Outfits: Belted Looks

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anthropologie has this odd trend of hiding its best outfits in the jewelry & accessories section. Not to say that I don't like the current outfits set...I just like these a bit better. I was belt aversive for a very long time but since joining the professional world I've slowly incorporated them into my wardrobe.

The look above is my favorite from this set. I'm in love with the Palo Borracho Necklace ($158) and it looks great set against the Insider's View Shell ($68). Paperboy by G1 is one of my favorite summer skirt makers (they are so soft) so I'm excited to try on the Porch Bend Skirt ($88). Okay, maybe I just want the whole look!

Also in this outfit: Furrowed Belt ($34) & Petal Pushing Flats ($128)

The Dear Dianthus Sash ($24) brings a smile to face, partly because it reminds me of a similar sash from J.Crew -- great brands think alike? -- and partly because it's irresistibly cute. The proportions in this outfit are terrific. As someone with less than spectacular legs I love the Bermuda shorts option. And the Seven Days Bermudas ($78) come in so many colors!!

Also in this outfit: Lettuce Florets Blouse ($88) & Butter Cream Heels ($218)

More jewelry! I love it when Anthro does complete looks, accessories and all. I was busy admiring the Vega Triangle Earrings ($28) for awhile before turning my attention to the AG Tomboy Crops ($168). How do we feel about tomboy crops? I think I might be into them. AG has become my new favorite jeans brand. Expensive, but worth it.

Also in this outfit: Cassis T-Straps ($158), Checks And Balances Blazer ($98), Button Seeds Tank ($58) & Neck-And-Neck Belt ($28)

Anthropologie loves them some Torsade Tee ($48). They've featured it in three outfit sets, they just unveiled it in a couple of new colors and it will probably never make it to sale (sigh). Cool as the tee is my eyes were immediately drawn to the funky City Safari Belt ($38). You can't really tell in this shot but the product shot reveals giraffes all over the belt. So cool.

Also in this outfit: It's Your Move Skirt ($98) & Secret Gleam Ring ($34)

One more look? I admit I'm clueless when it comes to these vests that Anthro styles so well. Somehow if I tried to copy this look with the Cobweb Vest ($78) in real life it would look terrible. So I'll just admire it here, along with the Plaited Ponytail Belt ($42) which looks amazing in this shot! In real life would the be nearly as nice? Hopefully it makes it into stores so I can see.

Also in this outfit: Moonrise Necklace ($38), Refracted Tieback ($58) & Cloudbank Shorts ($68)

Which look is your favorite?