Friday, May 28, 2010

Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

In this outfit: Silver Pessinus Garden Necklace with Decked Out Tank ($88),
Cylindrical Braid Belt ($34) & Fennel Flower Skirt ($98)

Time for Friday morning eye candy! I'm always mesmerized by the outfits the Anthropologie teams put together at the NYC stores. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite looks with everyone. Several readers were kind enough to send over looks from their local Anthros as well so I will include those over the next few weeks as well. If you have photos you'd like me to include please email me. I will be adding these (and a few other shots) to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

No theme this week aside from fantastic outfits (as always). The look above and the one below are both from the Soho Anthropologie and the third look is from Chelsea Market. The last three dress forms are reader submissions from TGA. Thanks TGA! And the very last shot is a beautiful display from Soho that I wanted to share.

In this outfit: Lanai Welcome Necklace ($198)
with Moscow-in-Bloom Blouse ($98)
over Pilcro Bright Button Trousers ($98).
Belted by Checkerboard Belt ($38).

Left dress form: Catch-And-Release Scarf ($32) over Loops & Blocks Dress ($158).
Right dress form: Lace-Edged Tank ($40) under Gossamer Cascade Blouse ($98).
Paired with Pilcro Slim Straight ($98). Adorned with Tousled Web Necklace ($58)
& Collected Shapes Necklace ($42).

In this outfit: Phosphorescent Dress ($138)
with Burst Of Chiffon Necklace ($168).

In this outfit: Patches & Petals Tank ($78)
under Puckered Eyelet Jacket ($118).
Worn over Far and Wide Trousers ($88).

In this outfit: my beloved Palo Borracho Necklace ($158)
with Pueblo Dress ($148) and Insouciant Tank ($58) layered underneath.
Agadja Sash ($24) over the dress.

This is a store display at the Soho Anthropologie.
There's running water down the spouts on the left.
Possibly the coolest thing ever.


Teej said...

aww these all look great!!!! this was a really great idea roxy. very fab

TeriLynn13 said...

One day when I was in my local Anthro I noticed that when they were unpacking new items and doing new displays, one of the other SA's (maybe manager?) was taking pictures of everything they created. I wonder if they use that as a training tool or if corporate requires certain arrangements of items?

Allison said...

Roxy, love your blog. I own the top in the first photo and receive compliments each time I wear it. Looks great with jeans, black pants, black skirt, etc.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a retail manager. It was probably part of their store set. Usually the merchandising team has everythin laid out and you just follow. Sometimes you don't have all the items and you have to substitute things in and out depending on what you have. I would think this would be harder at Anthro since things are unique.

Jennifer said...

Love the display stylings! I also have the top in the first photo - called the All Decked Out tank by one september. It is no longer on website, but is in stores. The photo just gave me an idea to pair the tank with my Scalloped Dots skirt!

roxy said...

Teej - :).

TeriLynn13 - interesting. I always assumed that Anthro keeps portfolio books of their in-store designs.

Allison - it's a very pretty top! Too bad it's sold out on the website.

Anon @ 10:43 - ah, interesting. Thanks for the info!

Jennifer - thank you. I will update the post to reflect. :)

Anonymous said...

TeriLynn - there is an overall theme and idea that is given, and each Anthro's visual team is responsible for interpreting it... whether they follow exact display suggestions or not. Pictures are taken and must be turned in to each district's regional visual manager by a certain date. Each store is broken up into different sections that keep the customer visually interested and "flowing" through the store. RIght now, some of the sections are as follows: Laguna, Caravan, Fleur Wood, Pigeon's Kitchen...etc

Debbie said...

These are some great looks! I'll try to remember my camera the next time I visit my store so I can take some pictures for you.
Also, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and thought I should introduce myself and say hello to everyone. I've posted a few times but just officially started following your blog. :-)

roxy said...

Hi Debbie! Sorry for not greeting you sooner (I was away). Thanks for becoming a follower. *waves hello*

Miriah said...

Roxy, I think it would be a terrific idea if there were biweekly or monthly "Eye Candy" posts where you and other followers could post pictures of in-store outfits across the country. I could always use the inspiration and the insight of great style. :)