Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie February catalogue

Want to flip through the February catalogue on your own? Here it is. I am disappointed that the new online catalog pages don't allow you to zoom. We need zoomify back, Anthro!!

Natty Blazer ($88), Beaming Links Belt ($24),
Pictureshow Dress ($298) & Fresh Greens Sandals ($218)

Even the model is thrilled to run off with the circus...

...the escape is even better when there's a cute guy involved...

Pictureshow Dress ($298)
...yes, we do have to jump through hoops
to afford some things from Anthropologie
(it's worth it)...

Curio Collar Jacket ($158)
...our clothing performs acts of derring-do...

Florid Dots Bag ($108) & Picnic Platforms ($418)
...even walking on tightropes...

That's-A-Wrap Necklace, Large ($228) & Small ($178),
Unfreezing Coin Necklace ($318), Nickels & Dimes Necklace ($248)
& Dripping Light Coin Necklace ($228)
...curiosities resembling undersea creatures...

Abuzz Cardi ($88), Three-Beat Belt ($48)
& Plains & Prairies Dress ($148)
...balancing acts of cardigans worn in deserts...

Shrinking Violets Booties ($368) & Wild Meadow Booties ($298)
...illusions of a fake horse drawing with nicer boots than mine...

Rising Orbits Vest ($98) & Slate Stripes Shift ($128)
...stripes like a circus tent all over this dress,
with a sparkled ringmaster's vest...

Dripping Light Coin Necklace ($228), Leading Role Dress ($98),
Come One, Come All Booties ($188), Collected Calico Dress ($138)
& Acrobatics Wedges ($148) of the pairs of shoes in this shot is named after something
you'd see at the circus. The other is something you'd see there...

Cockadoodle Dress ($168) & Dockline Belt ($34)
...the magician realized she should have used
an opaque cape for the big reveal too late..

Blooming Brilliance Blouse ($228), Looping Lanes Belt ($44)
& Galloping Filly Skirt ($128)
...a western-tinged bottom meets a bold, modern top...

Night Flora Sandals ($118) that make you invisible by day, given this shot...

Midnight Canopy Bedding ($68-$428)
...after the show's done, this looks like a great place to rest a weary head.


Lola said...

I almost feel like the cute guy from pg. 2 is launching an "Anthropologie For Men" line. If Anthro did make men's clothing, it would probably include his ruffled blouse and the burgundy velvet vest.

P.S. I love the zebra with boot ears on the back cover!

Lisaaaaa said...

I kinda dug the vest the guy's wearing - so much so that I slightly may have hoped he was wearing a product from the women's line. Yes, it's sad.

I'm hoping to recreate the entire look of the four petals cardi model shot. COVET

anna said...

i have so many favorites in this catalogue. i don't even know where to begin!!

Anonymous said...

I do not see the lace skirt the model wears with Bluebell Awaken Cardi on page 32. Do you see it anywhere? in store, online, or catalog?
I hope Anthro will release this skirt soon.

roxy said...

Lola - I love that too! This catalog is made of awesome.

Lisaaaaa - That's one of my favorite looks too. I'm a bit concerned about the fit of the cardi on someone like me with curves but I guess we'll see.

anna - Agreed. :)

Anon @ 2:51 - It's called the Nostalgic Lace Skirt ($98) and you're right, it doesn't seem to be online yet. I bet it will make it on Tuesday.