Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

Friday, May 28, 2010

In this outfit: Silver Pessinus Garden Necklace with Decked Out Tank ($88),
Cylindrical Braid Belt ($34) & Fennel Flower Skirt ($98)

Time for Friday morning eye candy! I'm always mesmerized by the outfits the Anthropologie teams put together at the NYC stores. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite looks with everyone. Several readers were kind enough to send over looks from their local Anthros as well so I will include those over the next few weeks as well. If you have photos you'd like me to include please email me. I will be adding these (and a few other shots) to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

No theme this week aside from fantastic outfits (as always). The look above and the one below are both from the Soho Anthropologie and the third look is from Chelsea Market. The last three dress forms are reader submissions from TGA. Thanks TGA! And the very last shot is a beautiful display from Soho that I wanted to share.

In this outfit: Lanai Welcome Necklace ($198)
with Moscow-in-Bloom Blouse ($98)
over Pilcro Bright Button Trousers ($98).
Belted by Checkerboard Belt ($38).

Left dress form: Catch-And-Release Scarf ($32) over Loops & Blocks Dress ($158).
Right dress form: Lace-Edged Tank ($40) under Gossamer Cascade Blouse ($98).
Paired with Pilcro Slim Straight ($98). Adorned with Tousled Web Necklace ($58)
& Collected Shapes Necklace ($42).

In this outfit: Phosphorescent Dress ($138)
with Burst Of Chiffon Necklace ($168).

In this outfit: Patches & Petals Tank ($78)
under Puckered Eyelet Jacket ($118).
Worn over Far and Wide Trousers ($88).

In this outfit: my beloved Palo Borracho Necklace ($158)
with Pueblo Dress ($148) and Insouciant Tank ($58) layered underneath.
Agadja Sash ($24) over the dress.

This is a store display at the Soho Anthropologie.
There's running water down the spouts on the left.
Possibly the coolest thing ever.