IRL: Necklace Tank

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I've tried on the Necklace Tank ($68) and each time I always think the same exact thing: I love the top...hate the bottom. Bubble hem, why do you torture me so? Hopefully this a bit helpful for people not near a store.

I was inspired to revisit this top thanks to goldenmeans' post. The angle of the IRL shot above isn't great to begin with but the truth is it probably doesn't matter. The shirt cuts right across my hips -- my widest part -- and that's a tough sell. Maybe if I wore it with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or something more structured on the bottom. I keep waffling on this one...what do you think? Do you own this top? What do you pair it with?

Wanted to also mention that though I don't see it on the website yet the stores are selling the ribbon w/flowers as a necklace as well. So if like me you're not sure about the tank but want the cuteness of the flowers there's your solution!

Coming Monday: The Trade Market

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Many thanks to all who voted in the poll. The overwhelming response was yes, let's do a buy/sell/swap post so we'll kick things off on Monday. I would like to see how much participation there is before deciding whether to make this a weekly post or just leaving it open for now. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as we see how this goes together...there may be a few bumps. Gigi's post on Tips for a Successful Sell/Swap Experience is a great read to start off with.

I am going to make a guidelines post on Monday morning but here are some quickies. If you disagree on any of these please leave your feedback in the comments...I am open to suggestions and want to make sure this is fun!
1 - clothing/accessories/homewares only please. For homewares I'd like to keep it Anthro-only but clothing/accessories can be from anywhere.
2 - items must be in usable condition.
3 - your posting must include a valid email address.

More to come. I am excited!!

Wish List: June 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been a pretty slow week with Anthro. Barely any emails or news. I suppose they're focusing on the sale but they haven't added much online so I'm already looking forward to June! Plenty to look forward to and wish for.

1. Bold printed dress.
For when you need a little pow in your life. Anthro has quite a few to choose from. My three faves are above, from left to right: Bellis Brushstroke Dress ($298), Buttoned Watercolor Dress ($148), Orchard Labyrinth Dress ($148).

2. A top with flourish.
Something to catch the breeze or maybe a few double-takes. Currently pondering, from left to right: the Swept Away Top ($48), the Skyward Tank ($68), and the Textured Neckline Tank ($88). Love the pattern of the Textured Neckline Tank too -- kind of looks like water rushing up or maybe fireworks.

3. A simple but pretty adornment.

Like the Little Things Necklace ($24) above.

4. A deep blue leather purse.
I'm not gonna lie, my top pick for this item is 7 For All Mankind's Canberra Hobo ($500) but since I have bills to pay the Much Obliged Shoulderbag ($188, above) is a pretty awesome backup plan.

5. One more pair of sweet summer sandals.
I've had good luck finding a couple of pairs of sandals. I'd like one more to complete the set and the Rave Review Sandals ($50) just might fit the bill.

That's my wishlist for June, what's on yours?

Dear Dealrocker, quit SPAMMING MY BLOG

Pardon the rant but this makes me super grumpy. I am not linking to this aggregator site and I suggest you don't go there because who knows what kind of viruses it has?

Dear Dealrocker, I have submitted a feedback form saying as much at your site as well, but spamming my blog's comments with links to your site is not only not is so not cool. Please stop it. That tactic is so 1998. You want traffic? Get Google Adwords...or DART...or something else.

I don't want to see your dresses. I don't want to see your shirts. This is the cult of Anthropologie for cripes' sake. Spamming other peep's work to up your organic traffic is something the search engines frown upon. And so do I. LAME.

Kudos to the creative team

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anthropologie's email blast today covers their colors aplenty page but since I beat them to the punch on Monday I thought I'd digress with some kudos to the creative team that designs the emails and writes the copy.

I don't know if it's one person or a team but whoever you are you do a great job! The emails are always aesthetically appealing and the slugs are catchy and well-written. I only rarely groan at the corny ones. I also like that Anthro almost always sends emails as one big image instead of multiple slices that break in some email clients (Outlook 2007, I'm looking at you using for using Word as your HTML rendering client unfrickinbelievable).

My first job in NYC was working for a large multimedia publishing company's circulation department. Part of that job was designing emails and landing pages and let me tell you it was thankless creatively. I always had 3 or 4 people telling me how the email should look and the answer was almost always ugly because that was supposedly what sold. My portfolio pieces were usually the B design. And whenever I did have some leeway and the campaign did well it was usually marketing who got the credit, not me.

So whenever I see a pretty email I hope it means that the creative mind behind the design has had free rein to organically create. That seems to be the case with Anthropologie -- even though they're marketing a product they do it in a well-designed way. Part of the overall brand statement. And I hope that Anthro recognizes how valuable their creative team is for extending their brand so well.

Usually I unsubscribe to email mailing lists because I get sick of being berated by 3 or 4 emails a week. But I truly look forward to receiving Anthro's emails. Yes of course it's partly because I love the brand...but I love other brands too and if they have fugly boring emails I have no problem clicking "unsub." The brand's entire online presence is well-designed and executed. Bravo!

Dear Anthropopo...

...why do you close at 8 PM when I don't get done at work until 6:30 usually? I realize this is a really spoiled rotten request but would you consider staying open a little later during the summer? Pretty please? It's silly when the stores around you stay open later than you do.

Love always,

Buried in sleep

No matter how warm it is outside I can't sleep unless I'm buried under layers of bedding. Quilts in particular are my favorite. I've had my summer bedding since I was a kid and it's starting to show its age. So I'm on the hunt for a new set and Anthropologie has some appealing options.

First is the Rosette Bedding ($58-$268, in white at top of post or purple above) which I saw in-store last week. It's made of ruched cotton jersey so it's soft and breathable but it gives me pause about the long-term durability. And will the gorgeous purple stay that deep for long? I'm not sure but it's really pretty and that's enough to put it on the list of possibilities.

My apartment has an earthy color scheme. Brown, teal and green textiles balance against black or espresso furniture. The Bella Hothouse Linens ($48-$188) would fit in while adding an awesome pop. I like how the Euro shams don't match but they go and I appreciate that this collection has a bedskirt. My bedroom is tiny though and I wonder if this pattern would be overwhelming. The price of the quilt approaches fair though so this one makes the list as well.

Damask goes to the Mediterranean on the Quanta Roo Bedding set ($58-$228). The colors of the quilt again would fit well with my current decor. The stitching under the damask pattern is a nice touch and matches the standard shams. It relaxes me just looking at it. My only concern with this set is the amount of white in the pattern. Might be hard to keep clean as I sometimes kick my bedding to the floor in my sleep. Anthro also has a bunch of appealing duvet sets -- like the Hidden Edo set ($58-$348) -- that have me pining for a guest room.

Color choices

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If you're the type to find an item you love and buy it in a few different colors then Anthropologie's latest website update is for you. The colors aplenty page features several Anthro items that come in a wide range of colors.

You can count me in the group of peeps that buys staples in a couple of colors. But to be honest I don't think of Anthro as that kind of store. It goes against the whole individualist spirit their brand identity includes. And while a bunch of the items on-page would be tempting in this color and that one (the Side-by-Side tunic ($88) and Necklace Tank ($68) come to mind) I'd probably end up picking one only. What about you?

Also note on this page that many items have purposely foundational names. Facile. Definition. Simplicity. Beginnings. It ties in very well to the idea of the page. Whether intentional or not well done Anthro! (I'm pretty sure it was by design.)

Thank you

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you to all of the troops currently stationed around the world. You protect my freedom and allow me to enjoy the fun and the frivolous. Thank you also to the families of our soldiers who have inspired, supported and in some cases lost far too soon. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice will always have a special place in our hearts. Today the known and the unknown are remembered equally. Have a lovely Memorial Day and God bless.

Just thought you might like to know about...Toast

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For anyone nostalgic for the way Anthropologie catalogues used to be, I present to you Toast. I'll sum up the UK clothing retailer as what would happen if Madewell and Anthro had a baby. In fact some of the models are familiar faces from the J.Crew/Anthro/Boden/BCBG superfecta.

I can't remember where I heard about Toast first. Most likely Racked, The Cut or Refinery 29. I've been getting their catalogues for a little bit now and I am just loving their clothes. It deepens my empathy for Anthro fans abroad -- the exchange rate makes buying anything from Toast cost prohibitive at the moment. But to flip through Toast's catalogues is a joy because they use the dreamy, whimsical style that Anthro has recently (sadly) abandoned. Some of my favorites below.

nell skirt (£85.00) & linen long cardigan (£99.00)

fine voile tunic (£75.00), zia necklace (£29.00)
& droli heel (£175.00)

debo dress (£79.00)

ceres dress (£99.00)

sachiyo dress (£125.00)

Doesn't it just make you sigh? I can't speak to the quality of the clothing (yet) but it certainly looks nice. I'm saving my pennies to make an order. Like Anthropologie, Toast is both a clothing and homewares retailer. You can request a catalogue here (allow 6-8 weeks). Have you heard of them or shopped there before? I'm curious to know more.

Email: Bugs, Beasties and Baubles

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Creepy crawlies on a chain? Not exactly, but Anthro's latest email featuring pretty little buggers kind of has me speechless. I like the Flutter Fly Necklace ($98). I like the Hippopotamus Locket ($98). I like the Wingspan Brooch ($98).

And then there is the Gastropoda Ring ($198, above). It one part rocks and one part freaks me out. I shall leave it at that.

Email: Sale so nice, we're telling you twice

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anthropologie sent out a sale reminder email today. Looks like this one is slowly making its way out to everyone.

I had really good luck at the sale. I bought two dresses (There You Were Dress, Honeyhouse Dress) and a skirt (Stone Cloud Skirt). I think though that I am done for a little while as I replenish my wish list and remember that little budget I'm supposed to be sticking to. I hope the sale is bringing you good luck too.

Quick Hits: New Dresses

When I came home last night with my fifth Anthropologie shopping bag in as many days it raised some eyebrows in my household. Legitimate. While my spending at Anthro is about to go on hold for awhile it doesn't mean I can't try stuff on! Anthro has been unveiling some appealing dresses over the last few weeks and a bunch are on my wish list. Quick hits below.

The Pearland Dress ($128) by Maeve has a western flair but says preppy to me. Love the button/ruffle detailing on the corset top. I'm always leery of strapless dresses but this one could easily do the transition from park or beach to lunch or shopping. I tried this dress in a medium and it fit wonderfully.

The New Idyll Dress ($148) is uh-may-zing. Love the skirt. Love the scallop-trim top. It kind of reminds me of the lovely aprons Anthropologie is carrying right now but it's something so much more. My true size 6 was kind of roomy. This one might require a size down to a 4.

I have not seen the Texture Pairing Dress ($198) in-store yet. But it looks really cute on the website. Has anyone seen this at their local Anthro?

The Spun Sugar Dress ($138) fits like a dream in a size 6. I adore the 'mocha icing trim' on this dreamy masterpiece. The lace and pintucks combine to build a flattering shape and the skirt catches the air nicely when you twirl. A winner in my book.

A little reminiscent of 'Heidi' to me, the Brightness & Shadow Dress ($148) by Burlapp takes chiaroscurro to confectionary delight. The skirt has exquisite little details right below the waist. It would be so much fun to wear this dress on a summer day! The 6 was a wee bit tight on top so I'd probably size up to an 8 to buy.

More free and flowy comes via the Blissful Days Dress ($118). Airy gauze makes this dress light to wear but also means very little support. The basketweave back expands freely enough so that a 4 fit me fine, but the back is too low for a bra so this is a no-go for me. It's beautiful to admire though.

The Stormy Seascape Dress ($158) drew lots of fans in stores. I watched guest after guest take one from the rack to try it on -- how could I not? This is another frock that would require a strapless bra but the results are well worth it. The thick straps minimized my shoulders while giving my clavicle a nice little featurette. It pulled in my waist even more than normal and made my hips look blessedly porportional. A true delight from Sine in my true size 6.

How about you? Which dresses have you tried on? Which ones do you want to?

Outfits: Long Weekend

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin by roxyturtle

I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day weekend already. Wasn't St. Patty's Day last weekend? Not that I mind having an extra day to do whatever I please. I finally had some time this weekend to put together some new Polyvore sets devoted to a hop, skip and a jump outside. Don't forget your suncreen!

Summer Lovin | Cellular Division
Bum in the Sun | Seen in Soho

I'm actually kind of mad at Polyvore right now because they did something to their tag system and I lost a whole mess of Anthropologie item product names. Let me tell you, nothing in this meta-life of the blog pisses me off more than when someone asks me the name of a product and I can't tell them because it's not in my Polyvore item tags anymore. Graw!! Luckily since Anthro changed their product photos the product name is also the Polyvore item name. Bout time.

Email: Sleeve Science

Batman is my favorite superhero and apparently I'm not the only one. Anthropologie's latest email is about the batwing top, another trend I'm surprised to see them tackle. The email is done really well and so is the landing page. I like the interpretation of the clothing as specimen and it fits in well with their bird and entomology design inspiration.

Aside from the dramatically beautiful Cascading Cardigan ($78) and the Aim High Pullover ($68) none of these really say caped crusader to me. In fact I think they are rather well-done. The Sprawling Garden Top ($78) in particular seems like great weekend wear. Overall though this style says "California" to me. I could very well be wrong but I don't think you're going to see many of these on the streets of New York or Chicago. Does that make them any less fashionable? Absolutely not. These extra flowy tops just say sunny to me. Miami? Yes. Santa Monica? Yes. Minneapolis? No.

Sales dip but Urban Outfitters beats Q1 expectations

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Though same-store sales at Anthropologie fell by 13%, Urban Outfitters beat Wall St. expectations by a penny and sent their stock up after last week's quarterly investor call.

From Reuters:
The apparel, accessories and home goods retailer, which has
seen sales fall even after offering huge discounts, said its
"business is well positioned to show improvement over the next
several quarters."

"The environment is considerably more stable than it was in
the fourth quarter," said Chief Executive Glen Senk in a call
with analysts.

The company's shares rose as much as 8.2 percent on the
Nasdaq on Thursday (May 14).

And from Forbes:
For the period ended April 30, net income dropped to $30.8 million, or 18 cents per share. That compares with $42.6 million, or 25 cents per share, a year earlier.

Sales slipped 2 percent to $384.8 million from $394.3 million.

Combined same-store sales, which includes the company's Anthropologie, Free People and namesake brands, declined 9.6 percent in the period.

Most of the articles about the Q1 results make the conjecture that higher income households (aka the Anthropologie shopper) were hurt more than the younger cheaper households (aka the Urban Outfitters shopper). I roll my eyes at that -- where do Urban Outfitters fans get their money from, exactly? And Free People saw a jaw-dropping 23% same-store drop. Which demographic do analysts see shopping there?

Urban Outfitters is a relatively small company compared to some national chains so it's a relief to see that their sales only dropped by $9.5 million between their four brands (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain). Certainly the drop is not desirable but it's survivable. I have not read anything about job cuts or pay cuts and I hope the company escapes that path altogether.

Email: Big Friggin Sale in stores

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just when I was thinking that Anthropologie's sale section was looking a bit thin I get this email. Starting tomorrow Anthro is having their "biggest sale of the year." That's the good news. The bad news is that the email makes the distinction -- biggest sale in stores. Edit, update: The sale is online as well though the pickings are slimmer than in-store. With free shipping in the mix? Bonus.

I will swing by the store tomorrow for sure but I just dropped some serious coin at Anthro over the last two weeks so there'd have to be some pretty good deals...oh who am I kidding. I will be eagerly looking for deals. In particular it would make my wee little heart jump to see the Sweet Olive Shift ($168) or the Krasna Dress ($188) on sale. I've also been not-so-patiently hoping the Lucky Numbers Choker ($198) would go on sale.

As a frequent Anthropologie shopper I wonder if they're really bolstering the sale section or if this is just a ploy to get foot traffic in the door. I hope it will be similar to the holidays when there were extra racks up front at the Soho store. I'll report back either way tomorrow, and share any special interest items in the comments. What items are you hoping to see marked down?

Email: Bare, shoulders, knees & bows

It's the time of year to show some skin (unless you're in Calgary like my poor friend Belinda -- she's rocking the winter sweaters still). Anthro wants you to know that they're fully stocked with shorts and summery tops via their latest email. They've got a few ideas on the Light & Bare page (tops) and the less creatively named Shorts page.

I've never bought shorts from Anthropologie but I like how the High Seas Short-Shorts ($58) look. On the Light & Bare page I'm intrigued by the Pleated Petal Tank ($98) and am happy with the Buzios Halter ($78, reviewed here). Anything catch your eye?

Reviews: Two-Birds Romper

The Romper!!! Good lord why do I love this thing so? The Two-Birds Romper ($128) by Sine is a rich royal blue in silk/twill. If a romper is wrong I don't want to be right I've decided. I laughed when I spotted this on the rack. Must. Try. On. There are pleats galore on this thing to the point that I wondered just how the bottom would sit. It's technically shorts on the bottom but it truly sits like a skirt.

I tried on a 6 and it fit very well. Or as well as a romper fits. The top was pretty flattering though it was creating creases between my decolletage. The wide waist band illustrated where a belt could go but was a bit annoying. It didn't have to be there in my opinion. The pleated bottom created no line whatsoever; it just added mass. Since it resembled a skirt the floatiness was excusable. I kind of liked it. Okay, I really liked it! I was rocking my Warriers with it and I have to say the overall look was awesome. And by that I mean awesomely ridiculous. NYC is glorious in that everyone has their own style...could I cycle this juvenile joy into my wardrobe? Probably not.

I can easily imagine some of my friends pulling this romper off and I wish I could. I can't see myself paying full price for it but I give kudos to anyone who buys this interesting piece and works it this summer.

Brand sizing guide starting to fill

I've finally begun building up the Brand Sizing guide. It's located in the right sidebar about halfway down the page. For best results do a find (control + F/apple + F) for the brand you are looking for. You can also search for a certain product anytime by entering its name in the blog searchbar. If you don't see a brand please let me know! I will keep this updated as fits change or I do.

Reviews: Deletta roundup (Necklace Tank, Sun Goddess Tank, Moonbeams Top)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Necklace Tank ($68) by Deletta has everything I want in a summer top. It's a light color, it has chiffon flowers with a bit of sparkly and it's so, so darling. I was excited when I saw this top in-store. It's not really obvious from the product photo so I want to point out that the tank has two layers. Look at the edge of the second flower from center on either side in the photo above. See how there's an extra layer? It creates large pockets, like a kangaroo pouch of sorts. It does not really add bulk to the shirt. I liked it.

Something is up with Deletta fit this summer. Until now I've consistently been a small in their tops. But I needed a medium in the last four tops I've tried on from them: this review, the Mythical Phoenix Top ($78, reviewed here), the Sun Goddess Top ($68) and the Moonbeams Top ($58). I'm not sure if their summer stuff is just running smaller or if I got bigger. Either is possible. I've also found that their shirts are running short this summer which is so incredibly frustrating. I think that is contributing to my fit issues. I put on a Deletta top and it's showing belly it's so short. I pine for a long option.

From the back the top has contrast fabric between the shoulder blades that matches the color of the flowers and contrast strap. It looks pink to me on the website but in real life it was actually brown. I like how the top has dual straps as well. It's a halter and a tank! It's a hank!!

Close up, the flowers were so pretty. No fraying or stray petals. Just a lovely, lovely touch. The flower was held in place by small rhinestones in a caramel color. Such high hopes for this shirt! The only thing I was worried about was the length with the bubble hem and dontcha know that's what screwed me. I put on the small and groaned. So cute but just a drop too short. The bottom hem was hitting above the top of my jeans. It looked like I was 13 and had just experienced a growth spurt. So I tried a medium and it was better but still not perfect. Just for kicks I grabbed a large (thank you, patient Anthro staff!!!) and it was just not right. With a high waist skirt like the Enchanted Beans Skirt ($98) I'd be fine. For now though the shirt was sadly a pass.

Next up was the Sun Goddess Tank ($68). I'd seen this displayed nicely in-store also loved this Polyvore set by Rosefever. The shirt is made of viscose so it's pretty slippery like silk and it's a gorgeous deep purple jewel tone. I had no idea how it would look on me and the truth is, well, pretty silly. After my experience with the Necklace Tank I knew to try this in a medium and while I wanted to like it on I couldn't. The waist cinching plus the flyaway bottom made me look too wide. I felt like the cinch waist was a skidge higher than I wanted -- in the product shot above it hits high hip but on me it was at my natural waist. When I pulled the shirt down it looked better. But it wouldn't stay like that so this was sadly also a no-go.

My last Deletta option was the Moonbeams Top ($58). It's a grey/taupe jersey with silver and gold stitch accents around the neckline. And hooray it was a winner! I liked the ruching around the neckline and the length was perfect, hitting me midhip and creating a nice straight line. Again I was happiest in the medium. This shirt is a great casual option for the spring transitional months and I'd probably pair it with walking shorts. I didn't buy it on the spot but it is getting a spot on my ever-growing wishlist.

Reviews: The New Math Dress

I can't decide how I feel about the New Math Dress ($218). I know that I like it...I know that I think it's pretty. But is it so throwback that it becomes almost costumey? I saw "Guys & Dolls" on Broadway recently and I could easily see this dress fitting in to the show. Then again I feel like you could totally rock this for a day on the Boardwalk. Or in the park. But are those two purposes also too ham-fisted? Not really sure.

The bottom of the dress is thick twill with a seersucker-esque quality to it while the top is silky, flowy and free. I had to size up in this Sunner dress. One size up to an 8 fit well on top but the skirt was a little bit tight around my thighs. A 10 was better in the skirt but too large on top. Had I bought it yesterday I probably would have gone with the 8 and cursed the curves.

The dress has a wide tie back made of the same twill as the skirt. It also has a side zip and I noticed something odd: on the size 10, the zip is in front of the sash but not on the size 8. On the 10 you could clearly see what looked like a defect in the skirt of white material at the side seam but was actually just the zipper's side material. This material probably ran 3 inches down from the waist. It kind of looked like if I'd taken the dress to a tailor to be let out and they'd just stuck random material in instead of matching the skirt color. On the size 8 however the zipper was behind the sash so you could not see it when the dress is tied. Very weird.

The dress is high-waisted. It would look great on someone with awesome legs! (So does every dress, I know.) I would not recommend this dress for people under 5'4" because the short top of the dress does give a bit of a vertical squish. I liked the ruffly top and didn't find it too overpowering. But because neither size fit me perfectly back to the rack this went.

Reviews: Cherry Grass Maillot

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cherry Grass Maillot ($258) has an appealing grass pattern and a ruffly accents on the decolletage. And it has an underwire! This top is now out at the Rockefeller Plaza store in NYC but where the heck was it last week when I needed it??? Actually it was probably out and I missed it.

I love the glamour/throwback swim fashion right now and this one-piece fits right in. It is a bit understated and the pattern all over is a bit more difficult to pull off than say, solid black. I tried on a size 8, a size 10 and a size 12. The 8 was really small on me! Like, laughably so. The 10 was much better. The 12 was a bit loose in the bottom to the degree that I would worry about saggage after swimming. So if I was to buy this I would get the 10.

The suit has enough give in the chest area to hold d-cups. I would describe it as kind of like a Victoria's Secret swimsuit though in that you give away a little bit. The suit will be more demure for sizes a through c-cups. The removable halter strap was way too long on me also -- I'd have to trim it a bit to assist in holding me correctly.

Not a grand slam but certainly a nice option. Way to go Anthro!

Reviews: Looped Aster Tank

As the days are starting to warm it's finally time to think about summer and all the wonderful clothing that comes with it. I'd seen the Looped Aster Tank ($68) in-store a couple of times but it didn't really grab me until the weather got above 70 degrees. The Ric Rac top has a beautiful aster floral pattern from the shoulder blades up on the back. Any bra is going to be visible under the back but a racerback is your best bet.

From the front the shirt resembles the Tatra Vista Shell ($68) a bit in that they both have gently dipping boatnecks. And continuing the inexplicable trend the Looped Aster Tank is sheer in both the white and orange colors. Grumble. Still, once on this was an easy winner. Made of light cotton, it sits slightly away from your body with a floating hem. Comfy, airy, everything I think of when I think of Anthro summer clothing. I snapped this one up in a small.

Email: A tuck here, a twist there, a tie wherever you want it

Anthropologie's latest email is all about the Convertible Cover-Up ($68) which is a gorgeous shade of teal. I dunno though -- the jersey material is nice because you can just crumple it up and not worry about wrinkles but it also doesn't look particularly forgiving. The versatility is appealing, I just hope it comes with instructions.

Anthro has their suggestion for what to pair the cover-up with; what would you wear this over?

Email: The art of packing light

With the ridiculous baggage fees many airlines are charging these days Anthropologie's email about packing light seems pretty spot on. This is actually their theme for their latest round of outfits. I like how the outfits are organized by bag. We must be going somewhere warm with a beach as each ensemble is built around a swimsuit and a presumably unwrinkleable dress.

My favorite garb is in the last outfit. The Balloon Silk Romper ($98)? Super cute. I am unsure about Anthro's product page suggestion that it could also be worn as "pants slung low." Really? The Rock Garden Tote ($38) seems very durable and I like its earthy appearance.

Which outfit is your favorite?