Year in Review: Anthropologie items I missed out on

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Note: Welcome to part 2 of 5 in the 2009 Anthropologie recap! Over the course of the week we'll take a look back at 2009 and guess what's coming in 2010. Coming up we'll take a look at some trends that Anthro took on, some WTF moments and musings on Anthro news from the year.

Today I picked out some items that I wanted to buy but didn't. One of the tough things about running this blog is that I try on a lot of stuff and as a result items that I probably never would have noticed become must-haves. Impulse control sometimes wins out but I'm still left with a list of items that I liked on but didn't get to buy. Tough life, I know.

Moth's Knotted Mallow Sweater: This item was incomprehensibly sheer and an inch or two shorter than I would have liked. Those two factors kept me from plunking down $78 on this short-sleeved sweater. Still come sale time I was ready to buy this but it sold out from under me before I had the chance. And now I haz a sad.

Tawny Lawns Bag: I'm cheating a bit because this item was actually in the December 2008 catalog. But this brassy leather satchel with braided straps is my ideal bag. The $258 pricetag was justifiable but I wasn't ready to pay that much for a mail-order bag since this one never made it to the local Anthropologies. Then it sold out anyway. This bag (along with the 7 for All Mankind Canberra Hobo Bloomingdales sold even when I had it on hold, damn them) has been on my mind for a good part of 2009. Clearly I need a hobby. But I could also use this bag.

Frilled & Thrilled Cardigan by Sparrow: I tried this one on and loved it. But at the time I wasn't really ready for cardigans yet so I demurred. By the time I was ready this pretty thing was long gone. I suppose it's for the best because my sweater drawers are full at this point. If this one happens to pop back up I will make room for it. I check Embers' blog periodically just in case.

Sparrow's Daydream & Fancy Cardigan: Oh look, another cardigan. Adored this one from the moment I saw it and I actually bought this one. And then I returned it. And now I'm *headdesking* over it. Oh look, everyone who bought it loves it. Grumble. Maybe they'll release something similar in 2010?

RicRac's Folkcraft Tank: I don't feel as bad about this one. I didn't really even notice it until it hit sale and at that point the only size I could find was an XL. I'm not sure this tank would actually work on me but it's pretty. And so I pine for it. Just in case I don't own enough tanks now.

Buttoned Watercolor Dress: Oh good, this one's a product page redirect. So you'll have to take my word for it that once upon a time Anthropologie carried this dress and I liked it a lot. Moulinette Soeurs combined splashes of color into one heck of a frock. I tried to resist because of the strapless factor. It worked until sale time and by then I was unable to find my size. I suppose it's likely this dress would not look good on me. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Any items from 2009 you wish you'd bought?