Reviews: Knotted Poppies Dress, Drawing Parallels Dress, Zoya Dress, Orange Blossom Dress, Sunray Medallion Dress

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Normally I'd complain about this type of catalog shot -- where we can see neither the dress nor the shoes very well -- but my gosh it's so pretty I just can't. Instead I squinted my eyes and thought, I think that dress looks cool. It is a dress right? Not a romper? I'd be OK either way. And those shoes...look...nice...maybe.

Sara from You, Me & Anthropologie looked fantastic in the Knotted Poppies Dress ($158) and gave me a first glimpse at the dress. I probably would have passed this one by otherwise. I grabbed my usual size 6 which fit but had all sorts of weird pouf around the waist. This is happening a lot with Anthropologie's dresses for me this Spring. I don't know if they changed fit models or what but I hate it, a lot of items are cut much slimmer through the hips and thighs yet have all kinds of room in the tummy and rump. They're shaped in ways that mean they no longer fit.

The v-split along the neckline also means the dress is not work-appropriate. That leaves garden party as the only time I'd wear this one. No thanks. Too bad, as I like the color and I like the yellow sequin flowers and I like the print. The fit is off though so this one went back to the rack.

I moved on to Bailey 44's Drawing Parallels Dress which is reasonable at $ wait, there's a 1 in front of that??!? $178? Har. Talk about paying a premium for the name on the tag. I grabbed a medium and found the dress to be pretty cute on, though the right side of the dress was drooping for some reason. The thin-striped underlayer is a nice touch and I like the oatmeal/black color combo. The cons outweigh the pros here though. Dry clean only. Rayon. Could find this at Old Navy. Pass.

The Night Blooming Dress gets a spring cousin in the Zoya Dress ($158). Nothing bad to say here -- this dress is beautiful. I didn't like on me quite as much as Tabitha's earlier version. I grabbed my usual size 6 and found it a bit tight across the hips so I'd probably size up to an 8 to buy it. Time will tell if this one has the same quality issues that some reported with the Night Blooming Dress (zippers tearing bodices, etc.). Wishlisted for sale time.

You'll notice that the print of the Orange Blossoms Dress ($138) that I tried on is different than the print of the product shot. I think I like the one I got a little bit better. Speaking of dresses that are cut slim through the hips and thighs, I had to size all the way up to a 10 in this one. I thought maybe I'd gained weight or something but the dresses in my closet fit the same. So, uh, either I'm crazy or Anthro is. Either way, the 10 worked.

This dress has pockets (yay!). And the sash is really nice though not as long as in the product shot. I didn't expect to like this dress but I did. Wishlisted!

Last weekend was the first time I'd seen Girls From Savoy's Sunray Medallion Dress (now $100) in-store. Then it went on sale on Tuesday -- strange. I tried on my usual 6 and found the cut generous. I would not size down though because the bust was just right. The shoulder straps were longer than I'd like.

This dress is long, long, long. The color is a nice pastel yellow and the medallions? Lovely. Still this dress just misses on the fit. Despite being a happy color it looks kind of sad, doesn't it? On second cut I'd consider this one.