Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

Friday, May 21, 2010

In this outfit: Beach Bounty Necklace ($58), Tiered Fronds Dress ($198, review here), Shadowsleeve Cardigan ($78), Wheatfields Belt ($48).

Time for some Friday morning eye candy! I'm always mesmerized by the outfits the Anthropologie teams put together at the NYC stores. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite looks with everyone. Several readers were kind enough to send over looks from their local Anthros as well so I will include those over the next few weeks as well. If you have photos you'd like me to include please email me. I will be adding these (and a few other shots) to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

The Beach Bounty Necklace ($58) was on display at every NYC Anthro last week! I kept seeing it on dress forms at each store so my contributions this week all feature it. If it was a trick to get me the buy the necklace it worked. If you like this piece, I'd recommend buying it in-store as the color varies widely from necklace to necklace. It ranges from ivory to pink. Plus, the flower piece itself is very fragile. This is a delicate necklace that will need tender care.

In this outfit: Beach Bounty Necklace ($58), Undercurrent Dress ($148).

In this outfit: Beach Bounty Necklace ($58), Winding Indus Tank ($58, review here), Beribboned Rings Skirt ($98), Tellicherry Belt ($28).

(Thanks to Katie for the next two shots!) In this outfit: Keep It Simple Tunic ($68), Sketch Book Skirt ($88), El Condor Pasa Belt ($68).

In this outfit: Statuesque Cardigan ($68), Picture Frame Blouse ($78), Seven Day Bermudas ($78), Chiseled Drop Necklace ($38) and Furrowed Belt ($34).

The rest of the shots in this post come from Ade, who took them in the San Francisco Anthropologie. Thanks Ade!

On the mannequins:
Blacklight Blouse ($78, review here), Cattleya Cardi ($98), AG Tomboy ($172).

Right: Insider's View Shell ($68, review here), Abstract Greenery Skirt (now $50), Sunbell Necklace ($48).