Sunday, January 31, 2010

OOTD: What I will be wearing this week

This week I'm daytripping so it's all about reducing, reusing and recycling. While planning my outfits ahead of time is helpful for me I have noticed a few things as I ramp up the OOTD posts again. Namely that since I don't really choose accessories until the day of you're not getting the full outfit all put together, which is a bit disappointing to me. And my hair is never fully done until I'm ready to go out the door. So I think I will try to do morning-of shots again next week.

For instance, take the outfit above. Right after I took the shots I realized that these accessories would look perfect with the outfit. The pumpkin necklace really picks up the warm brown tones of the belt. But since I'd already taken the outfit off...well it was a little much to put it all on again before I'm actually going to wear it.

As for the outfit itself a couple of months ago I was this close to donating both the blouse and cardigan because I never wore them. I try not to hold onto items I'm not wearing because I'm trying to build my forever closet. But in this case a second look helped me see how great they go together! The blouse has little clusters that look like cherries. It's quite darling.

In this outfit:
Sweater: Banana Republic cashmere blend cardigan in navy (similar here, here and here)
Blouse: H&M (similar here, here and here)
Skirt: Elevenses skirt from 2008 (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West Babealish in grey ($71)
- don't forget to use ebates!
Belt: Leaps and Bounds Belt ($34)

Reusing the belt but making a completely different outfit = just what you need on the road. For a long time I was anti-belt mostly because come midday they start to feel constricting. So on trips I forgo the leather belts in favor of elastic ones like this. Sitting on my natural waist they allow some breathing room below for my tummy.

The shirt is from Ann Taylor Loft and it's become one of my favorites. The blue color is so rich and the wavy tuxedo ruffles somehow streamline. I have to say I feel pretty dressed to impress in this outfit.

In this outfit:
J.Crew jewel-buttoned cardigan in navy herringbone (similar here)
Top: Ann Taylor Loft Ruffle Cascading Shell in navy (slim pickings online but still in stores)
Skirt: Oldie Express pencil skirt (similar here, here and here
Tights: Target Crosshatch Tights (similar here, here and here)
Nine West (similar here, here and here)

For this outfit I'm reusing the entire bottom portion of Monday's outfit. (Quite convenient, really.) Since I'm seeing different clients with different co-workers, only you will know EA community! It'll be our little bloggie secret. Once again after taking this picture I realized it was missing something so the final look will include my grey Snakebite belt. This is especially helpful because I've noticed that after wearing the tank for a day it begins to sag a little bit from the weight of the stitching. A quick toss in the dryer brings it right back to life.

The shoes, despite having 4-inch heels, are really comfortable. They've got a 1-inch platform inside so once you get used to the height you're fine. I must warn you though that they were very, very hard to break in. Walking in them was fine but standing in them was downright painful. Two wears later though they're a fast favorite among my ever-growing collection.

In this outfit:
Sweater: J.Crew tartine cardigan in pewter (this year's version here)
Top: Sewing Basket Top ($68) in grey -- seems to be a store-only color
Skirt: Elevenses skirt from 2008 (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West Babealish in grey ($71) - don't forget to use ebates!

On Thursday I'll be reusing the cardigan, belt and tights. Two appearances this week by Ann Taylor Loft...amazing. I bought this dress right when it came out during one of their sales. Now I see my size languishing in sale at $20 and well, I wish I'd waited. It's been a date nite favorite so I suppose it was worth it. The one annoyance with this dress is that even with a slip it's been incredibly static-y. Not sure if that's the tights, the dress, or the combination of both.

In this outfit:
Sweater: J.Crew tartine cardigan in pewter (this year's version here)
Belt:Snakebite Belt ($32)
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Madden Girl Raazle Open Toe (similar here and here)
Necklace: F21 from the lovely Gigi!!

Friday I'm back in town and wearing brown. No particular reason other than that I love the streamlined look of this one. I'll make my hair much softer when I actually wear this out. One style I've been dying to try is an upside-down braid that trails across your part. I have seen this on a few lovely ladies around town and I'd love to just ask them how the heck they do it. My shyness takes over though so I'll be scouring Youtube to see what I can find.

The Odille blouse is from 2006 or 2007, can't remember which. It was right at the beginning of the rufflepocalypse and has two understated trails down the front. Things were so much simpler then...

In this outfit:
Earrings: from the birthday haul!
Top: Odille oldie (similar here and here)
Skirt: J.Crew Vintage Cord Pencil Skirt in glazed pecan (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Simply Vera Wang brown plaid ($7)
Shoes: Ganache Pumps aka Seychelles Apple-a-Day Pumps ($90) - don't forget to use ebates!


Shannon said...

Cute outfits! Wed and Thurs are my fav. The lighter soft colors really brighten up your face :)

Taryn said...

Love them all, especially Wednesday! I like how you re-used some of the same pieces to create whole new looks within the same week! Well done.

Susanna said...

I love your outfits! :) My favorites are Wednesday and Thursday too. I really like how you played up the neutrals in a pretty, interesting way.

Pamela said...

I love all the looks! I have the ATL dress and love it belted with a cardi!

Ade said...

too cute! i'm going to go against the grain and say i liked the first and the last ones best... :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the second and last outfit. I'm a sucker for pencil skirts and you look so good in them!

By the way - would you please consider adding your bust/waist/hips measurements to 'size guide'? Weight and height are often not enough information for making comparisons and it would be really helpful. Thank you in advance!

Natalie said...

that sewing basket top looks really fantastic with the pewter cardigan!

Denise said...

Roxy, love the elevenses skirt! I just scored it on ebay for $30 on Friday (though in black, not gray) so I hope it fits! I have the same belt (Leaps and Bounds) and am planning a similar outfit for next week when the skirt arrives. I also have that Loft blouse (though in the ivory color), so great shoppers think alike! LOL!

sara22185 said...

Hey Roxy,
Did you ever try on Floreat's Rhythmic Blouse? I was just wondering if you took a 6 or an 8 in it if you did? Thanks!

roxy said...

Hi all! You're all so kind -- I was a bit disappointed as I edited this set because I feel the looks aren't finished so I really appreciate the positivity. :)

Anon @ 4:55 - sure, I'll add them a bit later tonight. I'm 34-28-39.

Denise that is awesome! Do you happen to know the name of the skirt? Elevenses released a really similar one in 2008 and I can only find that one, not this earlier version.

sara22185 - I did, I took an 8. I found it way too short for me though.

{better than candy} said...

so cute and cozy!!!

Margaret said...

I adore that Monday skirt and have it in both black and gray and linen summer version too. The black and gray, which I got in Jan. 2008 so were likely Fall 2007, are called Train Station Tulip Skirt style # 720107 and the summer version, which I got in August 2008 was called Bow Bells and was style #823096. I only know because my account information on tells me so! Very flattering design!

Paige said...

I love seeing your outfits for the week!:)

Lola said...

I love the Tuesday outfit on you! It really highlights your amazing curves.

The last photo reminds me of how much I want a pair of Ganache Pumps to call my own. I keep hoping that they'll go on sale on but so far no luck...

Alicia (likely badger) said...

I love your Friday outfit. I have the same blouse in pink :)

Athena said...

Great outfits Roxy. I admire how you pick your weekly outfits out ahead of time. I could never do that because I would probably change my mind too many times!

Linda L. said...

Great looks Roxy! Thanks for sharing your awesome styles!

Molly Darling said...

Roxy you look adorable- I love your outfits for the week!