Guest post: Reviews by Kathleen

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our excellent run of guest posts continues this morning. Please welcome back the wonderful Kathleen from Princess of Taylor, who tried on several items I've been curious about. And she looks great! My wishlist continues to grow. If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the guest post...

I've been really drawn to pretty tops recently. My summer top collection is woefully small and Anthropologie has really come out with some lovely options this spring. Again for reference I'm 5'8". I typically wear a Medium/8-10 on top and a Large/12-14 on bottom.

Picture Frame Blouse ($78), size 10:
My store had one of these shirts left so I grabbed it. Unfortunately I found that it ran small in the bust. I would definitely have to size up to a 12 to buy this one. The pattern is really cute though (I tried on the Green Motif) and I'm pretty sure it would be long enough to tuck in. I'd consider it on sale.

Pallas Athena Tank ($68), size 8:
I loved this top! I was slightly confused by the super long rope ties, but I just wrapped them around my waist twice and it seemed to work. My one complaint is that the cut of the back requires either a strapless or a racerback bra - ARG! I might try sizing down to a 6 because I did find the top to be a bit large. Wish listed!

Fissured Shell ($98), size 8:
This tank has two layers - the bottom layer is slightly longer. Unfortunately it is just long enough that it pulls across my hips. I liked the pattern and design of this top and would consider it in a 10 if it went on sale.

Lettuce Florets Blouse ($88), size 8
Other bloggers have found this blouse boxy and I agree. The 8 fit fine around the bust and bottom, but the waist seemed really big and shapeless on me. The design is really cute, but not obnoxiously so. I couldn't really tell that I was wearing a lettuce shirt. The asymmetrical buttons and collar give the shirt some interest. This is a really unique top - if it fits, I say go for it. I'd consider it on sale (but might have to tailor the waist a bit)

Drawing Parallels Dress ($178), size Medium:
Last week I called this dress out on my blog (see here), but since I'm willing to give anything a chance, I tried it on. It's a very basic dress style-wise: the draw is definitely supposed to be the pattern (which I still kind of don't get). The fit of a Medium was fine although this dress doesn't hide anything - it fits close to the body. I didn't hate it on me, but I wasn't crazy about it either. For $178 though ? Not a chance.

I have other reviews from both Ann Taylor and Anthropologie that I'll post on my blog this week.