Presenting the birthday haul!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This novella actually begins on December 29th, when I received a large envelope from Anthropologie. Inside I found my birthday coupon for the year! Very wise of Anthropologie to make sure it got to me before January 2nd because I would have started whining as soon as the holidays were over -- where's my card? Patience is not my forte.

My plan was to wait until the 20th to do my birthday shopping. It's a sale day, I'd have plenty to choose from...but that plan went right out the window. As soon as I got paid on the 15th I could wait no longer. Thanks to all your votes, I knew I was looking for the Stacked Smoke Heels ($388), the Through-the-Clouds Tank ($68, review here), the Blushing Faille Dress ($188, review here) or probably a necklace like the Glimmer & Glint Necklace ($58). During lunch I called about the Stacked Smoke Heels. Anthro was completely sold out of my size and the next size up. While I was disappointed I wasn't overwhelmed because, well, $388 is a lot of money that I could use to buy multiple other things. I did order the Snow-Covered Fields Dress ($148) because I'm not going to shut up about the dress until I own it. With luck it should be here tomorrow.

As soon as work was done I headed over to the Soho Anthropologie here in NYC. The door security guards pretty much all know me by now. My name is "whassup" and theirs is "hey, how you doing?" The store had been completely reorganized and the decor changed over to spring. It was like a sign -- come in and shop roxy! Everything's new. Not that I need prodding. I immediately went for the Through-the-Clouds Tank. It was on a table just a little ways in the store. Unfortunately I struck out on everything else on my list. I could have called and ordered it over the phone...but what fun is that? So I looked around for other fun stuff to try on.

Without further ado, here's what I came home with:

First, I wanted something sparkly and I've been enamored with the Gardenia Bib Necklace (now $100, no longer online) for quite some time. Soho happened to have one left so I grabbed it. It's so gorgeous -- it's hand-beaded and the leather flower is big but not overwhelming. The necklace is lined in the back. I wore this to work yesterday and got tons of compliments. The flower does want to sit in the center so I had to adjust the bib back into place a couple of times over the course of the day. I don't mind a bit. It's beautiful and dresses up any outfit.

Ladies, nice pick with the Through-the-Clouds Tank! I went for the ivory color since this top seems very light and summery. I don't own that many white tops. This one is a great building block. I bought a small. I like it so much in fact that I'm selling my Tivoli Scoopneck from last year (it's listed in the Trade Market). I'll hit on the jewelry below.

I couldn't resist bringing home the Climbing Cowlneck ($48, review here). And I'm glad I did since this one absolutely blew off the shelves. Hopefully this shows Anthro that aggressive pricing and basics with a twist can do really well. Haven't worn this one out yet but that will change next week.

I'm going to Mexico! Uh, in June. Best to be prepared now though, right? I mean, you never know when there's going to be an emergency beach trip. I loved the Percussive Cardigan ($78, review here) so much when I tried it on. I had a really hard time choosing which color to get it in. I ended up with the white due to its beach-friendliness. I hope the other colors make it to sale.

(PS - my boyfriend came by to pick me up for a date as I was taking these photos. Quote the man: "I know I said this was a casual date, but...")

Anthro's costume jewelry is really cute but kinda overpriced. Still, with the birthday discount I dove right in. I scored the Missletoe Earrings (now $20) which were already on sale and the Iced Lait Necklace ($48) which I have on over the Through-the-Clouds Tank above. The necklace is not heavy at all. The glass beads are faceted and the cloudy resin beads are pink-toned like the ribbon. Overall I'm pleased. The other two pairs of earrings aren't on the website at the moment. The medallions that are inset came in four variations -- two silver and two gold.

So that my dears is the birthday haul. I went over budget but it was completely worth it.