Outfits: Eccentricities

Thursday, April 29, 2010

An email beckoned me to Anthropologie's outfits section early Tuesday, featuring bold print-on-print combinations. Anthropologie's Facebook page explained further:

Fashion should be what it is in France—very good material and completely individually worn." So says the eccentric star of the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale—the reclusive first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who approached fashion without any sense of fear or self-consciousness.... She dressed for herself, whether that meant wearing a skirt as a cape, or pinning a cardigan on top of her head as a makeshift turban. It is her unapologetic approach to mixing and matching that inspired our latest batch of outfits.

Admittedly most of these looks are outside my comfort zone. But it's always nice to see new items on the models to get a vague idea of what the item might look like on.

I think the shape of this look is a great idea for spring. A belted open cardi would look fabulous over the Chocolate Chip Dress ($128). I'm in love with the Enduring Espadrilled ($96), though as I mentioned in this post last week you can get them for less at Urban Outfitters. Wondering what other sweater you could pair with this look? How about the Obscured Oleander Cardigan ($88)?

Also in this outfit: Ambrosial Cardigan ($98), High Prairie Belt ($38).

It's interesting to me to see two prints of such different sizes together. I think I could do something similar to this look in real life but I'd only be comfortable doing one fashion element of this outfit at a time -- either the mix of small and large prints or the combination of pink and orange. The Pitter-Patter Blouse ($98) looks so cute here though I didn't love it as much in real life. The flag print on the Pulsations Skirt ($78) is great and ahh, the length is perfect.

Also in this outfit: Following Blush Necklace ($32), Cloud-Streaked Sneakers ($65).

This outfit is very close to workable for me. My main problem is that the shorts are too short. If I had awesome legs though I'd be all over this look. The Night Skating Top ($48) has been out forever; it's interesting to see it in an outfit here. It does include flicks of yellow so I see the shorts as complementary.

Also in this outfit: Lemon Fizz Shorts ($118), Tousled Web Necklace ($58), Cassis T-Straps ($158).

The last two outfits come back into my comfort zone. I love this look! It reminds of one of my personal inspiration wall pieces -- just swap a Chanel tweed in for the current blazer texture. Can't wait to see the Button Seeds Tank ($58) in real life, as it looks adorable here. I like the look of the Elevated Eyelet Blazer ($128) though the price tag gives me pause. This look I could recreate comfortably.

Also in this outfit: Joe's Raw Hem Kicker ($152), Vernal Festoon Necklace ($58).

And this last look is very tempting just as it is. Splendid's Percussive Cardigan ($78) is such a winner. So soft and comfortable, I love mine so much I should probably buy a backup. This model looks very comfortable and ready for the weekend. As am I, Ms. Model. As am I.

Also in this outfit: Soft Edges Tee ($58), Heatwave Shorts ($58), Madrona Sandals ($99), Rocky Begonia Necklace ($58).