Reviews: Lacey Lanes Tank, Valance Tank, Deletta Tank, Ring of Roses Tank, Captured Embers Tank, Pallas Athena Tank

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful decorations from the walls to the top.

I am all for embellishments on tops but seriously Anthro, what gives with all the circus tent embellishments this year? The latest variation is the Lacey Lanes Tank ($88) by Little Blue Bird. While I love the beautiful lavender hue and the defined waist of this top the overall look is bleh to me.

I tried on my usual size medium which fit well. People with smaller busts should be able to size down comfortably. The material of this top is somewhat stiff. I like the scalloped lace along the neckline and at the waist. My issue lies with the vertical lace trimmings. It's just too much for me. However I think someone looking for an ultra feminine top will love this one. Pass for me.

The Valance Tank ($68) from C. Keer is the kind of top I'm normally drawn to. It's got nice detail work (scalloped edges, a flower accent, frilly stuff). Recipe for roxy! But once again I found the finished product is lacking.

I tried on a small and it was a great fit. I found the strings hanging from the neckline to be very messy though. There's raw or unfinished which I like and then there's ratty looking and sadly I found the strings to fit into the latter category. Perhaps a catalog order would yield a cleaner look from a non-tried on top? But then again I'd be worried about the long-term durability of this top. Back to the rack.

This Deletta top is the Attic Treasures Tank ($68). I tried on a small. I keep telling myself I'm done with these embellished neckline tanks but I really liked this top! I mean I don't have any squareneck embellished neckline tanks, so, um, I need this one.

The material is lightly heathered and there's a very soft pleat beginning front and center. This top is so relaxed and looks great under the Cattleya Cardi ($98), which I'll review later this week. Total winner for me. Wishlisted for sale time.

one.september's Ring Of Roses Tank (now $40) has an amusingly abstract animal print complete with ruffle collar and drawstring. It's a headscratching combination of elements that somehow works in real life. I like the colors which range from a light minty green to a dark espresso brown.

I tried on my usual size for the brand (a small) and it fit perfectly. Notice that while the roses on the neckline look nice and clean on the product page but in real life they were quite messy. I don't mind because the effect just looked like layers of ruffles but it was odd. Otherwise I like this top quite a bit. Soft, flowy and cool. Wishlisted!

This roundup ends with two similar tops. First up is Saivana's Captured Embers Tank ($118) which is beautiful but pricey. I grabbed the small and found it pretty loose. As you can see it's pretty much impossible to wear a conventional bra with this top. Makes me a bit sad.

The neckline however is gorgeous. Just beautiful. It's a mix of sparkly rhinestones, fabric-covered beads and ruched fabric. I also love the dark coral color. I'm just not sure that it's worth almost $120 to me. Wishlisted for now.

Last one up is Floreat's Pallas Athena Tank ($68). I've seen this tank look quite pretty on a bunch of the community bloggers (like Kathleen for instance!) but on me? Not so much. I never know what size I am in this brand anymore so I grabbed an 8. Seemed to work best around my bust but I was left with extra room everywhere else.

My main issue with this tank is that it looked sloppy. And I am so over sloppy. The light gauzy material is nice and the details are beautiful, from the neckline to the waistband to the color. Unfortunately the cut doesn't seem to work on my body. Can't really fault the top here but I'm bummed. Back to the rack.