Reviews: Light Rising Tank, Insider's View Shell, Coil Flower Tank, Changeable Skies Top, Placid Commotion Tank

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another top with a view from the back.

As sometimes happens I did not see We Love Vera's Light Rising Tank ($40) until right before it went on sale. This top has two beautiful sunburst medallions along the bottom hem set off against a mustard base pattern. I like the details of this top, from the keyhole in the back with neck tie to the large armholes with an inner strip of fabric designed to prevent bra visibility. Nice work there, Anthro!

I grabbed both a 6 and an 8 to try on. The 6 was the better fit overall (shown above) however it did pull across my hips. I have this problem with straight-cut tops, though I prefer this cut to flared bottoms. A couple of small DIY vents along the bottom hem would fix this. One odd thing is the tank the model is wearing has a rounded scoop-bottom hem, while in real life it's straight. I like the model version better! I didn't buy this top but I like it.

I was very excited to try on the Insider's View Shell ($68) by Testament after last week's belted outfit set. After considering both the grey and red I brought the red downstairs to try on. Initially I tried on the medium (left 3 shots) before heading to Chelsea and debating the large (far right shot).

The top actually has two layers and the top layer is slightly sheer -- odd. With the medium the top layer hugged my curves nicely but the bottom layer was uncomfortably tight. I guess Testament took their lining tips from Moulinette Soeurs. The large unfortunately looked like a sack on me though it was more pleasant to wear. I'm not sure the vertical stripes are doing me any favors either. In the end I will probably buy the medium. Waiting for sale.

C. Keer's Coil Flower Tank ($58) is eye-catching. Both the yellow base and aqua base version are bold just right for summer. I guess I wasn't the only one who liked it -- there were only Ls and one XS left on the rack. The staff was able to produce a medium for me but I really needed a small.

The top is more A-line than I'd like, almost trapeze. This floaty look is annoying for larger chests. It leaves tucking in the top as the best option (as shown in the April catalogue -- page 10 for those playing along) or leaving it floating above a pair of shorter shorts. I am quite disappointed with this development as this top is probably a pass for me now. Lame. Rosa rocked it recently though, so while it didn't work for me it's still worth a shot!

The colors of the top were recently expanded to include a brown floral pattern that is online and a red floral version that is not. Fit is the same as the other prints.

I love the hem sash on the Changeable Skies Top ($78) by one.september. I have no idea why, as it cuts across my widest part. This top reeled me in from across the floor. I usually wear a small in one.september but sized up to a medium so the sash didn't look so tight.

Seemed to work as I'm now enamored with this top. The fabric is really slouchy and I worry a bit about the long term durability (will it hold up to laundering??). Love every element though from the lacey filigree neckline to the fluttery sleeves. Wishlisted!

This is C. Keer's Placid Commotion Tank ($68). It comes in both ivory and this grey which read as a pastel blue to me. I have a thing for ribbons and crap slapped on a tank thanks to J.Crew and Anthro's version is equally pleasing.

But wow does this tank ever fit close to the body. Normally I'm a small in C. Keer but had to size up to a medium here and even that's a bit tight across the muffin top. On the one hand, the dudes will dig it. On the other hand I'll probably have to skip meals lest the tummy make an appearance. Decisions, decisions. Wishlisted for further consideration.