigans. I find the opening note kind of cute (click the image above to zoom), especially since it implies that cold is done. Not this week! Especially if you live in Colorado. Or the southern hemisphere. But I'm being way too picky.

There are actually two similar emails that went out with slightly different choices (second set below). And as astute commenters have pointed out previously some of the choices are items that are currently or previously available. I guess this is Anthropologie's way of vindicating themselves? Or confirming that they are in line with customer taste?

So ladies, please share in the comments! For each set, which 3 are your favorite? Which 3 are your least faves? Oh, and here's an interesting query: how much would you expect to pay for your first choice? Given this morning's topic I'm eager to hear what your expectations are. I'll chime in with my choices to.

Below are some additional questions I'd love to hear your take on too. (Click the image to zoom, right click to open the image in a new browser tab.) And if you receive a survey please forward it along to me! I'll share them with the group.