Reviews: Mise en Scene by Ruffian, Stars and Stripes Skirt, Drifting Jasmine Skirt, Bucolic Denim Skirt

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Note: there were no new markdowns on Anthropologie's site this morning.

Ruffian's Mise en Scene collaboration is starting to wind its way back into Anthropologie stores for spring. Just two pieces so far, both of which are covered in this reviews set. First up is the Aristocratic Leanings Blouse ($148), a hammered silk high-collared work-ready piece. I love the feeling of hammered silk and this blouse delivers quality-wise. I tried on my normal size 6 and it fit a little close. Might size up to an 8 for this one. The blouse has subtle darting for a tailored fit and the collar, while slightly ridiculous is somehow tastefully done. How are you feeling about ruffles after a few years? If your love knows no bounds you'll love this blouse; if you're ready to say au revoir and not a teut a l'heure ruches this piece is only going to aggravate you more. I'm still pondering myself.

I fared far better with the skirt. This Spring Tweed Skirt ($148) has threads of yellow, green and pink in it. Unlike the product shot I found the yellow to be most prominent, not pink. I don't mind one bit. Unsure of what size to grab I settled on a 10 (one size up) which was quite roomy. I would have been fine in my normal size 8. There are functional pockets adorned with gold plated buttons. If the buttons were 2/3 of their current size I'd like them much better. They're a bit overpowering at their current size. I expect most to find this skirt versatile as an easy go-to piece for work. Nicely done, Ruffian. Wishlisted. Still, I'm left wondering where all the pretty dresses are. Please don't let this collaboration expire without a few!

I turned to We Love Vera next for the Stars And Stripes Skirt ($88). The product shot shows an a-line skirt but I found a tapered hem once on. I sized up one size to a 10 as this brand tends to run small. That turned out to be the right move. I love the 50s nautical pinnings of this skirt! The print is quite bold such that I can only see wearing this a few times a year (otherwise it becomes that skirt your annoying co-worker always notices you in). The material is light cotton and it's lined with more light cotton. The nice sash is adjustable and slideable for placement at center, off to the side or even in back. Love this one. Wishlisted.

Odille's Drifting Jasmine Skirt ($98) runs tight. Be prepared to size up if you have hips and thighs like me. I tried the 10 and even that was too close for comfort so it would be up again to a 12 to buy this one. Most will probably be fine one size up. I am not a fan of the print on this skirt. Anytime white is the primary but not only color I end up looking wide. No exception here! The skirt is silk with a front triangle pleat...somewhere. This would have looked better as a shirt. Back to the rack.

The Bucolic Denim Skirt ($98) by Ett Twa gets its own disclaimer: warning, skirts are different than they appear in the February catalogue! The length is the biggest difference. This skirt in production is only 19" long. I tried on a 10 and it was big. My normal size 8 would have been perfect had it been available. This soft skirt is a cotton-tencel combination that reads like denim. The ruffles across the front are a little prairie to me. This skirt has twee written all over it which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal style. I can't imagine wearing this in the city but on weekends up in the country this will be a great skirt. Wishlisted.