Reviews: Breakfasting Dress, Vappu dress, Sunwashed Dots Shirtdress, Rushing Ruffles Dress, Rising Vapor Dress (redux)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Headed for some fun in the sun.

I hadn't really associated Deletta with making dresses but this year they've released several cute ones. I'm always surprised when I see the tag -- Deletta?? -- and each time I try their frocks on I'm pleasantly surprised.

That trend continued with the Breakfasting Dress ($138). The website reviews range from curiously harsh to fangirl raves. Count me in the latter group. I will concede that the waffle-knit fabric is a bit thick for summer and there is some unusual gathering happening around the hips. But my hips already protrude somewhat anyway and I didn't feel the dress projected to a cartoonish degree. And as for the material I can see wearing this to a winter ball so it doesn't bother me. I love the trio of flowers and the folded pleats along the neckline.

I tried on a small in this brand, as I always size down in Deletta. It was a comfortable if not loose fit and I debated whether to try an extra small or not. The slim and petite will find themselves sized out of this one. I'm not getting married but it's that season and this strikes me as a wonderful rehearsal dinner dress. I can see wearing it to outdoor parties on the beach where the wind calls for a more structured materials. In case you can't tell I'm smitten by this dress. I hope it continues to get bad reviews so I can snap it up on sale. Wishlisted!

The Vappu Dress ($98) from Maeve is getting a lot of love in the community and even on Anthro's site. So of course I had to see what the fuss is about. I didn't have much luck with last year's Jacqueline Dress and I found myself apprehensive about this one. First the things I liked. The dress is comfortably long and the material is nice and I light. I love the golden yellow of the skirt and the little sweetheart tucks on the bodice portion. Plus there are pockets! The price is appealing by Anthropologie standards at under $100.

My usual size 6 fit but was a bit tight around the chest. I'd probably buy in an 8 for comfort. Unfortunately I think this dress is going to be hard to wear with a normal bra which reduces its appeal to me. The back is smocked but pretty low cut so even a strapless bra is going to be a tough sell. I'm left less than enamored. Very cute but not for me. At least not at full price. Wishlisted for sale reconsideration.

The curious name of Porridge's Sunwashed Dots Shirtdress ($128) comes from large, clear sequins plastered light circular burnouts all over it. They catch the light and sparkle a bit to earn the dress its name. It's that little touch that makes this dress an Anthropologie number, since without it it'd be dress x from any generic store.

I tried on a size 6 which is my normal size. The dress was pulling a bit around the chest and so I'd have to go up to an 8 for purchase. There's no zip on this one so build some time into your schedule to undo enough buttons to get in and out. I like the versatility of this dress as it would be a great work to Happy Hour piece. I wish the sash were the nice vivid color in the product shot. In real life it's a nice green but much closer to lime than lemon. It is pretty thick though on the dress I tried the sash looked like it had been folded over or something.

The nicest thing? It's cotton. Real cotton! No poly, no rayon, no crap. Cotton with a cotton lining. Real stuff never felt so good. Wishlisted.

The British Anthropologiest tried on the Rising Vapor Dress ($128) in a guest post way back in January for the community. Recently a taupe color was unveiled so I decided to take the dress for a spin myself. And spin I could have as the waves on this dress kind of remind me of a brushless car wash.

Ric Rac (Ricrac?) has been pretty quiet this year which makes me sad. It's my favorite Anthropologie brand and I'm used to buying my spring/summer staples and finding the familiar label inside. C. Keer seems to have supplanted them and I found myself nostalgic while slipping this dress on. I tried on the medium and found it a lovely and comfortable fit. The material feels light and loose, so much so that I fear this dress may stretch over time. I felt like I was wearing a tutu. The waves on the front weren't overpowering but I feel like having them on the back is overkill. Then again without them this dress would look quite plain. I like this dress but I am confused by it. Waiting for sale.

I have already reviewed the Rushing Ruffles Dress ($188) from Bailey 44. Sometimes I forget though and that was the case here. At least I grabbed the grey this time instead of the black.

So how did this dress fare in warmer weather? About the same. I find the dress very appealing with the diagonal ruffle and easy stretchy fit. A medium fit fine though I think the black was more flattering. It's the price that makes me stop in my tracks -- $188? Please see: Dress, Vappu above. If this dress were $88 I'd probably own in both colors. But at $188 I am still waiting for sale 3 months after my original review.