Reviews: These cardigans are cropped as cropped can be

Friday, February 12, 2010

Anthropologie, your styling tricks will not fool me! Your cardigans are getting shorter and shorter and I am getting sadder and sadder. You see, I have breasts and they tend to look comical when placed into a cardi that is cropped. And so this post is devoted cardigans that can only be worn by me open and over dresses so they don't look silly.

Plenty by Tracy Reese brings us the Bluebells Awaken Cardi ($158) and man does it have a lot going on. Flowers and lace and sheerness up top. It's a lot to take in. I love the catalog version of the cardi but what I saw in-store was different. It had a much pinker base, which is OK but not quite as sharp as the pink/blue/white combo of the model shot.

I didn't even kid myself with sizing. I grabbed the large immediately and hoped no gaps would appear. Luckily none did. I have the sleeves rolled up a bit. The length is decent, hitting me above high-hip. Fine with a dress but there would be a gap between pants and the hem of this piece. I love the blue in this cardi but I'm not sold on paying full price for it. Waiting for sale.

Field Flower!! Maker of my favorite cropped cardigan ever (I own that cardi on the cover and love it to death). This one is the Parted Petals Cardigan ($98 -- thanks Jennifer and Anon!!). I tried on a large. The flowers feel felted and I like how the oversized proportion balances a larger chest well. This will look very cute open too.

I have the sleeves rolled up for comfort reasons. The base is beige and the flowers are mixes of blue. I think this would be a very versatile piece and I look forward to picking it up soon.

Hooray for Moth, makers of the longest cardigan of the lot. Their Four Petal Cardi ($88) has lots of potential but I feared the fit would not work for me. Luckily I was wrong. I love it when I'm wrong! My true size medium worked great here. The bowed bodice underneath caused some puckering on the cardigan but that's easily fixed by doing a cami underneath instead.

I don't love the exposed zipper on the cardigan but I do love the darling little bow, the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes that somehow works (!!!) and the green. I love me some green. This is another item high on the wishlist.

Lastly, this cute as a button cardi is the Clinging Blossoms Cardigan ($88) from Sparrow. It comes in navy with yellow flowers also (I have a pic up in the "Store Inspiration" album on my Facebook page). If you tried on the Falling Ribbon Cardi this cardigan fits exactly the same way. It's also made from the same material. I took a large. Here's the tag. Some good news -- Sparrow learned from the torture device that was each button of the Falling Ribbon Cardi. The buttons on this cardi are considerably easier to undo.

The flowers are slightly raised appliques that trail around to the side. This cardigan is so short. I think even petites would find some gaps above jeans or pants with this one. Being 5'8" I wouldn't even risk it. Over a top or dress this would work fine. Waiting for sale.