Styled: Elodie Lily Cardigan

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This post is for annie cat who asked to see the Elodie Lily Cardigan ($128, review here) with something besides skinny jeans, and for Beth, who asked to see it styled for a party.

We started with a dress for this set...something cute and feminine. It's got a cute bird pattern on it which is small enough not to compete with the cardigan. This cardigan is medium weight so we went with a cotton-mix sweater. The shape is great for below a long cardigan like this -- the dress has a mock turtleneck and a sweet a-line. You could safely go knee length on the dress. You definitely want the hem to end below the hem of the cardi.

The belt is optional. If you choose to use it we'd leave the cardigan open. We went with open-toe shoes which can be worn over tights or without on warmer days. In keeping with the softness of the outfit we chose feminine accessories. The necklace is another optional component that finishes off the look nicely. We chose a shiny bag that's big enough for annie cat to carry her photo equipment in (we think anyway).

In this outfit:
Elodie Lily Cardigan ($128)
Rachel Pally "Nancy" Dress ($224)
Urchin's Shell Earrings ($24)
Frayed Diamonds Necklace ($168)
Iridescent Tote ($228)
Royal Highness Belt ($148)
Stuart Weitzman Sashay Nude Patent ($298)

Here's an actual outfit I've worn with this cardigan...I'll post some IRL shots in my next OOTD roundup. The straight skirt lays a good groundwork for the cardigan to sit on top of. Denim or corduroy are good material choices. You can use a dark or a light wash. You can either tuck the cardi into the skirt (horribly uncomfortable in most circumstances) or lay it on top. Let the ruffle neckline of the tank top peek out ever-so-slightly. You can rock a belt with this outfit if you'd like. I spend so much time vacillating between hot and cold in my office that it's not worth it for me.

Accessory-wise, I don't own these shoes (yet) but I paired a similar chunky heel in real life. Once again we picked a bigger bag that can hold a lot of stuff. And though we can't say why exactly this outfit seems to call for aviators. A few confidence-building photos in front of the mirror and you're ready to go!

In this outfit:
Elodie Lily Cardigan ($128)
Many Moods Skirt ($78, review here)
Ruffle Tier Tank (now $30)
Seychelles Vaudeville Pump ($90) aka Cross Your T-Straps (sold out from Anthropologie)
Starlit Stem Earrings ($28)
Color Coded Aviators ($28)
In-Good-Time Necklace ($58)
Piped Diamonds Tote ($248)

And finally, here's a party option for the cardigan. We love the idea of wearing it over gold brocade. I have attended 3 holiday parties this year and let me tell you gold is everywhere in NYC. Gold and copper with black lace overlays. That's what's hot. We picked a strapless frock but go with whatever you're comfortable with on top. The skirt portion should be an a-line or straight skirt and should hit an inch above your knee or so. (Adjust for your height, again the skirt should be visible below the cardigan hem.) We added a belt which you can wear over your coat if the silhouette is slim enough -- the style looks great! Strappy sandals are the way to go, practical or not. A clutch and some adornments polish off this sexy look.

In this outfit:
Elodie Lily Cardigan ($128)
Strapless Tulip Dress ($350)
Steve Madden Pandora Clutch ($50)
Urchin's Shell Earrings ($24)
Frayed Diamonds Necklace ($168)
Squiggled Belt ($28)
Jessica Bennett Women's Kael Slingback Dress Sandal (now $87)

Anthropologie unveils online gift finder

Anthropologie updated their website with a new landing page this morning. You can flip through the December catalogue. Or you can give a pretty cool holiday feature a spin -- a Mad Libs-style gift finder. I love this idea! I adore gift-giving and while I can usually brainstorm good ideas come those last 5 or 6 gifts my brain has turned to mush and I'm yearning for some help. Anthro to the rescue!

Huge BOO to Anthro for only considering Christmas with this page but otherwise their hearts are in the right place. It's pretty straightforward. Some of the fields are superfluous and you have to choose a selection for everything even if the right choice is selected by default. Upon completion a pop-up presents about 20 gift choices. Some will make sense and some will make no sense. But the ideas are at least a good starting point.

In the spirit of this gift finder, starting tomorrow I'll be running my own series of small gift ideas once a day from now til Christmas. Not everything will come directly from Anthropologie but it will all be in the spirit of the brand. What kind of gifts are you looking for?

Reviews: Late Afternoon Pullover, Blooms Revealed Cardigan, Tibur Cardigan, First Flurry Cardigan, Vines & Buds Cardigan

Oh my goodness. Rockefeller Plaza (NYC) is officially a holiday tourist zone. Thousands of tourists, slow and directionally lost, plodding along as turtles go whizzing by when all I want to do is get from the 50th St 1 station to Anthropologie. I love the Tree. I love the people. I just wish they would move a bit faster. Va! Vite! I might have to start taking the B up and use the secret underground J.Crew entrance.

The last time I was at the Rockefeller Plaza Anthro I got stuck in the smallest fitting room ever. It's in pod 2 and it's small, square and kind of dark. This time around I was silenty praying not to get that room again...yet somehow I did. I didn't want to make a fuss because they're so crowded this time of year and my sessions take awhile since I photograph everything. So I dealt. I was stuck on the sweater above for awhile anyway. I could not figure out how it is supposed to be worn. Now that I see the shot above it's like ooooh. That's how you're supposed to style it.

So please excuse the poncho-esque styling. I was a bit lost. This is Moth's Late Afternoon Pullover ($128). The name is great. The sweater truly looks like a desert sunset, starting with an oversized purple cowl and giving way to a sandy pink torso. I tried on my true size medium and it was big. I could easily go for the small in this. The sleeves are very long. Personally I love this style. I like double-cuffing the ends. But I realize on petite ladies this is going to be a problem.

The sweater is pretty itchy. What gives Moth? All your sweaters seem to use rough wool. Good thing it's pretty easy to layer underneath this one. I think it will be nice and warm in the winter. Added to the wishlist.

Next up is the Blooms Revealed Cardigan ($128) by Cartonnier. I was very interested in this one after seeing it online. And for the most part I was quite pleased in real life too. I tried on the medium which fit comfortably close. The sleeves are kind of funky however; the proportions are just a bit off and I felt like I had gorilla arms. The other thing I do not like is the triangle of fabric at the front middle bottom. If I bought this cardi I would sew this into a straight line or cut it off altogether. Not sure what the point of it is.

The wool is really soft. The buttons are great and this cardi was loose enough that I could pull it on and off over my head without needing to undo anything. For the bustier gals like me you'll wish the darting was curved instead of straight over the bust to create a slimmer silhouette. These are mostly quibbles though. It's a really nice cardigan.

Guinevere's Tibur Cardigan ($128) was a pleasant surprise. It's a cropped top that's really meant to be worn over a dress or paired with a skirt. The sleeves have a slight bell to them above the wrist and apparently so does the bodice, though I just pulled it straight down. My true size medium was a close fit. It worked for me.

The pattern on the cardigan is stunning. A great mix of golds, pinks, oranges and black. I dig the contrast top stitching and black is a great choice for the placket. It's a yummy little number with a big, big price.

I admit I'm copying a dressform look here. At the Soho store these two pieces were styled together. Great idea, Soho stylists! The First Flurry Cardigan by Guinevere ($148) looks great over Burlapp's Skyfall Dress ($178, review here). I still don't get the practicality of a short-sleeved open-stitched cardigan but whatever, it's really pretty. The ivory color is a beautiful color, just the right warm buttery mix. There are 3 lace insets, one in the back and two on the sides. It's a nice delicate touch.

I sized down to a small with no problem. The front of the cardigan has two thick pleats that sat exactly where I wanted them to (yay!). You can tell there was some love put into this cardigan. The stitchwork is exquisite. To me it justifies the price tag. I'm happy to pay more for a high-quality cardigan and to me this piece fits the bill.

Back to Rockefeller where this sweater jacket reeled me in. It's Charlie & Robin's Vines & Buds Cardigan ($128). It's wintery but I like the vibrant vine creeping up. The foldover portrait color balanced out my bust nicely. It's fairly soft and I was able to size down to a small and still have room to layer a long-sleeve thermal underneath. There are two coin pockets on the front.

The color gives off that grandpa vibe. I would love to wear this in the lodge during my snowboarding trips. I surprised myself by really liking this cardigan. The only thing I didn't like was the buttons. On the product photo they look like they graduate softly from dark to light. On the one I tried on the buttons looked ugly, cheap and two-tone. Blech.

Styled: Snowscape Tank

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This post is for Brittany, who was wondering how to make the Snowscape Tank ($148, review here) work on a tall frame. Brittany, I can relate! I wish Anthropologie offered more tall options -- currently they only do a few pants. No tops at all.

Our first option centers around a high-waist skirt. This way you can either tuck the tank in (blouse it out slightly) or wear it loose with no fear of exposing tummy. You should find a skirt that hits slightly above your knee with a pencil fit. Black, brown or purple skirts would all work. Since it's cold at the moment we also threw in a cardigan option. We like the v-neck on this cardigan so that you can reveal the pretty embellishment (like Chloe did in this amazing outfit). The tapered style of the sleeves is also great for dressing up the outfit ever so slightly.

We like the idea of black pumps with this outfit and couldn't resist throwing Chie Mihara in again but if you'd like to go a less expensive route look for heels around 2.5-3 inches. Note that the heel is thicker than a stiletto -- you'll want something similar to keep the outfit tame against the tight skirt we used. The jacket, bag and jewelry are all frivolous but fun touches. I especially love the bracelet my friend noticed on the Anthropologie website. Drool.

In this outfit:
Snowscape Tank ($148)
French Connection Bambi Cardigan (now $50)
Freshly Fallen Coat ($268)
Robert Rodriguez Studded Skirt ($385)
Chie Mihara Ketal Platform Shoes (now $312)
Captured Knots Bag ($288)
Garden's Gate Earrings ($24)
Spiderweb Cuff ($168)

This second option is the casual outfit. You can go for any style of jean you'd like here -- boot cut, wide leg, skinny, whatever. We'd just stick to a darker uniform wash. The long cardigan hides any length issues for the tank. And like on the first outfit the deep V allows you to reveal the embellishment of the tank.

We went for two different shoe styles, both nude. A neutral shoe is probably best here so the focus stays on the tank. You could also do black, brown or grey. Heels are not necessary...flats in a solid color would also look great. We went for a bag that stands out slightly against the tank and cardi but blends in with the jeans. For jewelry, we'd avoid a necklace with this tank but earrings and a cuff bracelet are the adornments we'd wear.

In this outfit:
Snowscape Tank ($148)
CO-OP Barneys New York V-Neck Cardigan (now $99, extra 40% off in-store through 12/4)
Stuart Weitzman Sashay Nude Patent ($298)
Stuart Weitzman Swoon Hummus Beige Patent ($298)
Clouded Moon Bag ($158)
AG Durini Stilt ($150)

Reviews: Remembering Violets Dress, Skyfall Dress, Manisa Dress

Here's a dress that's sure to be polarizing. It's Burlapp's Remembering Violets Dress ($178). The shape immediately reminds me of the early 1990s babydoll dresses, which later morphed into empire waist dresses and hit their peak sometime around the time Emma came out. Basically, this dress is fitted around the bust and pretty tentlike below.

Personally I like the style a lot for this particular dress. It's so easy and flowy and exactly what I'd want for New Year's Eve or a party where there's a lot of dancing. I have needed an 8 (one size up) in most of Burlapp's dresses so that's what I reached for here. It fit around my bust but if you're less busty your true size should be fine.

The skirt of the dress kind of looks like tree bark. The violet appliques are very pretty and dress up an otherwise simple garment. And then there's the shape. One reviewer described it as maternity wear and yes if you're pregnant this dress would be a fine option. Truly though I will take the babydoll shape over skintight anytime. It's probably not for everyone but I loved the dress. See it styled on Chloe here.

Seriously, what is the model doing in this shot!? I can't even imagine what the photo direction was. "Look like you just fell down and you're picking yourself back up. OK great! Now pretend you're a mermaid. Your legs are one fin! Excellent. Now, pretend like you're doing reverse push-ups. Tilt to one side...a little further...more twist...look nonchalant about the whole thing...perrrrrfect! We got it. That's a wrap."

This is another Burlapp frock, the Skyfall Dress ($178). It has a really cool bodice with white constrast gauzy stripes. They create a satisfying shape up top over the chiffon skirt. Once again I tried the 8. It was a bit loose in back but I'd stick with this size to buy it. I'm pleased that the stripes weren't interrupted or misshapen by my bust. I saw this with a crinoline skirt of some kind underneath it at Rockefeller Center to add some pouf. Looked very cool.

Holiday dress? Not in my opinion. But for the jet-setting crowd this would be perfect for the beach or a European excursion (somewhere warm in Europe that is). I plan to wait for this to go on which time it may be warm enough again to wear it.

The last dress I tried on was Floreat's Manisa Dress ($178). Loved, loved, loved it. My true size 6 was perfect. The embroidery on the bodice is amazing and continues onto the back. I like the little tie-front neckline. It even has pockets! The dress hit right at my knees, perfect length for my 5'8" frame. Even the cap sleeves didn't bother me. I think this dress is exceptionally lovely and it went straight to the top of my wishlist. I'll have to figure out how to winterize it since it's made of gauze (seriously Anthropologie, gauze? For December???) but I think it's worth it.

Styled: The Sabine Dress

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This post is for Anonymous, who was looking for some NYC winter options for the Sabine Dress (now $80, review here) by Moulinette Soeurs.

The weather's been unseasonably warm in NYC and this look is partly inspired by that. For now regular tights (or on some days no tights at all) will work fine but come colder days you'll want a nice pair of wool tights to keep your legs warm. We threw 2 different cardigan options in. The one on the left has vertical lines that mimic the effect in the dress while the cardigan on the right is another solid to keep congruency. You could add a belt if you so desire. We'd recommend brown leather. We picked booties as the shoe option here because they'll serve you well rain or shine. With weather in mind we also offered a couple of weatherproof bag options. You just never know what it's going to be like in the city from one day to another.

In this outfit:
Tiered Plumeria Necklace ($32)
Lobelia Bud Earrings ($28)
Sabine Dress (now $80)
Spirited Stitches Cardigan ($98, review here)
Prairie Rose Cardigan ($88, review here)
LeSportsac Erika Nylon Tote ($80)
Kate Spade New York Union Square Eliza Nylon Tote ($345)
Opaque Tights in Dark Grey ($13)
Moonbeam Tights ($18)
Pour La Victoire Brenda Ankle Boot ($280)
Coffee of your choosing

Come nasty weather there's no way around it -- you need a good pair of boots. Especially since maintenance teams insist on spraying the sidewalk with water even when the temperature is below freezing. If you want to bring a pair of flats to change into once you're at work go for it, but we see plenty of ladies rocking their (f)uggs all day long. This time around we went for a simple cardigan and presented two different color options. And we figured that come cold nastiness you'd be underground on the subway anyway so why not have a leather bag? None of these will protect you from the wind tunnels that form on the avenues...but at least you'll look great below your winter coat!

In this outfit:
Sabine Dress (now $80)
Opaque Tights in Dark Grey or Brown ($13)
Halogen Pearl Trim Cardigan in milky blue or taylor ivory ($78)
Bastien Women's Roxa Winter Boot ($181)
Ugg Tall Classic Grey ($180)
Lafuma Women's LD Kokta Winter Boot ($160)
Chocolate Spritz Bag ($178)
Captured Knots Bag ($288)

Styled: The Cerulean Swing Coat

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This post is for Maria and Angela, who both requested outfit ideas for Tabitha's beautiful Tiffany blue Cerulean Swing Coat ($128, review here).

For this first option we were aiming for a transitional day-to-night outfit. The goal was to put together something fun. When you're looking for items to pair with the coat look try to avoid other light colors for the winter. Come warmer weather though light colors will be the way to go. The coat sits away from the body meaning a full skirt will work well, but make sure there is some kind of structure at the waist or else you'll look bulky.

We chose a skirt that provides a nice pop of color and kept everything else in this oufit neutral. We kept the layer underneath a simple black since the skirt is patterned. The necklace keeps things interesting when you take the coat off. And the heels...well they're Chie Mihara. What else needs to be said?

In this outfit:
Cerulean Swing Coat ($128)
All-Day Eddy Tee ($58)
Daisy Quarters Skirt ($248)
Stacked Smoke Heels ($388)
Starlit Stem Earrings ($28)
Stormy Sea Necklace ($48)
Equanimity Bag ($258)

Here's a more casual option. This time around we experimented with shades of purple to play off the blue coat. Choosing a soft cotton shirt to go underneath keeps the look from getting too dressed up and the neckline is a nice feminine touch. Do you need to wear skinny jeans with this outfit? Not necessarily, but to keep the look tailored don't do wide legs. You could also do capris or ankle pants in dark blues or black. We'd stay away from cords for this outfit. For jewelry, we layered a couple of light necklaces, purposely mixing gold and silver. This draws the eye up to your gorgeous face! (Not to mention the stunning coat, you lucky duck.)

In this outfit:
Martin & Osa Mesh Knots Swaggy Necklace (now $18)
Betsey Johnson Snowflake Illusion Necklace ($42)
Cerulean Swing Coat ($128)
J.Crew Ruffles and roses tissue tank ($43)
Chelsea Ultra Slim Moto Jeans - Joe's Jeans ($228)
Coccinelle JD5 13 Blondie Hobo ($395)
Subtly Sparked Heels ($148)

So ladies, what do you think? Do you own this coat? Thinking about buying it? Any other styling suggestions?

Styled: The Inspiration

Alright m'dears. I have dusted off my Polyvore account and slowly I'm diving back into assembling outfits. This will be the post of record for the Styled posts. I've compiled your requests from this post and this one and built outfits with the help of some of my talented friends (who for bloggie purposes prefer to remain Anonymous for now). If you have an Anthropologie item you'd like to see styled please leave a comment on this post.

These Styled posts were originally supposed to be done with the help of Anthropologie stylists but Anthro killed that idea like a busted lightbulb. Many thanks to my friends who helped pick up the slack! Due to the considerable amount of time it takes to find items for these sets I will only be able to work on a few a week. I will try to get through as much as I can in each sitting.

Just a little bit about the inspiration...I used to make outfits pretty regularly on the blog last summer. I unfortunately fell out of the series due to time requirements and some frustrations with Polyvore, but happily they've improved their user interface a lot since then. I was inspired to start using Polyvore by the incomparable Fabulous Florida Mommy. Her eye for classy styling has been a great jumping off point on many occasions for me. FFM specializes in J.Crew outfits but has also been known to incorporate Anthropologie items. I highly recommend her blog -- FFM is on my blogroll and deserves a spot in your Follow list too. And of course as with everything else I found FFM through J.Crew Aficionada.

Once the posts start running I'll compile them below. This post has its own button in the sidebar: Styled. Check back for links to the posts!

Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie December catalogue

Friday, November 27, 2009

Want to see the December catalogue for yourself? Here it is.

Thanks to Christina for giving us the heads up that the December catalogue is online to view! Anthropologie was nice enough to send an email today declaring the same, as well as quoting from customer reviews in the most awkward way possible. It reminds me of the movie review posters that take quotes completely out of context. Since I've already covered many of the catalogue shots in this post, I've picked out just a few more of my favorite shots to showcase.

Fiat Luxe Felted Soaps ($14)
I thought these were balls of wool but they're actually
felt with soap tucked inside. Interesting...sounds itchy though.

Message in a Bottle ($16)
Love the idea of this! This would be so romantic
with a fiancé or memorable with your family.

Curled Ribbon Tank ($128)
Another beautiful but seasonally confused
top by Yoana Baraschi to with
the Carmen Tieback ($148, review here).

To-The-Top Booties ($375)
Chie Mihara never fails to make a shoe designed
to both be adored and drive me to the poor house.

From-The-Green Cardi ($128),
Needlepoint Corset Top ($168)
and Cuffed Chambray Trousers ($118)
Every piece of this outfit is so exquisite and intricate.
Three pieces I might never have combined on my own.

In-The-Clouds Scarf ($168),
Sparkling Skies Tee ($118),
Midnight Squall Skirt ($158)
and Stacked-Strap Booties ($188)
A divine outfit halfway between dressed up and down.
I think the scarf is my favorite part.

Great Heights Shift ($148)
Vera's urban delight imagines
tier upon tier of urban delight. I love
the simple elegance of the shape.

Reviews: Night Blooming Dress, Albertine Dress, Fire Flowers Dress, Reveille Coat

If Anthropologie carries dresses that fall into different types, then the Night Blooming Dress ($158) is definitely a roxy dress. A friend brought this over to me in-store and said, "this is you." From the hammered silk top to the textured skirt I was oohing and aahing.

I wasn't wearing the best bra for this dress but I still loved it on. I tried on my true size 6 and it fit perfectly. The waist comes up a lot higher on me than the model due to bustiness, sizing up may help this if you're concerned. To me the waist was still fine. I would definitely wear a belt with this. I love that the skirt is a bit less dressed up than the top, meaning I could wear this for work and play. The pockets on the front don't add any bulk. I love this but I'm out of budget for the month so for now it's on my wishlist.

The next dress I tried on was Moulinette Soeurs' Albertine Dress ($168). Though it feels pretty soft the print on this dress looks like something straight out of the late 1980s or early 1990s to me. I'm not loving the sheer top either. We caught Hackers yesterday on TV pre-Turkey while editing this post and it struck us as something that Kate would wear (or I guess Dade in that one dream sequence).

This dress was a mess from the beginning. I tried on an 8 and while the dress was too big on me the lining was too tight. It was a huge pain to get on. Once it finally was on the midsection just looked like a big, bulky mess. This dress clearly was not made for my body type. At all.

Despite that failure I tried on one other Moulinette Soeurs dress. It's not on the website yet -- thanks to Natalie from Anthropologie Addict for the sneak peek pic. Update 12/11: It's there now! It's called the Fire Flowers Dress ($138).

This dress has a very pretty cinching/cloth medallion effect at the waist on the left side. I tried on an 8 and it was too big. I'd buy this in my true size 6. Strange how two dresses from the same brand fit so differently. The sleeves are an odd length but it works against the dress to accentuate the tiny waist the cinch creates. This dress has a really classic look to it that I like. To the wislist!

I ordered the Reveille Jacket ($128) last week (along with the now sold out Goldilocks Bag which I love). I was expecting something completely different from what I got with the jacket, so I waited a couple of days before reviewing it. I was expecting a structured, textured, slightly stiff cotton but instead the outside feels like a sweatshirt. That was very disappointing. It really cheapens the jacket to me...I feel like I overpaid. I could see a knockoff of this jacket showing up at American Eagle for $80, and I'd feel better about that amount.

Otherwise the jacket is very cool. I ordered a medium which fit but I would exchange for a large if I was keeping this. I couldn't fit anything besides a cami under the medium comfortably. The jacket is lined with thermal and has two stages to closing it -- the thermal layer which will keep you warm into the low 50s and then the button layer you see. I like how the jacket looks but again the cotton kills it for me. The collar is floppy. I have no idea how they popped it for the product shot. The sleeves are very cool and overall the look is right. It just feels wrong to me, so it's going back.

On a sidenote, for any Anthro fans living in NYC, don't use their expedited shipping! I tried it on the Reveille Jacket/Goldilocks bag order and it took almost a week to get here. However, my sale order that I placed on Tuesday of this week is already here via regular shipping. During a holiday week no less. Not sure why this happened but I'll be sticking with standard shipping moving forward for sure.

New arrivals: A novel

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why hello pretty new things! With a long weekend to look forward to I think it's time to highlight some of the gorgeous new items Anthropologie has rolled out. Before we get to the items themselves I have to say it again: this is one of Anthropologie's best collections ever. It's been a few years since I've wanted so many items so badly. That's both a blessing and a curse of course but regardless major kudos to the entire internal design team as well as the buyers. They've done a great job of assembling desirable and (mostly) unique items. Amidst an especially homogeneous year from luxury to discounter Anthropologie is standing out in a good way.

It's hard to resist beautiful pieces like Yoana Baraschi's Waltzing Daphne Blouse ($98, left). From the model shot above it looks like the sash is removable. This top is elegant enough to throw on over a pencil skirt, add a stunning necklace and call it your eveningwear. Or with a pair of tailored pants it could go to work. Or with jeans and a casual wrap it could just be the pretty top you wear around town. The top has a white-based cousin in the Embroidered Thicket Blouse ($88, right) and both seem to be children of the Reverie Top ($98).

I like that the Embroidered Thicket Blouse is every bit as intricate as the other tops but the white foundation adds an extra touch of romance. The deep v-neck seems tailor-made for a statement necklace. I hope this Floreat top is in stores so I can try it on!

Speaking of romantic, how about the Upended Poppy Tee ($68)? I see a blank song sheet with flowers tumbling down it. This top is by Language. You can expect it to be very soft. The braided neckline is a nice touch to accent the boatneck style of the shirt. With the basic striped shirt coming back in a big way this is a good alternative to the plain and straightforward for those looking to stand out a bit.

I can't tell if it's the Torsade Tee ($48) that I really love in this shot or the From O'Keeffe Necklace ($48) they're showing with it. Either way C. Keer's knotted top has a lot going for it. The ruched middle has me a bit concerned for the fit. Hopefully it will camouflage any leftover turkey sticking around in my stomach.

A bit of neo-Victorian inspiration is in order with Aryn K's Eastlake Top ($78). While beautiful I'm a bit dubious of the cap sleeves. The view from the back is quite lovely though. The oversized pleated bib and lace trim make this top a great option under a blazer or structured coat.

A few more tops I'm eager to see in real life, from top left clockwise: RicRac's Forever Garden Tee ($58) shown under the Hues Unfolding Cardi ($128), Velvet's Petal-Speckled Buttondown ($68), Tiny's Dewy Meadow Tunic ($98) and Chan Luu's Sparkling Skies Tee ($118).

The temptation of strapless dresses is always there, and the On-The-Fold Dress ($118) delivers yet another grabby hands dilemma. This Corey Lynn Calter frock reminds me a bit of Betsey Johnson but with its own Anthro-esque twist.

It comes with boning to help with support in the bodice and I am so thrilled that the zipper is not exposed. But can we talk about the masterful pairing Anthro chose for the dress? That would be the Candied Sweetbriar Cardi ($118) by Charlotte Tarantola. Wow. Just wow.

I have already tried on Tabitha's Night Blooming Dress ($158, review coming tomorrow) and it's just gorgeous on. The top is hammered silk with a bouquet of beautiful flowers on it paired with a pocketed textured cotton skirt.

I'm not surprised to see it styled with a'll most likely want one. It's a work-ready dress that could also work on a night out or for a weekend party (this dress immediately made me think of Cape Cod for whatever reason). Coin pockets as cute as these are always a nice touch in my book too.

Tracy Reese never disappoints and when it comes to fun party dresses she has few rivals. The Granted Wishes Dress ($318) is boldly named with a print to match. Removable straps are great and can easily be hidden under a cardigan. The sash looks perfectly sized so I hope this is an accurate representation of real life. I know the price point is a bit of a shock but I think this dress just might be worth the splurge.

There are more pretty dresses to drool over, like: Burlapp's Skyfall Dress ($178, top left), Maeve's In-A-Moment Dress ($118, bottom left), Moulinette Soeurs' Asters Everywhere Dress ($178, center top), Maple's Vie En Rose Dress ($158, center bottom) and Moulinette Soeurs' Windowpane Dress ($188, review here). I could have sworn the Windowpane Dress was $168 in-store. Can anyone else confirm/dispel?

Of all the new arrivals I think Cartonnier's Blooms Revealed Cardigan ($128) is my favorite. It's shown styled over Moulinette Soeurs' Longing-For-Yellow Dress ($158). The yellow and green combination in Tabitha's From-The-Green Cardi ($128, above right two shots) makes me swoon.

The length of Dolan's From Monet Skirt ($128, left) is mini while the draping is simply divine. I'm intrigued by the ripples in front giving way to soft pleats in back. The print is almost too consistent for me but I like the colors a lot. The To-And-Fro Skirt ($98, below) by Odille is no doubt a young and fun skirt. It has the essence of both flamingos (in color) and water (in shape) to me.

Paired with a simple black tank top this would be sure to draw attention. No wonder Anthro declined to show this piece styled. Still, I kind of love it! I maybe already added it to my wishlist. And no matter what, I certainly need to try this whimsical skirt on. For kicks.

I think I found my accent pairing for the Laced Dots Sweater ($128, review here); it's the Roped Posies Necklace ($38, top left above), which comes in red or black. The question is which color to pick? I might have to go with both. Next to those beauties is the Twined Satin Bracelet, Silver ($198) which I rotated 90 degrees to fit in the collage (tricky, I know). Another bracelet, the Toasted Meringue Cuff ($198, bottom left) sits below the necklaces. It has a shiny silver cuff below the bowed ribbon and jewel. If it's a bold ring you prefer look no further than the Collage Cocktail Ring ($138). It comes in three fab colors for all your cocktail ring needs. If something a little more simple is what you like try the Sprinkled Sun Necklace ($48). It's a regular cornucopia of stuff. My wishlist once again overflows.