Outfits: Sweet Utility

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anthropologie has a new outfits set up on the website. I feel like they changed them over very quickly; so much so I think I might have missed a set entirely! (And if I did, my apologies.) This time around the looks are devoted to the "softer side of utility." Sure! Utility...soft...practically the same thing. Often I think to myself 'you know what would make these cargo pants better? If they were green, skinny and had ZIPPERS down the side!' It's not that I mind cargo. It's just -- stop trying to make feminine + cargo happen retailers!! It's straight up tomboy and that is OK with me. No need to put flowers and pandas and butterflies on the cargo shorts. Khaki green works just fine.

Anyway, rants aside, this set is another collection of pretty looks. Beginning with the one above which combines stripes and a print but is notably less eccentric-looking than the last outfits set. I like the dark wash of the World Over Cargos ($78) and while I'm no horizontal stripes fan the Rise and Fall Cardigan ($128) has repeatedly tempted me.

Also in this outfit: Painted Roses Tunic ($78), Andaman Gladiators ($138), Butterfly Marionette Earrings (now $20).

Let me say first that I love this look! The yellow Tangled Twists Slingbacks ($80) are a nice pop of color. But where exactly is the utility in this outfit? Is the Expedition Obi ($38) secretly hiding Batman-like tools? Just wondering. I'm willing to give Anthro a pass here because the belt is amazing. Both versions of it!

Also in this outfit: Rising Vapor Dress ($98), Opening Night Earrings (now $20).

I love the Heat Seeker Shorts ($118) in this look! They remind me of my tie shorts I included in my last OOTD set. Just...shorter. I adore the brick red color. If only they came in tall! However, I have some pretty serious reservations about the Ribbon Boa Tank ($68). Is it Anthropologie's way of taunting J.Crew? I see your splattered poo art tank and raise you an intestinal tract??

Also in this outfit: Diamond Dust Cardigan ($88), Melia Blossom T-Straps ($138).

This look is a nice neutral option. It's been interesting to see how Anthropologie executes neutrals. The subtle patternwork is very nice and grounds the look with a visual point of interest. You could wear this straight of the webpage to work. I can't say enough great things about the Boule Decorees Necklace ($118), which I own and love in yellow.

Also in this outfit: Magnifying Glass Dress ($138), Nevis Kilt Heels ($128).

Here's a more expected tank on cargo. I approve! I do see a bit of pocket flare on the Trading Post Crops ($88) but it's not too overdone. The details of the Lariat Laced Tank ($58) are gorgeous. I have high hopes for this tank since the Pallas Athena Tank ($68, review here) did not work on me. What do you think of the Ice Age Technology Necklace ($118)? My friends and I were polarized by it in-store. (Heh.)

Also in this outfit: Twined & Corded Sandals ($148).