Reviews: Dresses on the mind

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's apparently dress review day across the Anthro Blogging Collective and I'm happy to join in with my takes. This past weekend I tried on a bunch of different options. I must say it went quite well.

I started with Floreat's Sunrise & Midnight Dress ($188). One of my least favorite games at Anthropologie right now is guessing what size I need in an item. Luckily Floreat has stayed pretty consistent so I went with my usual size 8 for the brand. The model shot above cracks me up. Looks like a promo shot for The Vampire Diaries or something.

This dress is built on a base of hot pink with dark grey lace over it. It sounds hideous but in real life it's trendy and stylish. The dress comes with removable (aka useless) straps. But it also sits pretty nicely on its own. I would need a bra for sure but smaller chests should be good to go. There is no built-in bra though. I found the 8 comfortable. If I had the right party to wear this dress to I'd be all over it. Alas, $188 is a bit much to pay for something to sit in my closet. Wishlisted and hoping for the right party invite.

It was love at first sight with Tracy Reese's incredible Tiered Fronds Dress ($198). It's long and beautiful and wow. The cut of the neckline alone is amazing. It is both alluring and demure at the same time with good support. I love the wide hem. The sash is also perfect for making a big bow.

I guessed that I would need an 8 as Anthro's dresses have been running smaller (mostly) for me this spring but I was wrong. I should have stuck with my usual size 6. Even though the dress was a bit big on me I could tell it's a winner. Everything about this dress is wonderful. Wishlisted.

I can't say what drove me to try on the Sweet Shoppe Dress ($158) but I'm glad I did. It's not really me -- it's a bit too twee for my style. I love the idea of it however as it's flirty, feminine and fun. I think if I were 18 I would die over this confection. (Which is not to say that fashionistas older than 18 can't wear it. Just not this fashionista.)

The 8 was a bit loose around my chest but I don't think I'd size down to buy. I could see wearing this with a cute white cardigan over it, maybe the Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88) or the Roaming Frills Cardigan ($88) in white/ivory? This one just might end up in my closet yet. Wishlisted.

As I've mentioned previously I am a huge fan of We Love Vera's bold prints. The High Seas Dress ($138) is no exception. The brand's shift dresses have been very tight on me so I grabbed a medium. Interestingly it was too big on me. I'd want a small to take home.

The issue I have with this dress is that it's so bold that I'd probably only be able to wear it once or twice a summer. Or more if I were around different crowds of people. It's right on-trend for this year but that concerns me for the long-term use of this dress. I have wishlisted it but am definitely waiting until sale for further consideration.

The Perilla Dress ($128) has been getting a lot of love in the community and it's no surprise why. Little yellow button put their own spin on nautical with the floral rosettes along the waistline and two neutral colors. I was in love before I even put this one on.

I finally guessed right on sizing with the small. The dress is too low-cut in the front for me to go cami-less but otherwise I have zero complaints. Well, actually I do have one other complaint: $128 is really expensive for what this dress is. Yet even with the rayon-spandex blend I couldn't help myself. I bought this one on-sight. What can I say? I am weak.

Another dress with lots of fans is Zehavale's Chocolate Chip Dress ($128). And again it was clear to see why. The "chips" are small rectangles that give this dress an early 20th century, almost decolike quality. The ribbon straps were a cause for concern but once I had the dress on it was fine. I adore the ruffle trim and the square cut of the bodice.

I tried an 8...and it was too big. Guess I am still a 6 after all! Anthro, you are confusing me. The sash is sizable. So much so that it might be a bit distracting under a cardigan. I do think this dress is a 2-person effort though as it has button snaps in the back. I like it a lot. Wishlisted!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the Ipanema Dress ($118) from Edme & Esyllte to show up in stores. Patiently though. Would it be lime in real life? (Yes.) Would it be shapeless in real life? (Yes.) Would I want to buy it? (Yes.)

I grabbed a medium which was too big. I will buy this in a small. The product photo and these photographs are NOT true to color. It is definitely lime in real life, much more green than yellow. It just photographs oddly. You will want to belt this one for sure. What I like is that it's light and airy feeling in a great bold summer color. The details, like the neckline, are subtle. This dress is not overdone. Wishlisted!