Year in Review: Anthropologie favorites from 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Note: Welcome to part 1 of 5 in the 2009 Anthropologie recap! Over the course of the week we'll take a look back at 2009 and guess what's coming in 2010. Coming up we'll take a look at some trends that Anthro took on, some WTF moments, some items I regret not picking up, and musings on Anthro news from the year.

Today I picked out some of my favorite items from the year to highlight. This post could have gone on and on so I tried to whittle down the list. All of these items have one thing in common: they're pieces you won't find anywhere else. Anthropologie is at its best when it ignores the trends and designs items that appeal to the touch of whimsy within us all.

RicRac's Country Life Top: I have this top in both aqua and plum. Soft pima jersey is pretty tempting by itself but what made this one buyable is the layers of pleats and raw edge detailing. It's a great weekend top that's entering its second winter in my closet.

Sweet William Blouse by McGinn: You'll see this top mentioned later this week on my list of things I wish I'd bought. It was the beginning of Anthro's take on menswear and women's wear. With Oxford-like stripes and a bouquet of poplin flowers upon the left lapel area the top is right on-trend right now.

Bourdeaux's Tatra Vista Shell (outfits in this post): Back in February Anthropologie released a whole bunch of tops with featured backs. This one was always my favorite. Made of modal with just a hint of spandex, it's a draped beauty from the front with a Grecian turn in the back. The silhouette is simple but elegant. I saw pieces at other stores that attempted but never succeeded in what this top does.

Odille's Winding Lane Top: Simple gingham with contrast stitching and a ruffle placket. I own the tan/white version of this top and I wear it under cardigans all the time in the cold. Over the summer it got plenty of use in outfits similar to the model shot above. Lovely, classic and slightly frilly. Exactly what I want from Anthropologie.

Sweet Olive Shift by Molly New York: Despite a dangerous plunging neckline this dress was ahead of the shimmery metal trend we saw everywhere this fall. The lace detailing took it a step above the other gold dresses I've seen. Love it, wish I'd kept this one.

Floreat's Krasna Dress: It's the details that matter and Floreat nailed them in this dress. From the delicate keyhole to the banded waistline to the growing medallion print, this dress is adorable and perfect on every level for spring and summer. Even the model can't contain her pleasure at being in the dress.

C. Keer's Compass Points tee: With colors from the Mediterranean and a pattern to match, this was my first embellished tee of the year. It looks surprisingly sharp under a blazer and is perfect for warm-weather weekend wear. Best of all? No necklace required.

Winged Victory Top by Odille: I have waxed poetically about this one before. So I'll just say that I love it because it's beautiful, different and flawlessly executed.

These are just a few of my favorite things -- I have a much longer list that includes bags, shoes and jewelry in my head! What are your favorite Anthropologie items from 2009?