Reviews: New York New York Dress, Fiber Optics Dress, Above-the-Fray Skirt, Air Mail Skirt

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Love Vera is back with a dress I can actually wear (and for that I am thankful). Her prints are always fantastic and this one is no exception. I find the ever-changing product name -- currently the New York, New York Dress ($168) for those of you playing along from home -- a bit odd. The product description cites Rockefeller Center but when I think tulips I think Park Ave and not the plaza. Maybe that's just me.

Knowing the fit issues I had with the Snow-Covered Fields Dress ($148, review here) I reached for an 8 in this one. It was loose. I'd grab my normal size 6 to buy. This dress has a much easier fit with an a-line skirt. I love the style of the low scoopneck but I found it to be more revealing than I'd like for a day dress. There are two blue pleats on the sides of the skirt that add some extra interest as well as thick zig-zag stitching around the neckline. I'm not sure where I'd wear this dress so I've wishlisted it for now for further consideration.

I was bemoaning the lack of green just a couple of weeks ago. Anthropologie must have heard my whining and came through with the delicious Fiber Optics Dress ($198). I even love the name -- very work-appropriate for me. Maybe it's the color but I also find this dress to be Peter Pan reminiscent. The wrap belt is very long. Even double-bowed there was plenty of extra length.

I started with my true size 6 but found it to be too big. It was droopy, specifically in the chest. So I sized down to a 4 for the photos above. I will need to wear a camisole underneath this dress for sure. This dress doesn't seem to be designed for a bigger chest. As you can see there is some loose material underneath the bust, above the wrap belt. Some well-placed fabric tape will fix the issue. I couldn't resist bringing this one home with me.

I'm not sure what made me reach for a 10 in Edme & Esyllte's Air Mail Skirt ($98). It was practically falling off. I puffed out my tummy to keep it in place for these shots. I will buy this in an 8. I know a lot of my fellow Anthro bloggers have been down on this skirt but I really liked it! The pleats in the back are admittedly odd but how often are people really going to see them? They weren't so cumbersome to be unflattering. Most of the time in a skirt I will be walking or sitting anyway.

I like the belted waistband and the print is just spectacular. Note that the pleats on both the front and back are nowhere near as pretty as the product shot shows in real life and I think that is contributing to the negative returns. This skirt has a lot of movement to it as you walk which I love. Wishlisted.

I had the rare joy of being in a well-lit, big Anthropologie fitting room so I took advantage with a couple of full shots. I have a head after all! This awesome green top is by Tabitha and it's new on the website this morning as the Ridgeway Top ($88). I tried on a size 6. It's not nearly as wrinkly in real life though there are lines throughout the fabric. The bold color is ready for spring. I didn't mind the cap sleeves. And the length is perfect on my 5'8" frame! I just wish the price was $58 instead, so I've wishlisted it for now.

Paired with the top is Tiny's Above-The-Fray Skirt ($88). The skirt is somewhere between a straight skirt and a bubble skirt. The hemline is somewhat tapered in. I tried on the large which was a close fit. I was comfortable though. This skirt likely works best with something tucked into it. The tie waist is made from a distressed gingham belt and the skirt itself is slightly distressed.

I love this skirt. The vent in the back is enough to let you walk comfortably and the light striation works perfectly for the warm months. I stopped myself from bringing this home immediately only because I have so many denim skirts already. I will be purging one to make room for this pretty little thing.

Have you tried any of these items on? Have you checked out all the pretty new arrivals this morning?? I am dying. (And so is my wallet.)