Guest post: Reviews by Kathleen

Friday, February 26, 2010

Please welcome Kathleen, from the wonderful blog Princess of Taylor, back into the guest post fold! I'm very thankful to the guest bloggers who volunteer their time and expertise so I can take a quick breather. If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the guest post...

Hello again, everyone. I, like the rest of you, have been having absolute fits over all of Anthro's new arrivals. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of new arrivals already in my store, but much to my dismay, they did not have the Two Paths Trench ($188) which my Husband has actually given me flat out permission to purchase!

I asked my SA who told me that their shipment came in today and 14 boxes were missing! Hopefully they find the boxes and even more of the new arrivals (in my sizes) are inside!

Fragrant Valley Dress ($188), size 12 - I knew I was going to be in big trouble when I saw this dress online. It is so unbelievably pretty. I don't really have anywhere to wear it per se, but who cares! I grabbed a 12, but I would size down to a 10 to buy this dress. The bow in the back is sweet without being too large or obtrusive and the pattern/cut of the dress are just to die for! And did I mention it has pockets! *swoons* This is on my wishlist.

State Fair Dress ($138), size 12 - I needed a 12 in this dress and even that fit me a little weird in places. My hips needed a 12 but my bust probably could have done fine with a 10 (or even an 8). I also felt like the waist was a little off in its positioning. The dress is really pretty in person and is a good length. The buttons down the front are not functional - there is a side zip (I did have some issues getting into this dress, but that is probably a me thing and not a dress thing!) I'll pass on this one. Roxy did her review of this dress here.

Vittorio Epaulette Tank ($118), size 10 - there are two very important details about this shirt that I did not notice looking at the picture online: 1) the entire shoulder is sparkles and sequins and 2) the empire band around the waist is uneven (i.e. about 1.5 inches thick on the zipper side and then expanding to more than 2.5 inches thick on the opposite side). Personally I can't do an empire waist thicker than 1.5 inches so while one side of the blouse looks fine, the other side makes me look lumpy and bumpy. I did really like the pattern of this top in person and I imagine it would be really pretty with some white pants or even under a dark suit. The length is on the shorter side, but I liked given the style of the blouse. You couldn't tuck it in, but it extended a few inches below the waistband of my low-rise pants.

Followspot Tank ($98), size 10 - can everyone just take a moment and collectively weep me as I mourn the loss of this shirt. Online it is absolutely stunning. In person, it is really pretty. The colors are vibrant and the material is glorious. First sign that something was amiss: it took me three tries to get this top over my head. And when I did get it on - OH THE HORROR! This top is everything that makes me look horrible in clothes in one garment: no defined waist, ruffles pooling at my hips (largest point) and even the length is a nightmare. The ruffles are actually in two rows down the front, starting in the center and going outwards. Totally unflattering on me! I suppose I should thank Anthropologie because I totally would have bought this top had it looked even remotely decent on me. I think it is for the super slender ladies only unfortunately.

Magnified Geranium Blouse ($98), size 10 - when I first saw this top, I assumed it would be sheer. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in person - it's not. This top would be totally work appropriate tucked into a skirt or pants and without a cardigan on top. The colors are very soft and muted: orange, sage, and a dark taupe. The button detailing at the collar is cute and the armholes gave me enough coverage. This is definitely something I'd consider, especially if it went on sale. I don't think I love it $100 though.

So did I buy anything? Tee hee - of course. I got the Skybound Button-Up ($88), size Medium. The buttons are very pretty (like little pearls) and the shirt buttoned perfectly across my chest and was long enough (that never happens!) I think I'm only going to keep it if I get a PA because it is definitely quirky (perhaps too quirky for boring old me). Any ideas on how to style this thing?

I plan on ordering the Two Paths Trench ($188, see Rosa's fantastic review here) (and the Drifting by Dress ($168) and Tonal Gingham Dress ($138)) this weekend. Look for reviews of those things on my blog in the next few weeks!