email: anthro in our own words

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally, finally, Anthropologie devoted their monthy anthro: in our own words newsletter to their catalogue. Hooray! Anthropologie's Creative Director (who is curiously never named in the email) spins the tale of how watching the BBC's The Story of India combined with buyer Keith Johnson's relationship with several Indian vendors added up to a trip to India for the May catalogue. Which -- good lord! I wish that watching a TV show and knowing someone who knows someone meant traveling to awesome places in real life. Does Mr. Creative Director need any interns?

The email goes on to list some of Anthropologie's favorite sights, eats and hotels in India. There's also a link to a beautiful slideshow of contextual shots that didn't make into the May catalogue. This email is without a doubt one of the best anthro newsletters in awhile. I'm sure it's a lot of hard work for Anthropologie to put all of this together, from the website theme to the collection of India-inspired pieces to the catalog to the social media piece on Facebook and Twitter and multimedia pieces. I think they truly did a fabulous job this month. I find myself inspired by all of it. Great work, Anthro!

A couple more of my favorite shots from the slideshow are below. I wish Anthro made prints of these available. I'd love to put some up in my apartment.