Reviews: Boxy tops and wild prints

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There are plenty of beautiful new arrivals on Anthropologie's site today. Head on over to Anthroholic to check out Kim's roundup. I am in love with several of the new items...darn you Anthropologie!

This reviews roundup is another top-oriented one. I've got dresses and cardigans on tap so bear with me. I can't help it. Tops always grab my eye first. I've noticed a trend of boxy tops this year at Anthro. It's odd and I struggle to style them correctly. Take the Coil Flower Tank ($58, review here) for instance. Nice top but draws attention to my hips. How to style it, how to style it. Rosa came up with a fabulous idea (sigh, I just adore her look!). The shape overall though is trouble for my curves.

I received a request to try on Tiny's Kosi Tank ($88) so I gave it a go. The colors are right in my palette so I was hopeful but the shape was not doing me any favors. I love the catalogue shot (shown at the top of this post) with the tank over a full skirt and belted. I think that styled this way the top would work well. The material is nice and soft.

I grabbed my usual size medium. Comfortable fit. I think the combination of thick vertical stripes and slightly flyaway hips are what did me in here. Not to mention the lovely clashing shorts (which will continue throughout this post). The top has nice details around the bust which I think would look nice against a smaller chest. It still worked OK for me but I try to stay away from too much embellishment up there. Unless it's rosettes of course. Will reconsider upon sale, but pass for now.

C. Keer's Origami Buds Top ($68) comes in ivory or a nice medium green. It's the color of spring grass. I really enjoy the folded flowers around the square neck. It reminds me of Yoana Baraschi's tops. The thick straps get the thumbs up from me too.

The small was a loose fit but I would not size down. I like how the back pleats start about 1/3 of the way down. It's a little more streamlined that way. Shapewise this top isn't doing anything for me but I suppose it's not really meant to. Come the warmest months when the last thing you want is a shirt stuck to you this would be a good option. Wishlisted.

Such a cool neckline on Deletta's Carefully Cultivated Tank ($68). It's a mix of square beads, round beads and fabric-covered beads between what looks like an arroyo of fabric. It comes in a rich purple or the neutral motif I tried on. The neckline does cut in a bit but I was still able to hide my bra.

I tried on a medium but it was far too large so I sized down to my usual small in this brand. I am not loving the hem which once again points straight to mah hips. And I'm not really into the idea of tucking this into a skirt since it would hide the gorgeous flower pattern at the bottom. So, sigh, I'm probably going to have to pass on this one. But I would recommend it anyway.

Rounding out the boxy portion of this review is We Love Vera's Fragrant Fields Scoopneck ($78). I swear that as a kid I owned a shirt with this exact print on it. I remember loving it to pieces (literally) and so this top was a winner before I even put it on.

I mostly loved it. The neckline is a beautiful weave and the print is just so happy. I tried on a medium but would need to size up to a large to buy it. It was pulling too much across my hips for comfort. I think this top would look great over the Sailing Hobbyist Skirt ($88, review here). In Mexico. Wishlisted!!

Sometimes items I really want to try never make it in-store so I was thrilled to see the Wild Imagination Tank ($68) by Rebekah Maysles at the Chelsea Market Anthropologie. It comes in two beautiful prints and I tried on both. The blue motif is above and the yellow (really Anthro? yellow?) is below.

I tried the blue in a medium and the yellow in a small. The small was definitely too tight and the blue was bordering on it. I'd try a large before settling on which size to get. The neckline adornment looks a bit odd in real life. Almost like toilet paper stuck to the top. Some pressing would be in order to get it to sit right.

The tops are both soft and also nice and long. Those two traits alone are enough to make them a winner for me. Wishlisted!!