Reviews: Salty Seas Dress, Polka-Peppered Dress, Hushed Season Shift, Two-Wheeler Shirtdress

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking for your rock lobster?

I'll be updating the sale thread in a bit with 2nd cuts -- just a very short list that's gleaned from the comments. Also the Rare Bloom Tee (now $30) hit sale today! Odd, but cool.

Edme & Esyllte and I normally get along famously. I size down; item fits perfectly. Today though this reviews set kicks off with two cases of chest smushing. I wouldn't say I'm upset...more like downright angry. I was ready to buy the Salty Seas Dress ($138) at full price because it would be too perfect for the New England BBQs I go to over the summer. I had been warned that the chest was tight on this dress so I stuck with my normal size 6.

And what a mess it was. The chest was so incredibly tight! I could barely zip the dress over my 34Ds. Meanwhile there was this huge pouf of extra fabric in front that gave me that oh-so-flattering first trimester look. I was pretty devastated (well, as devastated as one gets over clothing anyway). Anthropologie's dresses have in general been cut for smaller chests this season and I do not approve. This is a brand I could turn to because it's accommodating to curves. For the love of pete don't tell me it's going the way of the waif. I haven't had straight proportions since I was 10. I gave an 8 a shot (far right shot) but it would require so much tailoring to make it work that I can't justify full price. It's disconcerting to me that the online reviews are so out of whack on this one. Back to the rack. Angry face on me.

Equally as circulation-depriving was the Polka-Peppered Dress ($148) by Maeve. Since this one is strapless I'm not as surprised. I'd already sized up to an 8 for these shots. This just strikes me as one of those dresses that's not for my body shape. More and more of Anthro's dresses seem to be like this but whatever. I'm going to attribute it to a passing trend in this case and hope it's not an overall brand shift.

This dress had some really nice things worth highlighting. I like the simple bow across the bodice and there are pockets! Love pockets. The waistband is a really nice touch that accentuates how small I am across. This dress is a poly-cotton mix that seems breathable. Cute and work-ready with a cardigan over it. Not for me though. Back to the rack.

Maeve did much better by me with the Hushed Season Shirtdress ($98), whose price seems to be missing a 1. Under $100? Awesome. The sole online review trashes the dress but I had the complete opposite experience. My normal size 6 was perfect! It's cut as a shift yes but with just enough room around the hips and thighs to show off curves nicely. The color is also fantastic. I love this brilliant cobalt blue Anthropologie is using on several pieces this spring.

I have said it before but I must repeat myself. It's odd because Maeve is a brand I never used to fit into but these days it's the Anthro brand fitting me best! I thought maybe my body changed in the past couple of years but it really hasn't. I hold dresses from 2010 up against ones from 2007 in my closet and they are cut differently. I'm glad to know at least one Anthro brand still has options for me. Wishlisted!

The less dress I tried on was the popular Two-Wheeler Shirtdress ($128). This dress runs large. This is me in the 6! Very loose around the waist and big in the skirt. I love the pattern and while I'm sad the dress isn't nearly as bright as the website shot showed (sigh) I still love it. One size down to a 4 and this dress would be perfection. Wishlisted!

I will have additional dress reviews in tonight's post.