Reviews: Future Past Skirt, Diamond Flame Skirt, Rah-Rah-Rumba Skirt, While-Away-The-Days Bermudas, Origami Camellia Dress

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rockefeller Center Anthropologie, I adore you! You keep giving me such great ideas on how to style strapless dresses. Your latest creation features the Friendly Competition Top ($68, review here) by Odille in white layered under the Polka-Peppered Dress ($148, review here) by Maeve. Um, amazing! All of a sudden a dress I'd cast aside becomes a serious want. I don't recognize the necklace unfortunately but the whole look is beautiful. I added this shot to my Facebook Store Inspiration album.

This also gives me a chance to tout a new feature, suggested by a community member: send me your store inspiration photos! Anthropologie allows photography within its stores (so long as you're not interrupting others' shopping experiences). Send me your photos of mannequins, displays, or maybe something cool on the walls. I'm going to start up a weekly feature devoted to this if I get enough submissions. On to the reviews!

I like to guess the brand of each item I grab to try on. When I picked up the Future Past Skirt ($198) I immediately guessed Corey Lynn Calter. I was wrong -- it's actually by Eva Franco. Had I checked the tag ahead of time I would have known to size down as the brand runs large. Instead I brought my usual 8 to the fitting room. It was pretty loose everywhere. I'd size down to a 6 to buy it.

The blue stripes have a lovely sheen to them and it fools the eye into thinking the grey shines as well. This skirt is nice and full while maintaining an airiness that makes it great for summer. My one quibble is that it wrinkles very easily. The skirt I tried on was a mess. That would be because of the polyester mixed in. Come on, Anthro. Get that crap out of your clothing. The skirt is lined with acetate and is very comfortable. Wishlisted for sale.

Over at Chelsea Market I gave Madchen's Diamond Flame Skirt ($168) a try. I adore the catalogue shot for this skirt and could not wait to try it on. One of the SAs warned me to size down and I'm glad she did. This is a 6. And believe it or not it was still pretty big on me, poufing out around the back of teh waistband and the pelvis. It's because the shape of the skirt fit perfectly around my curves. Nice tight waistband with an accommodating cut around my widest parts. I would stick with the 6 to buy it.

The material is a slick textured cotton. I love the buttons and the contrast piping. I do not like the poufiness, which I've caught on a few Anthro skirts this spring. I'm not sure what the deal is with this front pleating but it's trouble for me. I'd reconsider this one on sale but it's a pass for now.

Edme & Esyllte wins the odd product name award for their Rah-Rah-Rumba Skirt ($78). Congrats on being the first skirt in this reviews set under $100! This skirt attracted me because of its nice long length. In store I debated whether to try on the ivory or the grey. Grey won out because it's more practical for me -- I could just imagine the white getting stained on grass or from city grime.

Formerly I sized down in this brand but lately that has not been the case. This is my usual size 8. as you can see the tiers are kind of wrinkled. I inspected the dot trim carefully for tired-looking fabric but the quality seemed fine. Still I can't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by this one. It's comfortable but not especially attractive, you know? Maybe I just need some help styling it. Back to the rack for now.

Madras? I'm there. Paperboy by G1 has a heavy presence in my summer wardrobe and I would have loved to add the While-Away-The-Days Bermudas ($88) to that collection. And we were oh so close! Apparently I'm not the only one who loved these as I could only find a 2, an 8 and a 14 on the rack. So I grabbed the 8s and asked the fitting room attendant for my usual size 10.

Normally Rockefeller Center's staff is exemplary but I have to complain a bit here: first, the fitting room attendant was clearly not listening when I told her what size I needed. 10 minutes later notta so I popped open the fitting room door and the girl said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot what size you needed." I was annoyed on two levels: first that she hadn't come to me to check again what size I'd needed -- I had to follow up on her, lame; and second she wasn't listening!! So I told her again and another 10 minutes passes so I just gave up. During that time I heard the runner come through twice and it just aggravated me. And I was so mad that I left $350 worth of items I was going to buy at the store too. Way to lose a sale Rockefeller. It wasn't even busy.

Anyway, back to the item itself. The 8s were clearly too tight across my thighs but otherwise what a nice pair of shorts! I found the length perfect. Hit me just where I wanted them to. The cut is a little tapered towards the knee which isn't quite what I want over my thighs o'thunder but I can work with it. The material is soft and feels immediately broken in just like all Paperboy by G1 items. These are perfect and I would have bought them! Can I beat the dead horse just a little more??

My odd affection for strapless dresses continues. This is Deletta's Origami Camellia Dress ($138). Here was another case of perfect length! I love how this hit right at my knees on my 5'8" frame. Awesome. I tried on the small which was close-fitting around my bust but comfortably loose in the skirt.

The bodice has an origami fold pattern on it (hence the product name) that is an interesting touch. The skirt is heavier than I expected. The material isn't light or cottony like you'd want in a real warm-weather climate. Don't expect this skirt to billow in the wind. It feels more stiff. I am worried about being able to wear a bra with this dress so I'd probably use it over a swimsuit. And $138 is a lot to pay for that. Wishlisted for sale.