Reviews: Leifsdottir Cardigan, City Garden Cardigan, Shimmering Pin-Up Cardigan

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's get right to it, shall we? I remembered this Leifsdottir cardigan immediately from their Spring 2010 presentation. I'm glad to see that the finished product looks just as beautiful. I remember the sample being cropped and I'm glad they decided to add a few extra inches to it. It's not on the website yet but if the sample name was any indication it will be something having to with cranes. This sweater was $198. Here's the tag.

I tried on the medium which fit perfectly. The crane pattern is interspliced with fauna and flora. It's made of a thinner wool that is somewhat sheer. Despite its dark navy color this is definitely a spring piece. I love this cardigan -- I was oh so tempted to pick it up right then and there but I already own a couple of navy cardigans. I've added it to my wishlist for now.

Next I tried on the City Garden Cardigan ($88) by Tiny which you may recall seeing in the tonal outfit set. This looked pretty much exactly how I expected it to -- widening. I tried my true size medium and was comfortable.

The stripes run diagonally which would help to streamline if this cardigan was a universal length. But the short back makes the sweater look I've pulled everything around to the front. The belt included with this sweater is laughable. Take a styling suggestion from the outfit set and use a wide belt instead. This was a complete pass for me.

I did find more success with Moth's Shimmering Pin-Up Cardigan ($88). In this case the long front helps to create a long, lean shape. I tried on the "ivory" (read gold) in my normal size medium. It took me a few minutes to find the buttons for pin-up styling -- they sit under where your arms naturally fall.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. This is a great transitional cardigan. It wasn't itchy though the material is somewhat rough. I like how there is metallic thread included in the pattern. I have read reviews online though noting that the thread is prone to coming loose. I haven't seen this myself but you should closely inspect this item and if you're concerned wait for sale. Wishlisted for now.