Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reviews: All Seasons Shirtdress, Larkspur Capelet Dress, Akebia Dress

One can never own enough pretty dresses, a mantra Anthropologie seems to subscribe to as well. Despite being cold January has seen four straight weeks of beautiful frocks. My arms still hurt from carrying so many around the store to try on.

Anthro introduced the All Seasons Shirtdress ($98) by Odille via email recently. The dress has that country bumpkin feel to it, especially in the yellow. I prefer the navy color but chose the yellow to try on since it photographs better in the dark caves that are some of Anthropologie's dressing rooms.

Since Odille tends to run tight in the bust I sized up to an 8. If you're not busty your true size will be perfect. The v is pretty deep -- I would be fine with no cami on the weekends but for work I'd want something underneath. The dress has two long slant pockets and ties back with a generous sash. This dress is going to wrinkle something nasty. Take care when packing this for trips. At least it's machine washable. Another great thing is the length. I love how it hits right at the knees. It makes this dress so much more versatile. The shoulders don't thrill me but everything else about this dress does. Wishlisted in navy.

You've already seen Corey Lynn Calter's Larkspur Capelet Dress ($188) on Ali. I decided to give it a go as well drawn in by the pretty floral print. I grabbed my true size 6 and found it a bit oversized. But I would not size down to a 4 because the bustline was already pretty revealing even with the lace inset.

This dress is a bit tricky to put on -- you have to position the capelet correctly and it's all pullover. The material is a beautiful silk and I love the way the skirt portion drapes. The ruffled hem is a nice detail. What I do not like is the capelet. I wish this dress were a tank dress or even short sleeves might be fine. But the capelet takes it away from practicality and into costume for me. Beautiful and well-made, but back to the rack.

Moulinette Soeurs' Akebia Dress ($168) has a print I'd expect to see on a bathing suit. It's a vibrant print but a bit overwhelming on a dress. I land between sizes in this brand so I grabbed an 8 (one size up). I found it to fit well.

The skirt portion of this dress is pretty cool with its tiered layers of ruffle. I particularly like that the lowest tier is inset rather than outset. It keeps the dress from looking like a Christmas tree. I could have done without the ruffle on the bodice -- but can you even see it?? The print has so much going on it almost blends right in. I want to find the wallpaper of this exact pattern, stand in front of the appropriate spot and disappear. With a cardigan over it this dress is a winner. Plus it's too meta awesome to pass up. Wishlisted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxy,

You look fabulous in the Akebia Dress!

Thanks for the reviews!


Diem said...

The Akebia dress is my favorite. I tried it on yesterday and the fit is perfect in my size. Now I'm debating whether to buy it at full price or wait for it to go on sale since it's like 30 degrees outside.

Kathleen said...

Oh such pretty dresses! I want them all! The yellow is really nice on your skin tone and such a great summer color!

KristinH said...

First, I think that all 3 dresses look good on you.

I would just be careful if you decide to purchase the All Seasons dress. I loved this dress so much, I decided to buy it even though it was a bit wrinkly in store. I brought it home, ironed it and after 15 minutes of wearing it the wrinkles came back like crazy! Unfortunately I will be returning it.

roxy said...

Thank you Sarah! I do like the dress quite a bit. :) The pattern though, it just makes me laugh.

Diem - Tough call. Since the base is black I think you could wear it now.

Kathleen - Yellow is one of my favorite summer colors too. I think I'm not quite ready for that yet though. Still in full-on winter mode.

KristinH - Thank you for the report on the All Seasons Dress. Can't say I'm surprised, it seemed pretty wrinkly in-store too.

Kim said...

Roxy - I think the Larkspur Capelet Dress looks fantastic on you! It's so flattering!

ali said...

whoops had cap lock on
love the shirtdress on
thanks for the round up

Jamie said...

I like the first dress on you, but seriously, the prints on the other two look frumpy and like something any middle-aged housewife would wear, particularly on Sundays (or at least, that's how they photograph). Bleah.

Yan said...

ooo-la-la! you rock those dresses :)