Reviews: Graphical Dress, June July August Dress, Doubly Dapper Dress, Know the Ropes Dress

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Graphical Dress ($128) is a little slice of heaven in dress form. I had a hard time deciding whether to try on the "red" (actually orange) or the blue version. Truth is I want them both! The colors are bold but since the dress is solid the strikingness is toned down.

I ended up trying on the orange which has a teal waistband. I grabbed my usual size 6 and it worked. This dress has a ton of things I love: great length; comfortable material; understated details like the pleated neckline; adjustable spaghetti straps...I could go on.

There is one knock though. In the back there is a tie sash right where the back of my bra normally sits. I guess Edme & Esyllte couldn't resist that one little detail but what a pain. It's not nearly as long as the product shot makes you think either. My bra strap was clearly visible. Sigh and grumble. Wishlisted.

I reviewed the navy blue version of the June, July, August Dress ($148) on Tuesday and here is its purple cousin. Luckily unlike the feather-adorned version this one didn't reek of dye. In-store I had no idea the two were even the same dress. This jersey frock feels light and easy and I love that it's Made in the USA.

In this version I tried the medium and like the previous version I would go down to a small to buy. I love the pattern of this dress but I am not impressed with how it sits above the waistline. Who wants a pattern trailing out diagonally? It makes your shoulders look broad. The dress also broadcasted my cleavage more than I'd like. A cami would be necessary if I were buying but I think I'm going to pass on this one. Lovely but not for me. Back to the rack.

Tabitha has a lock on dresses with a cargo-pocket bottom and hammered silk top. This latest incarnation is sleeveless unlike the Zoya Dress ($158, review here) or Night Blooming Dress. It's called the Doubly Dapper Dress ($148). I guess we can infer the sleeves cost $10 to set?

My issue with this one is the same as with the previous versions. The top seems cut for smaller chests and as a result this looks like some demented empire on me. I think it's more a result of the material mixes than anything. I tried sizing up to an 8 for these shots to see if it helped but alas it did not. Given the quality issues of the Night Blooming Dress (rips at the zipper, tops pulling away from skirts) I was apprehensive to begin with and the fit did nothing to assuage that. I adore the colors of this dress but I have to pass. Back to the rack.

I was intrigued by the asymmetry of Moulinette Soeurs' Know the Ropes Dress ($148). These days I'm rocking a size 8 in this brand so I grabbed one and headed downstairs to the fitting room.

I love that this dress (and many others this year) is knee-length. Yay! A nice contrast to mini, minier and uhh, does that even cover my tush skirts of 2010. Unfortunately the dress's distinctive feature is also it's downfall to me. I think if the diagonal swath of fabric was solid white or black it would look better. The plaid just looks like a manufacturing error to me and I know that's not the intent. I love the different straps and overall the fit is great on this dress. Just can't get past the incongruous part. Back to the rack.