Sale (accessorized) & my guest post

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you're a costume jewelry lover like me this morning's sale is small but tempting -- all adornments, all the time. If you were hoping for home or clothing though it's another week's wait. Seems like most of the community was eager for a wallet break so this might be a sigh of relief. Breakdown below.

I also wanted to mention that a guest post I wrote went live overnight. The wonderful Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping asked a bunch of bloggers to answer 5 questions about fashion. Last night was my turn. Gigi's been a great bloggie friend and I highly recommend her entertaining blog. She posts reviews from several stores I frequent -- including Anthropologie -- at such a blindingly fast pace that it's impossible for me to comment on them all. Best of all she does a great job of highlighting best picks during sales (though she's polite enough to leave Anthro to me, which I endlessly appreciate).

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I think there are more to come too! Stop by and say hi if you have a moment or two. On to the sale!

Shore Things Necklace (now $30)
Demure Flutter Necklace (now $40)
Twinkling Orbs Necklace (now $30)
Flutter-By Necklace (now $30)
Crafty Couture Necklace (now $30)
Geometry Gems Necklace (now $20)
Splendid Catch Necklace (now $30)

Cool Splash Posts (now $10)
Paved Bull's-Eye Posts (now $10)
Glinting Buttercup Posts (now $10)
Enchanted Cluster Posts (now $20)
Delicate Greens Posts (now $10)

Plush Bangle (now $30)
Collezione Bracelet (now $20)
Ancient Etchings Bangle (now $20)
Sea Clusters Bangle (now $20)
In The Rough Bracelet (now $30)
Modiola Bracelet (now $30)