Here's a little bit of Sale for your long weekend

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a small update to be sure but it's a nice surprise that Anthro added some additional markdowns before the long Memorial Day Weekend! As I mentioned last month (and Kim mentioned last night) to everyone that's been waiting for Free Shipping it is back and will stay on until Labor Day for anthro members in the United States. Something tells me stores may have markdowns additional to these so let the field reports begin! (Er, once the stores open anyway.) Happy Hunting!

Anchors Away Dress (now $80), style #17916891
Oroya Dress (now $100, review here), style #030025
Salty Seas Dress (now $70, review here), style #030040

Crossroads Tee (now $40, review here), style #013285
Daywalk Blouse (now $40), style #013239
Fissured Shell (now $50, guest review here), style #013054
Floating Fronds Blouse (now $50), style #010061
Geometric Cluster Blouse (now $50), style #18220970
Lavish Gleam Tee (now $30), style #013025
Magnified Geranium Blouse (now $50, guest review here), style #010059
Meteor Shower Tank (now $40), style #013251
Molecular Gingham Buttondown (now $50), style #013244
Poetess Blouse (now $40), style #17982828
Salitre Blouse (now $40), style #010005
Snowmelt Tank (now $50, review here), style #010077
Rising Falling Blouse (now $40, review here), style #013127
Soft Edges Tee (now $40), style #010073

Chimney Sweep Cardigan (now $90), style #18145946
Present Paper Cardigan (now $50), style #013047
Shimmering Pin-Up Cardigan (now $50, review here), style #013161

Pants & Shorts:
Burnished Short-Shorts (now $60), style #020020
On-The-Horizon Shorts (now $60), style #020002
Warm Season Romper (now $60), style #020038

Acute Coils Skirt (now $60), style #023091
Cloudfish Skirt (now $80), style #020042
Masterpiece Awaits Skirt (now $60), style #18171595
Sanchi Skirt (now $60), style #023128

Gilded Impatiens Necklace (now $20), style #944476
Unpredictable Prisms Earrings (now $20), style #18174656