Metapost: Inside my closet

Friday, January 1, 2010

Recently I have received some requests to show how I organize my clothing and jewelry. I figured this slow weekend is a good time to do a post on it. I should warn you, this post is NOT for minimalists. One of the reasons I chose my current apartment is that it has three generously-sized closets (a rarity in NYC on a budget) and I have done my best to fill them up. I'm such a nerd that I can tell you when I bought almost any piece, where I bought it, and its approximate cost per wear. Here in NYC we chicks don't mess around about our clothes.

My first closet is my shoes and coat closet. I have a couple of very special pairs of shoes that I keep in their boxes fulltime, but mostly it's heels, flats and sandals in the canvas organizers and boots along the bottom of the closet. All of my tall boots have boot shapers in them which is vital to storing them upright. Without them the shafts of the boots would tip over and it'd be a real mess.

Next to the shoes are my puffer vests and my coats. Trenches, blazers, peacoats -- they're all here. I keep my coats organized by type from lightest wear to heaviest. My belts are also squished in on a hanging tie organizer. The storage baskets above are where I keep most of my winter accessories and baseball caps. A few of the scarves are so long and bulky that I hung them up. This closet is right by my door so it's very convenient to grab whatever I need and head out.

Down the hall is my big closet, which is about 10 feet long. In this view you're looking at my pants, tee shirts, short-sleeve blouses, open cardigans and skirts. I keep the pants on these hangers and keep the dress pants separate from the denim. Most of my tees are ordered by color from lightest to darkest but up front I keep about 5 tees out -- the tees I wear the most. The blouses are admittedly unorganized. I just kind of have them all there. There's a couple of NFL jerseys hiding in there too for when we watch games with friends. My skirts are organized by length first and then type (summer or winter, pencil or full). I have them on hangers similar to these; it's great because they hook together vertically to save space (haven't had to utilize that feature here yet).

The right side of the closet is still a work in progress. It's blouses & tanks on the left trailing towards dresses on the right. It's been hard to figure out how to organize all my blouses. For now it's sleeveless on the left and full sleeve towards the right. I try to organize like colors or patterns. I do the whole turned hanger deal -- I put hangers in facing one way and turn them as I wear each top. Every 3 months tops that haven't been turned are donated or sold. I've gotten good at turning all of my hangers lately. For awhile though my fast fashion mistakes were leading to a lot of wasted money and space.

This is my last closet. This one's actually in my bedroom. Mostly it's for my hamper and suitcase but I also have my linens and bags in here. The skirts on the right are my off-season skirts (I have amassed skirts in the last two years after being a strictly jeans girl for most of my life). My bags are on a coat rack. Eventually I'd like to make this closet all shelves so I can put the bags on different tiers instead. For now though this works. I don't have very many bags, they're just all big and bulky. I never had such big bags until I moved to the city. I need them to carry all the crap I need for a day on the town. It's insane how much you need to get through the day here!

On to jewelry. It lives in my living room on two shelves of my Ikea Billy single bookcase. (I have Nyckelby doors on them so they're closed storage.) I use three different containers from Container Store for my jewelry. The top shelf is for my long and bulky necklaces, as well as bracelets and big rings. They are stored in the 3x12x2 mesh kitchen organizer, three layers deep by four high. They're stackable which is great and I can see into them so I'm not fumbling around for the piece I want.

On the bottom shelf I have two kinds of stackable containers: large and small. These are great for my costume jewelry. Like the mesh containers I can see inside and I have things organized by color, metal and size. Below is a peek inside.

I owe these ideas to my mom. Living in a vertical urban environment you learn to utilize vertical storage yourself. Someday when I'm back in the burbs I'll have a walk-in. Until then I'm lucky to have all the storage space I do.