Reviews: Hinterland Dress, Fresh Current Dress, Undercurrent Dress, June July August Dress, Glazed Fruit Dress

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anthropologie caters to curves pretty well. Every once in awhile they really hit it out of the park, and that was the case with the Hinterland Dress ($138, already sold out online, style #18321604). I don't know who the fit model Rebekah Maysles used was but please Anthro use her for everything!

My usual size 6 was very form fitting but also oh so flattering. It hugged every curve just right and fit over my hips comfortably without making me look wide. Hey -- there's an hourglass in there! If only every dress fit so wonderfully. The price is also quite fair for an Anthro collaboration. I wish I had some event that justified purchasing this dress. I might just grab it anyway, since dresses that fit this well don't come along very often.

Girls from Savoy's Fresh Currents Dress ($158) has a wonderful spring floral print and an odd bit of bustle ruffle in the back. I was drawn to the neckline and the warm mix of greens and blues. There are thick ribbon straps which gets points from me. The length was also very nice on my 5'8" frame. My usual size 6 was a loose fit everywhere but the chest. I wasn't really happy with the silhouette though. The ruffle that cuts diagonally across the back is odd and adds a lot of poof.

I decided to send this one back to the rack for now, to be reconsidered upon sale time.

My expectations were high for Moulinette Soeurs' Undercurrent Dress ($148). Recently I have needed to size up in this brand so I grabbed an 8. It was a bit loose in the dress itself but the lining was tight. This keeps happening to me with this particular brand -- what gives??

I love the top portion of this dress. It has faux-wrap styling with good coverage. I like the floral adornments on the hip. I wasn't as crazy about the skirt, with it's tulip shape and frumpy middle. I can see this dress working well for work but it's more likely to find a home in my closet on sale.

This Nell Couture dress is the June, July, August Dress ($148). It comes in two vibrant patterns. I tried both on and will have the purple motif in an upcoming post. I wasn't really able to gauge the fit on the rack so I grabbed a medium. It was too big though -- I'd buy in a small.

The print on this dress is beautiful feather. Ironically the dress isn't really light as one; it's more midweight. But what really made this dress a HELL NO was the smell. Oh my god it was terrible. It smelled like a mixture of dye and gasoline that was almost rancid. I was holding my breath the entire time I had it on. The dress was the same way at a couple of other Anthropologies I went to. Whatever they used to dye this dress was horrid. Back to the rack.

The last dress I tried was Ek Jam Factory's Glazed Fruit Dress ($228). I adored this one! It's got a straight shapelessness to it that makes it easy and fun and I love the stripes along the bottom portion. The neckline is also beautiful with what looks like sliced fruit dotted by a pretty blue bead.

I grabbed a medium and it fit well. I would not size down to a small for fear it would be shorter on me. I think it would be fun to throw a nice wide belt on in a bold color over this frock and be summer-ready. Wishlisted for sale!

I have 9 more dress reviews coming up between tonight and tomorrow. I love Anthropologie dress season!