Store Inspiration: Soho

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been one of those weeks where there are just not enough hours in the day! So here's some eye candy to kick off the weekend right. Earlier this week at the Soho (NYC) Anthropologie I was fascinated by all the wonderful mannequin outfits. All four NYC Anthros always have great outfit ideas on the dress forms but if I had to choose one store I think Soho is consistently the closest to my taste. I would buy all of these outfits in a heartbeat! Here are three of my favorites.

I keep all of these outfits in my Store Inspiration album on Facebook. Previous looks include the Openwork Vines Skirt/Vanilla Bean Blouse look that several Anthro community bloggers are currently translating to real life.

On the dress form above: Percussive Cardigan ($78) over Placid Commotion Tank ($68) and Seven Days Bermudas ($78) with Boule Decorees Necklace ($118).

On the dress form above: Checks And Balances Blazer ($98) over Lissome Ruffles Tunic ($78) and Pilcro Bright Button Trousers ($98) with Sweet-Wrap Sandals ($178) and unknown necklace. (Closeup of necklace in next shot.)

Necklace closeup. Gorgeous!

On the dress form above: Left mannequin: Conservatory Blouse ($78) over Citizens Of Humanity Amber Bootcut ($169), with Pessinus Garden Necklace and ??? belt (maybe Midas Braids Belt ($48), not sure). Pineapple Island Heels ($150).

Right mannequin: Chocolate Chip Dress ($128) with Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88) and Ghostflower Choker ($198). Uncovered Bounty Sandals ($178).