Reviews: Sideward Tank, Prevailing Winds Tank, Tree Poppy Tank, Paperpetals Tee, and the Great Disappearing Top of 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh model with small hips, how darling the Sideward Tank ($58) looks on you.

On me however my hips were getting in the way. I grabbed my normal size 6 which was a mistake. I'd probably need to size up at least one and maybe two to get the right look here. And at that point the top of the shirt would no longer look right on me. Not really sure why this is; the top looks pretty flowy in the mannequin shot. I suppose it's just cut for straighter shapes, which I am not.

I also noticed that the material on this Fei top is thin. I could see my bra pretty clearly through the navy and on the yellow it was plain as day. If you look at the back view on the product page you can see the tag easily. This top and I are not meant to be. Back to the rack.

Odille's Prevailing Winds Tank ($78) is a stunning shade of cobalt blue meant for the high seas. The straps are attached via darling buttons on the racerback. My normal size 6 fit well. The cinching sits high waist on the mannequin but on me it was more of an empire waist. It still works. I think this top would look lovely under a crisp white cardigan. Dry clean only is a bummer but it is silk. Now I just need a boat...wishlisted.

Pardon the nasty rust/makeup stain on this top. I didn't notice it until I was taking the Tree Poppy Tank ($98) off. Here were have another slightly sheer top, this time by Yoana Baraschi. I grabbed the small which fit comfortably. I like the neckline, which is made of a base of ruched fabric upon which lightly polka dotted fabric turned into floral adornments are sprinkled. But I do not care for the lone straggler dipping down onto the tank. It looks like the neckline has started to come apart.

The flowy hemline is not too bad here. On sale this one gets a shot at my closet. Wishlisted.

Occasionally Deletta releases these crazy patterns that I love. This is the Paperpetals Tee ($78) and I dig the bold iris print that creeps over the front and back. I feel the top has a 70s vibe going on from the cut to the color scheme. The small was a perfect fit. I love the smocked waist that creates a flattering shape.

Still, this top isn't quite me. I would love to see the same cut in a different pattern or maybe a solid. Back to the rack for this take.

I think I've finally gone looney tunes, for I remember seeing this Deletta top on the website and now it's completely disappeared. Did it sell out that fast?!? It's called the Rising Falling Blouse ($68) and it comes in alpha-sized ivory, dark grey or the green you see above.

I tried on the small which was a bit too close around the hips. I would size up to the medium to buy this. The green in particular has a Peter Pan/Robin Hood vibe to it that's fun though a bit outside my normal style. The crochet work is all well done and the smocked waist helps the shirt to maintain a pretty, feminine structure. It's lovely and it would be on my wishlist if only it were back on the site.